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Image: PantherPuma_Boy.JPG   672x968 53434 bytes 2002.09.13

Just a very cute Puma/Panther boy. Although... he seems to be missing something. A golden star to who ever can guess first. ;)

Image: Mad_Tea_Party.JPG   1032x753 127478 bytes 2002.09.12

Here we have a classic scene fvro the famed Alice and Wobderland ((One of my favorite books and scenes)) featuring not one... but TWO anthro's!!! The Doormouse and the March Hare.

Image: Teasing_Tiger.JPG   713x933 101639 bytes 2002.08.09

This is just a big random posing tiger. I'm very happy how he turned out, concidering I drew him at 3:56 a.m. He's currently up on FurBid. Enjoy! ^^

Image: MasonVictory.jpg   356x825 35959 bytes 2001.08.05

In this sketch, Mason has won another one of the annual all out fighting competitions (as he usually does.) This is about that time in the story when Julie-Sue tries to get her best friend (Mason) to train Knuckles to the best of his abilities. That, I guarantee you, will be a funny chapter (but don't hold it against me if you hate it, heh heh.) I again, drew this in class during a boring as hell lecture about some math crap. Anyway...Mason is copyright to me. :)

Image: Relaxin.jpg   461x527 24943 bytes 2001.06.16

Just a pic of Fennec relaxin' after a hard days work of being lazey. I couldn't really decide how I wanted the bottom half of him to look, so I just left it as is. :)

Image: toothbrush2.jpg   793x618 73796 bytes 2001.06.06

Fennec goes to brush his teeth, getting ready for bed, only to realize he had walked in on Colifox and Blackwlf getting ready for bed as well...brushing their teeth with slightly different toothbrushes. Colifox and Blackwlf are copyright their players.

Image: Running_Fennec.jpg   567x701 41486 bytes 2001.06.06

Just a colored pic of Fennec running around in his silky, blue boxers.

Image: Fennec.jpg   458x689 37795 bytes 2001.06.06

My furry character, Fennec. He is one of three main characters in a furry comic that is in developement right now with a friend of mine. The Main jist of it is, Two gay furs (Colifox and Blackwlf) and one straight fur (Fennec) living in an english flat.....endless laughs, lol.

Image: Smootch.jpg   636x855 72989 bytes 2001.06.06


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