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Image: Black_Silver_Fox.jpg   652x900 167816 bytes 2003.01.12

Drawn after a bunch of people lacking the minimum of 12 brain cells made comments about my hair. Yes i was in a bad mood that day.\r\nEvrything by me

Image: BlackSilverFox-02.jpg   482x500 62989 bytes 2003.02.17

Black Silver Fox (the one with the sketch book) is ME ... of cource i fucked up and made me waaaayyy to built.\r\nSilver (the one withthe DC and PSX controlers) is well my gamer side ... dont mess with him or you'll be totly ignored.\r\nBlack (the unhappy one) well he's just me when i'm mad ... i throw chairs ... and other things\r\n\r\nALL (C) Michael L.C. Wilson

Image: Core.gif   735x900 130733 bytes 2004.11.16

hurray Farghul SW character transforemed into ... urm ... a what ever character\r\n\r\nCore (c) meeeeee : Michael L.C. Wilson

Image: Fox_Jedi_Thing.gif   574x800 76292 bytes 2004.11.16

OH MY GOD ... this is like the ultimate drawing i ahve ever done !!! ... two years ago ... i think, but i'm not shur, still nice so it's up here.\r\n\r\nUnnamed fox thing jedi (C) Michael L.C. Wilson

Image: Hello_Black_pale.jpg   900x707 74477 bytes 2003.01.16

OOOOOKKK\r\nThis is the first picture of Black (one of my 3 sides) i have uploaded.\r\nfirst off : the explanation :\r\nEver fail a class ? ... you know those clasees you suck at ? well i have ... i've failed french (main language) cuz i totly SUCK at wrighting it. Of cource my Cegep (capitalistic bastards) happy with taking my momeny and not letting me finish my education has called me to sign a contract that will let them kick me out if i fail french again (or if i refuse to sign). sooo ... well this represent my mood probably well.\r\nsecond off : to the anoyers :\r\nNO i am not buff like Black ... it's more of a representation of his influance on my mental state.\r\nthird off : Black :\r\nwell he dosent make me act but ... he shur let's out anger, to know when i'm black well i usualy just zonk out and stare blankly from what i've been told ... during that time i'm usualy seeing black tearing the persone(s) to bits and stuff quite entertaining.\r\nFinaly : what the fuck is he ?\r\nwell black is a vriant of the fox i call unholy blood fox for a few reasons\r\n1 - he's a fox ... it's obvious no ?\r\n2 - i hate overreligous people .. ther often the ones to make him comme around\r\n3 - well he's the side of me that like gore .. and i dont mean the presidential candidate.

Image: kidsonthefloor.gif   709x913 76840 bytes 2004.11.16

be happy i tell story now:\r\nlet' see i study at teh EMAM (ecole des metier de l'aerospacial de montreal) in english that's an aerospace assembly school, any way my departement was advertizing it's self by having kids over and letting them build some stuff little rockety looking things ... yes now we know my opinion about brats.\r\n\r\nBlack Silver Fox is (c) himself or ME or Michael L.C. Wilson

Image: martialarts.gif   325x800 57400 bytes 2004.11.16

Just something i did when i realized i had to get teh will power (and money) to start martial arts again ... i'm a skiney twig.\r\n\r\nBSF (c) Michael L.C. Wilson

Image: Me-sick.jpg   800x639 76266 bytes 2003.02.03

the reason i havent produced any thing significant recently, not that anyone realy cares ^^;\r\nwell i was actuly realy afraid this would happen ... yes i know enoph about biologie taht i know it's phisicaly impossible but i was genuinly afraid i'd caugh up my lungs, god that hurt.

Image: Me-sick_color.jpg   800x633 111147 bytes 2003.02.14

Muwahahahahahaaa\r\nFEAR MY POWER COLORING SKILLS.\r\nyes i did my best on this one ... and yes i was on the metro when i did it ... any one in montrela can tell you how fun it is to color in the metro.\r\n\r\nBlack Silver Fox (C) ME Michael L.C. Wilson

Image: Metro.gif   936x956 92404 bytes 2004.11.16

Anyone who's actuly taken teh montreal subway with nothing better to do then look out the window knows exatly what i'm tlaking about.\r\n\r\nBSF (c) Michael L.C. Wilson

Image: PLAY.jpg   789x800 66175 bytes 2003.01.15

LOOK IT WHA A FOUND !\r\nI have no idea WHY i drew this but i was aparently was in a good mood (that's rare). i havent named her yet and probably never will but i like her. SHE'S MINE DONT TOUCH.\r\nCaracter (C) me

Image: Radjara.gif   669x800 133205 bytes 2004.11.16

my first atempt to draw something with actualaly more musle then i have in other words without a model for them.\r\n\r\nRadjara (c) Black Silver Fox

Image: Reya.gif   700x699 83090 bytes 2004.11.16

inspired by the proverbial saying : "kill stuff"\r\n\r\nReya (c) BSF

Image: Valintine.jpg   590x800 102504 bytes 2003.02.17

YAY for Valentine (Valintine for me ... inside joke you dont want to hear).\r\nwell my general opinion of it ...\r\n\r\nand no i'm not ever chaging teh wonderful gray back ground or adding any color ... \r\n\r\nBlack Silver Fox (C) Me Michael L.C. Wilson\r\nValintine (C) Some idiot

Image: VCLwith_gunz.gif   682x900 145750 bytes 2004.11.16

Yes i know it's quite huge for a black and white picture but anything smaller lost teh pencil gradation in it duno why.\r\n\r\nYea inspired when i was having fun decomposing words and stuff into sentences ... VCL vixens Cripling Losers ... jsut sounded right.\r\n\r\nGun'ho Vixen (c) Michael L.C. Wilson

Image: WereWolf-Colgate.jpg   607x850 75406 bytes 2003.01.15

OOOK i have to explain this one.\r\ni drew this as a caracter for any random game (yes i love creating caracters for RPGs). i knew he was a were wolf but i couldent put anyting on him till my "freind" mentioned he looked like he was posing for a Colgate AD. we all laughed and teh name sticked ... now that i think about it .. i agree totly he looks like it.\r\nWereWolf Colgate (C) ME\r\nColgate (C) Colgate-Palmolive

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