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Image: Tiger.JPG   437x431 25960 bytes 2002.04.10

An ickle tiger ^_^ cute!!\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Blaze.JPG   568x520 41947 bytes 2002.04.10

Sorry about the mess of this one.... my heart just wasnt in it.\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf\r\n\r\nBlaze (C) to Little Blue Wolf

Image: Pegasus.JPG   537x436 31576 bytes 2002.04.08

A little winged horse piccie for my sisters site! ^_^\r\nThought it was cute so i uploaded it!\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf\r\n\r\nBlue pegasus (C) to Little Blue Wolf

Image: The_Insane_one_himself.JPG   485x515 34716 bytes 2002.04.07

WOOHOO!!! Colouring break thru!!!\r\nKoro wired on coffee @_<\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: TTrial_Trade.JPG   513x553 30723 bytes 2002.04.07

Heres my half of an art trade with TTrial.......\r\nHope you like it T!!!\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Lasair.JPG   1308x591 71864 bytes 2002.04.06

Here is a pic of Lasair in her foar legged state.....\r\nColouring is still a bit off... but its getting better! ;)\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Highland_'aggises.JPG   682x258 21941 bytes 2002.04.06

Well.... how do i explain this mess....\r\nI was sitting... bored out my mind... drinking coffee...and i remembered that a long time ago... one of my teachers told me about 'the haggis'. She said that there was 3 main types of haggis.. the flying haggis (the rarest) the uphill haggis and the down hill haggis.\r\nNow... i used to belive this.. so i thought id post my version of these magnificent beasts (magnificent?? Yeah.. right!)\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: AheriaTrade.jpg   569x488 36161 bytes 2002.04.05

Heres my half of an art trade with Aheria......\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Buff_Koro.JPG   875x620 46219 bytes 2002.04.04

Hehehehe monsterous Koro.....\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Guardian_Sarin.JPG   853x1031 71566 bytes 2002.04.04

Hehehehe..... another Sarin pic\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Coffee_Induced_Image.JPG   649x548 43379 bytes 2002.04.04

I think im getting better with the colouring!! ^_^\r\n\r\nAs the pic name implies... i was hyped on coffee when i did this!!\r\nEven better news is MY SCANNER IS FIXED!!! It just needed some love (i smacked it a few times!)\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Were_Sarin.jpg   1050x1125 129622 bytes 2002.04.03

Heres an older pic of were Sarin.... \r\nCouloring still needs more work!! @_<\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Koro_angry.JPG   1073x911 108279 bytes 2002.03.30

An old old pic of Koro.\r\nThought id post on last pic before i have a small 'holiday' from the site..... i need to get my head streight.......\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf\r\n\r\nKoro (C) To Little Blue Wolf

Image: Painted_Paws.JPG   437x583 29155 bytes 2002.03.28

Heres my half of an art trade with painted paws.\r\nIt took a lot longer than expected (on account of my laziness!!)\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Povna.JPG   868x917 125816 bytes 2002.03.27

Hehehehe a drunken scribble of Povna (my pony)\r\n\r\nLittel Blue Wolf\r\n\r\nPovna (C)to himself art (C) to Little Blue Wolf

Image: Lala_Kahle.jpg   1163x627 247585 bytes 2002.03.27

Lala Kahle (sleep well)\r\nDunno... i was quite drunk when i drew this...\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf\r\n\r\n(C) Little Blue Wolf

Image: Sarin_Fly.JPG   1208x670 96409 bytes 2002.03.26

Sarin Flying...... self explanatory dont you think?\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf\r\n\r\nSarin (C) to Little Blue Wolf

Image: i_hate_the_world.JPG   510x523 27464 bytes 2002.03.25

Well this is how i felt last night.\r\nIts a long story.....\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: running_free.jpg   600x295 33084 bytes 2002.03.25

ok.. im sorry about the other pic of this i posted.... stupid me for got to change it to a jpg!! ^_^\r\nAhh well ... too much coffee i supose\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: scewbald.JPG   598x1001 45894 bytes 2002.03.25

Quite possibly the worst picture so far that ive uploaded.\r\nBut i wanted toput more up and well...... this is it!\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf\r\n\r\nscewbald (C) Little Blue Wolf

Image: WEIGHT_LIFTING.JPG   618x516 41611 bytes 2002.03.20

after TTrial's pic of 'buff' Koro.... Koro has decide he quite likes the idea of having loads of muscles. The hard part is getting them!!!\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Lasir.jpg   874x695 37121 bytes 2002.03.18

Hehehe yet another pic from photo shop.\r\nThis is Lasair. My 'more human' charicter.\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Koro_sitting.jpg   1124x770 75719 bytes 2002.03.17

Yet another Koro.....\r\nLooks cute with his ears up dont you think?\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: Shenlong.JPG   1040x1141 86246 bytes 2002.03.17

Yay!! My first pic coloured in paint shop!!!\r\nahhhh... ^_^\r\nThis is adult Shenlong\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: KORO_AND_SARIN.JPG   1245x980 118236 bytes 2002.03.16

Heres a pic of Sarin and Koro....... looks very plain though.. needs colour!\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf

Image: BABY_SHENLONG.JPG   798x860 80599 bytes 2002.03.13

Baby Shenlong....... well ill let u decide on what u think of him!!!\r\nYet another scetch... ill make sure i put a colour one up soon!\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf\r\n(c) to me

Image: KORO2.jpg   800x667 58556 bytes 2002.03.13

Here is another charicter i designed.... pure evil.. right down to the tip of his tail!! Hopefully ill be posting alot of pics of him.. (he's my new fave!)\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf\r\n(c) to myself again!

Image: Good_vs_Evil.JPG   945x701 70967 bytes 2002.03.13

Im sorry.... but i had to upload this pic, i thought it was cute!!\r\n^_^\r\nLittle Blue Wolf \r\n(c) to myself

Image: Sarin.JPG   1470x1556 138085 bytes 2002.03.12

Here's a pic of Sarin. My alter ego. Very confedent and quick with a reply to every question and insult.\r\n\r\n\r\nLittle Blue Wolf\r\nCopyright belongs to Little Blue Wolf

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