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Image: Lustful.jpg   380x370 40131 bytes 2006.12.12


Drawn in pencil and outlined with FaberCastel 1.0 pen, coloured with manga spirit markers on bleed-proof paper, scanned in and touched up in photoshopCS2.\r\n\r\nLol, i was thinking 'bout this in my japanese exam... i think i failed.\r\n\r\nArt ©Blip172

Tags: manga lustful blip172 anime   [More Info]
Image: roo-pixel.gif   44x35 2324 bytes 2006.12.10

Roo Charecter Stamp

A charecter-stamp of my Roo, originaly gonna be a smiley for msn, but thought it would also be good on its own XD\r\n\r\nRoo ©Blip172

Image: roo_games1.jpg   420x494 55713 bytes 2006.12.08

Roo- Gaming PS3 style

I thought i would have a go at a pic using the same skeleton as a picture of seel by skifi, i think it turned out well ^^\r\n\r\nRoo ©Blip172

Tags: Roo kangarro blip172 blip 172 gaming  
Image: roo_final_final.jpg   300x424 59103 bytes 2006.12.07


This is my charecter Roo. I saw a couple of DeviantArt Id's like this and thought i would do one for him. It's only fair, he gets lonely X3\r\n\r\n(NOTE- enlarged image looks better)\r\n\r\nRoo ©Blip172

Tags: Kangaroo Blip172 deviant art id furry anthro roo   [Comment]
Image: Toshfinal.jpg   222x576 72845 bytes 2006.11.04

Tosh- A lonely Winter\r\n\r\nI tried to experimant with snow in this pic and with the lighting. I like the way i have done the hair (i know i'm up myself)\r\n\r\nSee my gallery at: \r\n or\r\n

Image: leo222.jpg   402x511 92444 bytes 2006.10.28

Wanted to get the colouring just right, used Photoshop CS2\r\n\r\ngallery-\r\n

Image: NARO-_commission.jpg   188x463 76943 bytes 2006.10.12

North American Rive Otter\r\n\r\nA commission for Joe Goodnight XD\r\n\r\nCharecter © Joe Goodnight

Image: untitled6.jpg   563x798 218572 bytes 2006.10.04

Title: Over Stimulation\r\n\r\nA re-drawn stip from the old version :D hope you like\r\n\r\nBlipFurs- \r\n\r\n or \r\n \r\n \r\n\r\nBlipFurs ©Blip172 06

Image: untitled17.jpg   797x565 183723 bytes 2006.09.28

No.17- Mechanics are always gay\r\n\r\nThis strip is no.17 from BlipFurs. Its just an in-between strip to tie up a loose end in the story line :D\r\n\r\nBlipFurs: \r\n\r\n or\r\n\r\n

Image: holly.jpg   526x400 92518 bytes 2006.09.14

©Blip172\r\n\r\nHolly, a girl in my village i have been drawing lately, great body. Drawn on paper with pencil, inked with faber castel 0.3, coloured and edited with PhotoshopCS2.\r\n\r\nsee blipfurs webcomic and my gallery at : \r\n\r\

Image: Endurian.jpg   725x682 228443 bytes 2006.09.03

©Blip172\r\n\r\nA commission for Lachen, of his charecter Endurian. Edited with PhotoShop CS2.\r\n\r\nBlipFurs webcomic, Gallery, and infomation of commissions at: \r\n\r\\r\n or \r\

Image: untitled5.jpg   850x598 238077 bytes 2006.09.01

©Blip172\r\n\r\n"Best of both worlds" No.5 from BlipFurs webcomic ( re-drawn and re-titled).

Image: ontherocks.jpg   394x493 102343 bytes 2006.08.29

On the rocks\r\n\r\nSad kitty sitting on rocks after a swim :D Use photoshop to colour.\r\n\r\nBlipFurs webcomic and gallery here: \r\n\r\

Image: yoi_copy.jpg   426x589 74884 bytes 2006.08.27

©Blip172\r\nNon- Furry manga\r\n\r\n"Ready? Fight"! \r\n\r\nsee all art at:\r\n\r\n\r\n(posted after checking with admin)

Image: robin_hood_background.jpg   352x592 132265 bytes 2006.08.13

©Blip172\r\n\r\nLate night sketch of Jeff from BlipFurs dressed up as Robin Hood\r\n\r\nBlipFurs webcomic at:\r\n

