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Image: 1_Miguel_art_trade.jpg   553x849 90270 bytes 2005.08.06

Miguel this time in the coloured version. I found out that i hate the colour of bricks. I used to like red, doing this has spoiled it completely. I liked the task of drawing scars, never done that before. Coloured in photostudio.\r\nImage L.N.S 2005 Miguel M.A

Image: 20040905195905.JPG   948x711 76575 bytes 2005.06.30

god damn scanner and program *shakes fist* Ye it did have a polar bear and a poem at the bottom , but the scanner cut off the polar bear and half the poem so it screwed up big time. Owell its back to using my old program _ more coming soon folks. drawn and colured with crayola pencils jus incase u were wondering.

Image: a_last_icey_breathlns.jpg   750x537 30473 bytes 2005.04.15

A couple of years ago all i drew were dragons. After digging out some of the older drawings and scanning them in, i found this, As you can see i was rubbish at perspective when i was 11. I used to believe that the only way to kill a dragon was to take their horns (i got mixed up with unicorns) Here a hunter has taken them and leaves this soul bleeding to take his last icy breath...\r\n L.S

Image: aheria_trade.jpg   692x979 167602 bytes 2005.10.17

Trade for Aheria and her mate shadow, i love his colour its a really pretty blue. i also love maned wolves so i enjoyed doing this pic\r\n's to owners as above^

Image: Anubis_2002.jpg   580x820 51065 bytes 2005.04.14

as you can see this was done ages ago, but i still like it alot. I've always had a thing for Anubis, hes powerful and as you can see downright handsome =^_^= I have no recollection of when i did this so i couldn't tell you how i did it. At the moment i'm sorting through older pics so expect lots of drawings from last year.

Image: Balorkintrade.jpg   916x709 101543 bytes 2006.02.02

Heres the better version, I was very surprised with this as dispite it being the better version it took less time to do than the rubbish one. I'd like to thank Balorkin for coming up with such an interesting char. \r\n^.^ Naked bum!\r\nLoki Balorkin '06\r\nImage L.S '06

Image: Blondie'n'diesel.jpg   696x862 88121 bytes 2006.01.17

Coloured version of the sketch, this is the version without the pencil sketch underneath, theres not much difference between them, Its just a little clearer to see. I like this one better though, just looks more groovyful ^.^\r\nBlondie L.S 2006\r\nDiesel Himself

Image: Blondie_Chilling12.jpg   966x692 71708 bytes 2005.07.01

Heres me chilling on a night insted of doing homework i sit and drew myself, It turned out ok, its one of the few pics of myself i like, i should really just upload them anyway, but thats just me. My only referrence was myself in the mirror on my wall. Changed since this was drew tho, my hair white not blonde anymore...\r\nBlondie L.N.S 2005

Image: Blondie_cute_copy.jpg   491x800 76087 bytes 2006.06.25

a cute chibi me, right now its stuck on Kelix's wall! No real thought went into this, 20 min project\r\nBlondie L.Stephens

Image: Blondiecolourover2.jpg   669x958 62342 bytes 2005.04.10

Spent ages and ages on the original sketch to make it look as real as possible with all the right folds. I HATE FOLDS! ye this is Blondie btw. Shes mine all mine. I noticed there weren't many English Bull terriers around on VCL thought she'd be pretty so made an attempt and she stuck. Here she is. Blondie L.S 2005

Image: BLUEFOX.JPG   530x764 52163 bytes 2006.01.17

At the time it sounded like a spectacular idea, not so sure now its on paper, Insted of rubbing a lamp and getting yourself a genie who grants you 3 wishes, I decided to do a box that you rub and get a genie dog who gives you 3 slobbery kisses, owell I'll try again with the concept later, the copyrights are on the picture.

Image: bobcat_hunter112.jpg   632x893 55805 bytes 2005.04.10

First upload on VCL ^_^. This is one of my 3 Application artworks that i used.He was actually a great triumph for me, he only took about 3 hours to colour which i'm quite proud of. No idea what this hairy hunks name is but he's still L.S 2004

Image: Branlogoforcomp_copy.jpg   870x936 146620 bytes 2006.06.25

A competition entry for Winged wolf of his char Bran, I like the cheesy fire photoshop background! leave me alone this took about 2 hours\r\nBran Wingedwolf 2006\r\nImage L.Stephens 2006

Image: Brigett_trade.JPG   975x701 110282 bytes 2006.03.10

Bridgett is for S.G, we both drew Bull terriers for each other!!! although his char seems to have the better body ^.^ This was half hand done half digital because i'm trying out photoshop for the first time, I feel like a big girl now.\r\nAnyway I hope he like\r\nBridgett (c) S.G\r\nImage (c) L.S 2006

Image: Cheetah_god_copy.jpg   626x916 186232 bytes 2006.06.25

An oriental cat, each arm holds a personal meaning to me, the symbols in the background were done using a font! I love drawing cheetahs\r\n1 hour, crayola\r\nImage L.Stephens 2006

Image: chibi_us.jpg   950x680 126521 bytes 2006.01.06

HURRAH! we have chibi style chars. For once I actually drew my own pet german shepard, Diesel. The jist of this was that Titan was trying to upset me, so Kelix trys to cheer me up, making Titan sulk in the corner o_0 I'm proud of the fact that this only took half an hour to do!\r\nTitan,Blondie and kelix L.N.S 2006

