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Image: Blaze-study.jpg   846x600 163890 bytes 2005.01.19

Char study of my gryph self. Pencil, microns, photoshop

Image: karsha2.jpg   800x600 228744 bytes 2005.01.25

First pic of my gryphoness, Karsha. I play her in Spheres and Taps, but not much; ..mainly due she`s my .. dark side; While Blaze is gentle, caring, loving and friendable, Karsha is evil, mean, selfish ,agressive, poseesive, dominant and sadist.. just the oposite as Blaze is...\r\n\r\ it double personality(i doubt that), or split personality(also doubtfull)... or just a char(probabilly).. but she`s also a part of me\r\n

Image: llyander.jpg   800x625 181728 bytes 2005.01.19

Old gift art for Lly...also agin, the resizing killed it... pencil,micron, photoshop

Image: Saphy.jpg   600x600 81594 bytes 2005.01.19

Gift for Saphire Phonex, from the GG. pencil, micron, photoshop. Resized due VCL policies

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