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Image: 2007_happydog.png   589x785 82597 bytes 2007.06.08

Happy Dog

Just trying out some new techniquews in Photoshop. Still need to find a good way to add highlights and shadows on a seperate layer.

Tags: dog  
Image: dancer.jpg   565x800 130654 bytes 2002.07.18

Two folks folk dancing in the twilight.

Image: direworm.jpg   441x482 40007 bytes 2007.02.27

Dire Worm

Here's the next one. A friendly man eating worm to make your trip to work more adventurous. If he's on the sidewalk, don't step on him!

Image: francis_head.png   512x512 26519 bytes 2007.07.10

Francis' Head

Here's the head of what is supposed to be a goat, but seems to have some donkey heritage. Trying to learn how to draw with brushes directly in Photoshop.

Image: lion_and_cub.png   523x750 133647 bytes 2007.06.16

Lion and Cub

Way too cute. Testing out a new set of inking pens and pencil crayons. I've not used colored pencils in a long time, so hopefully the uglifying colors counteract the saccharinity of the linework.

Image: mouse_in_red_dress.png   460x800 47145 bytes 2007.06.19

Bashful Mouse

Still figuring out Photoshop. Here's something I created coloring with brushes at half opacity and smudging a lot.

Image: pigMan.jpg   263x453 20432 bytes 2007.02.27

Pig Man

Here's the first character I created for a project I'm working on. He's animated too, but I've not yet found an easy way to export animated images.

Tags: pig  
Image: threekitten.jpg   800x413 85367 bytes 2002.09.02

Cats can be cruel. If they were bigger, they'd act just like lions, wouldn't they?

Image: trojanhorse.png   517x750 48413 bytes 2003.03.02

A trojan warrior does battle with the enemy.

Image: zodiac_plate.png   1024x768 156923 bytes 2007.07.18

Created a set of icons for each animal of the Chinese zodiac. I meant for these to be for a program I'm writing - but this was also a crash course in digital painting. If you start at the pig and work backwards, you can see me learning new techniques as I go. :)

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