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Image: wetlionsmall.jpg   1280x882 158769 bytes 2010.04.27

Wet Lion

It's a warm day at the beach. A lion just finished with a nice relaxing swim in the warm water, giving you a grin as he spots you right before sitting down completely on his towel to dry his mane.

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Image: head.jpg   838x1280 121366 bytes 2010.04.23


Was just messing around some inbetween working more on my other larger sculpture and yeah, made a head with a long mane.

Image: sculpture01fin.jpg   1280x1175 184403 bytes 2010.04.04

First Sculpture

I used to play around with clay a lot as a child but I kinda lost the touch for it when I started drawing and I gave it another go with the outcome of this, surprised myself since I was expecting myself to be rusty, not better than ever at it, hehe.

Image: Losing_Life.gif   800x508 1279714 bytes 2010.04.04

Losing Life

A sculpture with some minor animation to it!

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