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Image: star-stalk-coffee.jpg   465x188 36837 bytes 2005.11.04

Little gifty for the awesome Starfyre (cawfee on deviantART).\r\n\r\nApparently, I forgot anatomy exists X3 Nah, I like it. It's cute. Watch as the Starfyre stalks and prepares to pounce on the unsuspecting whistling coffee.\r\n\r\nI used Copic markers. This is my second picture ever done in markers...I need more marker practice :B\r\n\r\nStarfyre Starfyre\r\nArt Blitzdrachen

Image: tak-tal-trade.jpg   397x550 196248 bytes 2005.11.23

Trade with Tak-talius on deviantART. Background found on google and editted.\r\n\r\nAutumn Fire Tak-talius\r\nArt Me

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