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Image: bleupaper.jpg   1024x768 122596 bytes 2004.12.30

Just proof I can do more than one form of digital illustration. As opposed to working and manipulating shapes, this piece was done... well... by mouse. Was nice to try something abstract in a different sort of manner. The coyote inside my head finally gets a portrait.

Image: cellphonegodcolor.jpg   550x500 45243 bytes 2004.12.30

I am the cell phone god. Originally intended to be a game where you drag the cell phone to my hand... then I lost interest. Sometimes, simple colors are the best.

Image: constellation.jpg   1000x1090 157245 bytes 2005.01.08

The coyote smiles. Obviously, the world has gone awry at his will, and he can't help but smirk with self-admiration (looking at him, you should be able to tell why :-) )\r\n\r\nLots of time, lots of effort.

Image: dreamingawake.jpg   800x680 83665 bytes 2004.12.30

"Dreaming Awake" ... ever find yourself under the illusion you're dreaming, just to find out you're awake? \r\n\r\nI lost the original vector drawing file for this, so I cleaned it up pixel by pixel.

Image: foxmas.jpg   650x945 89654 bytes 2004.12.30

Your christmas present :-) . Abstract colors, not forms. Did I mention I have a thing for cute foxes with seductive smiles?

Image: genomfull.jpg   800x800 91536 bytes 2004.12.30

Ack... compression... and that's at 90%. Here's Genom... tried to be a little more imaginative. He hasn't claimed it as his own, so you're free to pencil in your own name. First piece completed on my Powerbook... so nice to not have the BSOD in the middle of a piece.

Image: hunterfull.gif   1000x1000 105942 bytes 2004.12.30

Coyote hunter. Deliciously abstract. Note: he has no tail. I'm not sure why... I just... never gave the poor guy a tail.

Image: pistolera.jpg   680x660 76006 bytes 2004.12.30

Request for Pistol :-) . Starting to mix abstract with softer lines.

Image: redandblue.jpg   550x520 62736 bytes 2004.12.30

The blue coyote loves the red fox who doesn't love the blue coyote who loves the.....

Image: thelazyfox.jpg   560x750 69552 bytes 2004.12.30

Gift for Lazy Fox. Started with small, intricate details 'unwinding' into simpler forms.

Image: tuesday.gif   1024x788 123407 bytes 2005.03.26

Self portrait as a coyote. I usually have my cell phone, and I wear clothing (who honestly walks around naked with a fucking hard on?) Favorite rendition of the original model (titled "Chiaroscuro- it should be obvious why.) Quite possibly the most grueling, long, and difficult piece I've ever done, because it involved starting from weakest points (read: clothing and shading.) Over 2 months.

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