My Heart Bleeds



I am the dead,

I am the damned,

I am the fallen,

My heart bleeds.

My dark heart torn

from my body

by the cruel fist of a forbidden love,

And my heart bleeds.

My curséd bones no longer ache,

My dead eyes see no more hate,

I no longer fear the pain of death,

but my heart bleeds.

My blood pools around my earthly remains,

My lungs sound my dying gasp,

My shattered brain thinks my last thought,

And yet, my heart still bleeds.

I rise, on ashen wings,

And turn from the rising sun,

I wander for eternity, in the dark,

As my heart bleeds still.

I stop,

My eyes locked on yours,

My ghostly hand reaches,

for yours, of flesh and blood,

And my heart bleeds no more...