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Image: almostthere.jpg   550x540 106969 bytes 2002.02.10

As of the time this was drawn, that's how many days there were until graduation. As of right now...110. Damn it, damn it, damn it....\r\n\r\nBlaque Cheetah © Richard "Blaque" Cheetah. (Looking forward to collage, dreading almost four more months of Sophmores.)

Image: angel.jpg   441x507 36272 bytes 2001.04.02

An angelic kitty-cat in a heavenly setting. Drawn with mechanical pencil and colored in Adobe. ©2k1 Blaque Cheetah.

Image: battleofthemasquots.jpg   550x417 83372 bytes 2002.01.06

Chantel meets her new partner in crime, Wolverine the Ferret. The story behind this is that I was slating for Chantel to be the masquot for End of the World, a Japanese anime' club at Salt Lake Community Collage, of which I am a member. Thing is, a friend of mine pushed for her ferret as masquot. In the end, we decided Wolverine can be Chantel's side-kick, or something the other way around.\r\n\r\nSo yeah. Here they are. Enjoy:)\r\n\r\nChantel Fisi © Richard "Blaque" Stephenson. Wolverine belongs to his owner.

Image: blaque.jpg   302x500 43572 bytes 2001.08.12

It's me again:) Yeah, I told you I would mix around with things. SO here is some fun with gradients. I am going to be using this for signatures and stuff too, so that's why its here:) Anyhow, I'm © Me, of course:)

Image: bouuntyhunting.jpg   424x724 71843 bytes 2002.11.07

Looks like i managed to find a scanner sooner then I thought. Who knew the animation classes were all the way int he Automotive building at the school:)\r\n\r\nAnyhow, as you can see, I've been doing a fair big amount of fantasy stuff. Like here we see Violet getting her bounty, as that's the concept I was giong for her character, bounty-hunter with a pair of khatars. Looks spiffy don't it? Heheh...\r\n\r\nViolet Bat (C)Richard "Blaque" Stephenson

Image: chantel_al-fisi.jpg   475x660 63378 bytes 2002.04.11

Like the Naomi picture, being re-uploaded to match the Violet picture though this one doesn't loose some of her black parts due to a dark background.\r\n\r\nI liked this because of Chantel's facical expressions. The thing about her is that she is the character that sorta changed the most from her original conception. She went from a sorta super-genius clutz to a mroe calm, athletic-type with quite a bit of brains behind her. And an otaku.\r\n\r\nChantel Al-Fisi ©Richard "Blaque" Cheetah.

Image: chillin.gif   624x583 150645 bytes 2001.05.10

A picture of me, listening to music. Inspired by me, sitting around and listening to music. This'll be considred a final picture, since I don't intend on expanding on it, unless I feel a sudden urge to ink. (c) Blaque Cheetah

Image: christy.JPG   250x376 33045 bytes 2001.04.02

My second attempt at Adobe, and one of my favourites. It is a white bat named Christy. Ain't she cute? Christy is © Blaque Cheetah, if you didn't know.

Image: darkone.jpg   534x537 40883 bytes 2001.04.02

A pissed-off looking wolf, with the Garou sign for wisdom on the other half of the paper. ©Blaque Cheetah.

Image: evilbatbat.gif   660x470 50237 bytes 2001.10.19

T'is Violet again, and she looks miffed and evil and stuffs. I did this during art class, we were supposed to get a land scape, grid it, and do soemthign with texture. ummm....I started doodling her on the paper isntead, and sorta went from there. Took two re-tracings, and an inking. COlored with Prismas (rather crapily). Done on 11' x 18' paper, and is sorta a remake of the original picture I did of her (look at the Sketches index, towards the bottem of either listing).\r\n\r\nAnyhow, I might seel it on FurBid. Violet the Bat is © Blaque Cheetah, of course:) No touchie.

Image: goaway.gif   379x600 42234 bytes 2001.11.16

Just to note, even though I'm in Utah, this isn't targeted at Mormans. More at those folks who stand outside the schools and pass out those little Bibles, or those guys who go up to you and automatically think you are damned because you aren't one of them. Many of my Pagen friends thought htis was funny as hell (and knew a couple folks who actually did this, to my surprise:))\r\n\r\nViolet is ©Blaque Cheetah. Random dude is for use anywhere. Artwork ©Blaque Cheetah though, so neh.

