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Image: commissionsbckrnd2.jpg   600x700 93828 bytes 2007.05.25

Backround story sample 2

Another backround I created for auction sampling for furry commissions. Man the detail that went into the planet was ungodly. But should be the last upload of this kind for long time to come...\r\n\r\nDrawing is (c) Binx

Image: Untitled-2.jpg   600x700 108634 bytes 2007.05.24

Normal Auction description with custom backround

Stuff for furbid with custom backround I drew. :)

Image: commish2.jpg   750x1050 183409 bytes 2007.04.29

perverted commission collage!

In this one I decided to make another one in hopes that more perversion might ctually get me some more cash XD\r\n\r\nall characters (c) their own players

Tags: lioness, wolf, tiger, nudity  
Image: commish4.jpg   488x488 100981 bytes 2007.04.18


well unfortuntely, furbid has its ways for destroying the image you display so I thought I post the sample I'm using here on VCL since I rarely use this ccount ( I should though)\r\n\r\n(c) to all their owners

Tags: bull, wolf, lion, poses, space  

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