Image: Compassionintheheartofions.jpg   850x608 61097 bytes 2005.04.12

I wanted to introduce one of my other chars this time. This is Titan, i only usally draw him when i'm really really angry,and lately i've been really bitchy to a few of the people close to me, i later found out that both of them had family members die recently and felt bad after what i'd said. So this is for you guys. I love you both even if i didn't show you!\r\nTitan L.N.S 2005

Image: Copy_of_Blondie_day_dreaming.jpg   938x663 145880 bytes 2005.07.03

Me again. its coming to the end of year 9 and i'll be 15 soon, i think its getting to me. Just a round up of all the things going through my head at the moment. and to top it all off i got crappy colouring skills! I'm deturmined to do some cheerful art.\r\nImage L.N.S 2005

Image: Copy_of_Untitled-TrueColor-01.jpg   668x944 100604 bytes 2005.05.12

Well the reason for the white haze round this guy is simple, i'm crap at digital art and i had to put the orginal pic on a new background -_-.the only reason i did this was to prove to a friend that cheetahs aren't just skinny and boring but sexy and leathal killing machines. I guess i proved her wrong then...\r\nimage L.S 2005

Image: cyber_raver.jpg   807x571 74810 bytes 2005.08.27

GigeX is the brain child of me, I figured out that when i'm hyper i like this kind of music, and when i'm feeling angry i like hardcore music for some reason. I wanted to draw some who liked the smae music as me. Thus born was GigeX \r\nGigeX L.N.S 2005

Image: Death_trys_to_steal_tommo.jpg   680x962 101244 bytes 2005.09.24

just letting death know that i'll be waiting to pounce on him if he comes for my baby. I'm going out on a limb here 'coz i'm not sure if i'm allowed guns in my pics but after the several times my baby has been threatned i wish i owned one.n I'll understand if this is taken off though.\r\nBlondie + Kelix L.N.S 2005 \r\nDeath Mr Satan

Image: Diesel_mod.jpg   948x711 111192 bytes 2005.06.30

Just a char sheet i did for a fellow artist of mine, I'm new at this stuff so correct me if i got sumthin wrong. And yes thats my date of birth too! =^_^= I love this guy so no stealing.\r\nMacca L.N.S 21/6/2005

Image: Dracon's_fursona0001.JPG   641x907 79319 bytes 2005.12.16

Drawn for Dracon of his ever so leathery fox, Haven't drawn in fox in awhile forgot how much I used to.\r\nImage L. Stephens '05\r\nDracon is his player

Image: dragon.jpg   507x359 18374 bytes 2005.07.06

And heres the inspiration, you wouldn't believe the trouble i got with the skull on this, why did i have to draw it this complicated -.- On the model i creatated the skull shape first see, then put layers around and over it, and yes i do realise that the colours are completetly different, it was just the shape i was going for.\r\n Lauren Stephens 2005

Image: Dreamaria.JPG   703x996 140036 bytes 2006.03.03

My half of an art trade with the dark horse Dreamaria! Loved doing the hair on this its such a vibrant colour.\r\nand WOOOOO FOR BARE ASS! I tried to make it look as much like her as she requested. And every girl's gotta show off her booty once in a while ;)\r\nDreamaria C. Lutz '06\r\nImage L.Stephens '06

Image: DSCF0334.jpg   640x480 65641 bytes 2005.07.06

Not for school, not for a friend, for me. I'm sick of drawing and having my subject options choosen for me didn't help so this is what i planned on doing insted of drawing. I finished it rather more quickly then i thought i would, about 3 weeks really. It does have huge black horns you just can't see the rest of them and its paper mache painted with poster paints coz i have no money and the school doesn't trust me with friggen paints anymore!! \r\n>.< Sculpture L.S 2005

Image: faulkner_and_blaze_on_the_computor.jpg   777x549 56192 bytes 2005.06.30

Wayyyy back in 2000 i did a comic for the school paper about 2 dogs that escaped the pet shop and hacked into a huge online company and took over...don't ask why, i just did. But i found the line art the other day and went for it. So the blue huskys called blaze and the mutt is called faulkner. image L.N.S 2005

Image: GigeX_revamp.jpg   641x907 96086 bytes 2005.12.10

The GigeX design has been laying around for some time, I loved the character but the way he/she looked was terrible. So here she is redone and is now Mangiz's clubbing friend, they go raving together! like pink sisters, inked with a black biro and coloured with crayola pencils.\r\nGigeX L.Stephens 2005

Image: hunter_tiger3456.jpg   680x962 135192 bytes 2005.09.24

This is one of the other warrior cats pics that failed, i don't like it all that much but i want to keep it for contrast. The only part i like about this picture is the hind paws and the clothing. Other than that the shading is bad, i told you i was bad with coloured pencils!! maybe more to come, i don't know yet...\r\nImage L.N.S 2005

Image: Kelix_consentrating.jpg   760x727 78563 bytes 2005.07.18

I like this one. I was sat listening to him and i felt so inspired. Now i'm learning myself and hope to one day be as good as he is. \r\nKelix Daniel Thomas 19/7/2005

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