Image: goldenwolf.gif   845x526 28500 bytes 2001.07.09

Okay, this picture is kinda old, and not my best, but it is a fan thing of GoldenWolf in her four-legged critter form. Hope she likes:) Goldenwolf is copyright herself. This art is copyright Blaque Cheetah. Not touchies.

Image: greendress.jpg   603x469 28354 bytes 2001.04.03

A red fox, in a green dress, in a white room. Simple eh? © Blaque Cheetah

Image: grinning.jpg   650x566 98716 bytes 2002.03.24

A random vulpine critter with what looks like a sly grin on his face. I doodled this originally in math class, and it sorta evolved into this over the next couple days, this is what came out. I have been trying a lot more realistic animals lately and ti seem sto be paying off i think. I really like the eyes:)\r\n\r\n©Richard "Blaque" Stephenson

Image: huntress.GIF   463x600 225327 bytes 2002.11.02

Yes folks, I am sitll alive. As youc an see, I've not uploaded much since May, this is due to lack of scanner access during the last few months. This image, for example< I got to scanning just about a week ago, which shows how I'm doing.\r\n\r\nI'm trying to get stuff up. honestly. Just wait a while and it'll get all good and such much.\r\n\r\nAs for th epicture itself, not much to say. Wolf chick with pole arm. Its all good:)\r\n\r\nImage (C)2002 Richard "Blaque" Stephenson.

Image: kitune.gif   369x450 106947 bytes 2001.05.10

A female Kitsune in a beam of light. Fun with smudging and shading basically. Will look nice if I ever get around to inking it, but I think I'll leave it in BW, unless I get enough requests for it to be colored (yeah right.) (c) Blaque Cheetah, as always:)

Image: naomi_jindo.jpg   715x784 103641 bytes 2002.04.11

Yeah, re-uploading the ifles agian. As you can see, I took shading out, as it sorta looks cleaner overall wihtout it anyhow. If anyone liked the older version, jsut e-mail me and if I get enough comments, I'll probalby change things, but this is what's going to be on the website.\r\n\r\nAnyhow, Naomi looking sassy-like. I had fun with this because of the pose and it gave me an excuse to emphasize her claws and face some. And the little stutds in ther ears are nifty.\r\n\r\nNaomi ©Richard "Blaque" Stephenson.

Image: naomiposing.jpg   785x800 46776 bytes 2003.05.08

Yeah folks, I am still alive. I just finished up the last semestar and have vowed never to make art classes the majority of your GPA for the term. Hopefully I will get my FAFSA money for this autumn, oye.\r\n\r\nAnyhow, what you see above is a digitally colored version of a picture we had to do as a cel in my animation class. It took about two days of work and looked like crap. This took me about an hour to do in Photoshop. I am currently shading it and stuff, just got lazy againa nd quite get to doing the rest.\r\n\r\nMy mouse being a POS don't help much either. Ah well. More stuff to come, hoepfully. I got some things laying around here somewhere. LIke model sheets. Those are nice, yes.\r\n\r\nEnoughrambling. Naomi is (C)2003 Richard "Blaque" Stephenson.

Image: ninjacat.jpg   436x430 41954 bytes 2001.04.05

A Siamese cat in a komono (hope I spelled that right), with a Japenese battle banner in the background (well, an attempt at one, was my first experiment with masks and all that stuff). She first appeared when I started watching more Tenchi Muyo and Outlaw Star on Cartoon Network. Anime is getting to my brain, AHHH!!! Ninja Cat, of course, is © Blaque cheetah.

Image: ninjacatcolor2.gif   550x525 65358 bytes 2001.12.08

The completed version of NinjaCat color, done with Prismacolor pencils and blender. I personally wish I could get those little white specks out of it, but overall, the blender was rather spiffy I would say. Also shows my new system of dating pictures...actually putting the full frigign' date. Ninjacat, aka, Niomi, is Copyright Blaque CHeetah.