Image: untitled1c.jpg   849x596 215608 bytes 2006.08.05

©Blip172/Sam Lowe\r\n\r\n#1 from BlipiFurs in colour\r\n\r\nsee at:\r\n\r\

Image: untitled16.jpg   849x598 148218 bytes 2006.08.05

©Blip172/Sam Lowe\r\n\r\n#16 from BlipFurs\r\n\r\nsee at: \r\n\r\

Image: untitled4.jpg   846x618 154129 bytes 2006.07.20

©Blip172/Sam Lowe\r\n\r\nstrip4 of BlipFurs- "Crap at Karate". Was redrawn from the old pen and ink strip.\r\n\r\nFind BlipFurs at:\r\n\r\n(BlipFurs checters copyrights on the above website)

Image: theawkwardmoment_bckgrnd.jpg   394x563 65757 bytes 2006.07.20

©Blip172/ Sam Lowe\r\n\r\nBeccy trips and jeff is there to help her, will they ever find love ;)(from the BlipFurs webcomic)\r\n\r\nsee BlipFurs and gallery at:\r\n\r\nAll BlipFurs charecters (such as the ones above)have copyrights at the above website \r\n

Image: 1000hitsfinal.jpg   471x267 107353 bytes 2006.07.19

©Blip172/ Sam Lowe\r\n\r\ got 1000hits (well like 1500 now)\r\n\r\nBilly and toby fighting over lauren \r\nfrom the BlipFurs webcomic\r\n\r\nsee BlipFurs at or\r\n\r\nBlipFurs charecters( such as the ones above ) are © Blip172/Sam Lowe

Image: 1000hits_c+b.jpg   471x267 47681 bytes 2006.07.08 got 1000 Hits!!! Thanks!\r\n\r\nBilly and Toby fighting over Lauren, typical.\r\n\r\nBilly and Toby © Blip172 (me) and my comic strip BlipFurs\r\n\r\nwebsite:

Image: 1000hits_colour.jpg   471x267 45577 bytes 2006.07.06

© Blip172/ Sam Lowe\r\n\r\ got 1000 Hits !!!\r\n\r\nsee my website at: or \r\n

Image: billy_weights_c+b.jpg   320x403 38961 bytes 2006.07.04

©Blip172/Sam Lowe\r\n\r\njust one of my charecters lifting weights \r\n\r\nsee all artwork and my comic strip on my website:\r\n\r\ \r\n\r\nor\r\n\r\

Image: untitled3.jpg   850x597 128180 bytes 2006.07.04

©Blip172/Sam Lowe\r\n\r\nThe third strip of my comic 'BlipFurs' called 'Bridge over troubled water'. Hope you like it ;)\r\n\r\nSee all comic on my website: or

Image: billy_weights_colour.jpg   320x403 35251 bytes 2006.07.02

© Blip172 / Sam Lowe\r\n\r\nDaug weight lifting, a part of my 'sports series' \r\n\r\nsee all my pictures at:

Image: farmer_colour.jpg   530x534 57223 bytes 2006.07.01

© Blip172/ Sam Lowe\r\n\r\ngood pic i think but bad quality ( saved over and over 8 times )\r\n\r\

Image: Walk.jpg   397x351 29070 bytes 2006.06.30

© Blip172/ Sam Lowe\r\n\r\njust a quick scetch.

Image: fallen_angel_colour.jpg   667x437 98758 bytes 2006.06.26

© Blip172 / Sam Lowe\r\n\r\nA charecter called ' fallen angel ' based on me. Used PS-CS2 to colour.\r\n\r\nSee more of my art on my website !

Image: toby.jpg   273x434 39189 bytes 2006.06.25

© Blip172 / Sam Lowe\r\n\r\nThis is toby, one of my charecters from my comic strip. Coloured with PS-CS2\r\n\r\nFind more at my website :p

Image: animal_final.jpg   430x257 32279 bytes 2006.06.24

© Blip172 / Sam Lowe\r\n\r\nAn alteration to another alteration, but this one is the best of them, and look; a background !!!\r\n\r\nsee this and more at my website:\r\n\r\ \r\n\r\nor \r\n\r\

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