Image: otaku2.jpg   618x800 222321 bytes 2002.04.16

When I buy anime', I usually buy it on DVD and watch it sub-titled. While this is fun, help sone pick up another language, and avoid unbarably terrible English voice acting (*cough*Slayers*cough*), there is the bane of the fact taht Japanese says a whole lotta stuff in a short amount of time, making it hard to keep up sometimes.\r\n\r\nHence this strip. Chantel slips deeper into otakudom. And niftyness happens along the way:) An older strip I just found on one of my Zips and decided to finally ge tonline.\r\n\r\nChantel Al-Fisi ©Richard "Blaque" Stephenson.

Image: otakufurry1.gif   1787x1450 103431 bytes 2001.10.31

Sorta a detour from the main Furry Loosers strip, this is something i am presenting for my anime' club. They wanted some other artwork presented (and the manga currently running ont he back of our fliers sucks) and so I sent this to the president and editor. Wish me luck:) Chantel © Blaque Cheetah. Irritating little girls may be used by anyone, as long as you destroy them afterwords. And the anime' titles mentioned in the strip are copywritten by their respective distributers. Phew.

Image: pants.jpg   660x407 66742 bytes 2002.04.16

Violet looking spiffy in an alternate outfit. I see this as her clubbing clothing. And I see the potential for a funny comic strip of her and Naomi at the friday night club scene. Heheh:)\r\n\r\nViolet Bat ©Richard "Blaque" Stephenson.

Image: sadcatcolor.jpg   425x587 29862 bytes 2001.04.05

A rather unhappy-looking cat in a moody fog-effect. I drew this originally in the later part of 1999, and haven't gotten to coloring it until last Novemeber or so. It was my third attempt at photoshop, and i think it came out nicely. Sad cat seems to show up a lot in my drawings when I am depressed, and well, I felt she deserved a colored picture for helping me out:) © Blaque Cheetah

Image: sorcerey.jpg   687x720 147626 bytes 2002.11.07

Drawn on the last day I was actually in school. Graduation from high school was the next day. Sorta a nice little jump in quality before things got mediocre again if you ask me. And for anyone wondering, yes, Tina's concept for a sorceress is changed. She ain't as much a coward no more. Still not too valient, but not an utter bitch either.\r\n\r\nTina Faux-Wolfe (C)Richard "Blaque" Stephenson

Image: sorcereycolor.jpg   895x862 152392 bytes 2002.11.16

I've decided to sit down and color something a little while ago, for the simple fact I hadn't finsihed coloring a picture since like....March? Anyhow, this is what is done so far. As you can see, the feet and hands are a done a bit better and I decided to drop her glasses, but overall, I like how this is coming out. Can't wait to get to lighting.\r\n\r\nHell, if anything screws this up, probably will be lighting when I think about it. So you see the nice, good condition picture here. Enjoy:)\r\n\r\nTina Faux-Woolfe is (C)2002 Richard "Blaque" Stephenson.

Image: SorceryForNow.jpg   947x939 215016 bytes 2002.11.17

Well, here's more of a status report on the picture I guess. If anyone would be so kind, send me comments on this one. I wanna move on with it, but sorta am stumped on what to do. Would shading this beyond what it is now be appropriate when she's sorta the source of light in the first place?\r\n\r\nStuff, I guess.\r\n\r\nTina Faux-Woolfe (C)Richard "Blaque" Stephenson. The Twilight Castemark is a trademark of White Wolf Publishing.

Image: templevix.gif   425x600 41961 bytes 2001.10.28

A picture I did for my art class. Ummm, took four seperate scans, and then putting them together to get this up, hence the cut-up look. But I like it, so here it is:) ©Blaque Cheetah.

Image: thecall.jpg   1002x964 310390 bytes 2002.03.03

Based on a photograph from a book I was flipping through in art class. I need to work more on my regular animals, and so this is what came out. I likes, so here it is:)\r\n\r\nIf anyone would like to hear the credits for the book, I will post them up when I get them written down and taken home. The image itself, otherwise, is © Richard "Blaque" Stephenson.

Image: tina.gif   237x500 17293 bytes 2001.09.01

Tina Faux. A character from the same comic strip/writing series taht Violet will be in. She's about a year younger then Violet, but they knew eachother since before they even went to school, since they were neighboors until Tina moved to her step-dad's place. Sort of an uber-shy quiet type. She's sort of based off of me when I am in school. Anyhow, Tina Faux is © Blaque Cheetah.

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