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Image: Kitsubaka-sampson.jpg   796x869 110845 bytes 2006.06.25

Part of a trade with Kitsu-Baka, I haven't uploaded stuff on here in months but know that I've got a hefty pile of crap, I will. I'm guessing Samson is a ladies man!\r\nSamson © Kitsu-Baka 2006\r\nImage © L.Stephens 2006

Image: Little_bo'_blondie.jpg   950x680 106564 bytes 2005.08.27

Apparently inside of me theres not a dog but a little girl crying out for attention. well maybe i admitt i'm a bit of a Girly girl but not as bad as this. I quite like her hair actually and i'm not ashamed to either. For some reason Blondie looks frightned here, maybe its subconcious.\r\nBlonde and Me © Lauren Stephens 2005

Image: mangiz_headshot.jpg   950x680 125917 bytes 2006.01.14

Quikish headshot of Mangiz so you can see her piercings, hehe some of those that you can't. My goggles aren't actually yellow, they are pink but hey this pics like a pink overload anyway ._. all hail the fucked up background!\r\nMangiz © Lauren Stephens 2006

Image: Mangiz_raver.jpg   639x903 106060 bytes 2005.10.13

I found the poem and thats the last few lines to it. Everytime i draw her, her feet get bigger for somereason, owell i like it. Haven't uploaded in awhile and wanted to do something colourful.\r\nMangiz & Poem © Lauren Stephens 2005

Image: Meandmeandme.jpg   680x962 162459 bytes 2005.09.03

I needed to get information about myself for an art project i'll be doing this about sums up my different personalities, we have Mangiz in anthro form corner left, then Blonde my girly side, Kelix, my other half, Titan my anger at the bottom left and macca my protective male side.\r\nWow i must be complicated then...\r\nBlondie,Mangiz,Macca and kelix © me Lauren S. 2005

Image: migueltradeartlineart.jpg   653x924 121632 bytes 2005.07.31

Miguel here is a trade piece. I have trouble with scanning thin lines so when i ink art like this i practically drown the pencil lines so they'll show up. So heres the orginal scanned in, before the colour and the magic happens...\r\nMiguel © Micheal Artic\r\nImage © L.N.S 2005

Image: Pretty_kittys.jpg   641x907 113979 bytes 2005.12.27

Heres the klub kitties. After drawing this i realised I wanted a pink shiney pvc top like GigeX's\r\nDone with the new prismas i got for crimbo, woooo!!!\r\nTook about half an hour to do. And no Mangiz is not a mouse.\r\nMangiz + GigeX © Lauren N. Stephens 2005

Image: Saruuk_trade.jpg   680x950 89399 bytes 2006.01.11

This was done for Saruuk in a trade with me. Never really done a lizard before, or many swords really. now that i've mentioned it i'll probably draw them more now...\r\nSaruuk © Eric Neo 2006\r\nImage © L .Stephens 2006

Image: shadowwingsizedup.jpg   908x661 139175 bytes 2005.11.11

This is half of an art trade with winged shadow. I haven't drawn dragons in a while and colouring Deira was a challenge. Oh and for those who haven't guessed I have my paint program back now.\r\nDeira © winged shadow\r\nImage © L.N.S '05

Image: Shiriktrade.jpg   907x641 126688 bytes 2006.01.04

This was done as an art trade for a lovely artist called Lady Naoko. Her char was part guina pig, sadly I don't think that shows. All the references of Shirik looked sad so I tought i'd put a big grin on her face ^.^\r\nHope she likes\r\nShirik © Lady Naoko 2005\r\nArt © L. Stephens 2005

Image: skaven_rat0002.JPG   655x941 198140 bytes 2005.11.30

anyone recognise the banner?, I've been painting alot lately and I needed inspiration. Thus this picture was born. Kelix loves this, hes an avid collector. Only just realised how much help I need with skeletons...\r\nImage © L .Stephens '05\r\nWarhammer/Skaven © GW ltd. '05

Image: Snow_Leopardsameri.jpg   640x914 116370 bytes 2005.09.03

Drawing big cats with special fighting skills is my hobby it would seem. I like this guy, hes hunky. didn't take to long to draw, but a lifetime to colour, i'm rubbish with coloured pencils so i took my time to get it right, which may i add was for at least 3 hours. i did it while sat watching a film with Kelix. I got a few more but they need so much cleaning upo i'm not gunna try posting them.\r\nImage © L.S 2005

Image: Starry_sky.jpg   990x717 58836 bytes 2005.04.10

My first scanned in drawing coloured on the P.C using layers. Done middle of last year i think. Not alot of detail or anything special here. I was proud of the sketch but not so much of the finished product.\r\nAgain shes not a character of mine just a random wolf girl so the image is © to me. L.S

Image: Tiagon.jpg   966x692 82543 bytes 2005.07.03

Wow its fun going through all your old character and re-drawing them. I'm sure this had probably been done before but could your Tiagon breathe ice and kill all the baddies with his big long tail? X_X anyway here is a prime example of what bhildish Lauren thinks tigers should really be like.\r\nImage © Lauren Stephens 2004

Image: Titan_bloodstaintiny.jpg   665x975 92937 bytes 2005.11.30

wooo background! i'm glad I sat for 2 hours and did this now. I'm suprisingly good at creating blood spatter, hey you learn somethingy new everyday. Was a really old sketch and a few people needed a good Titan reference so i hope this is ok, i've got another one on the way so hopefully that will explain more\r\nTitan © L.Stephens 2005

Image: Titan_second_reference.jpg   641x907 71818 bytes 2005.12.09

Heres that second reference I had done of Titan, these are his royal clothes. I've started to notice little differences with all of the references, like the facial markings somehow vary with each drawing, owell I suppose its a natural change that will carry on. Enjoy\r\nTitan © L. Stephens 2005

Image: Titanlicking112.jpg   750x508 41108 bytes 2005.04.12

Heres Titan again and a mystery wolf. No its not supposed to portray love of any kind ¬_¬ Hes licking the wolf because hes trying to make him jealous, of what i don't actually know either...\r\nTitan©L.N.S 2005

Image: Treefox0002.JPG   642x962 150462 bytes 2006.03.24

A treefox drinking tea!\r\nI think treefoxes are extinct, i'm not sure but thought it would make a cute picture anyway. Done with crayola and tricolour water pencils. took half an hour.\r\nImage (c) L.Stephens 2006

Image: uvlights.jpg   680x962 134651 bytes 2005.09.24

the furious death metal aside this is what else i like, i wrote a poem about this aswell, i've lost it but it was basically about that you don't need drugs to get a music high and that you dance far better when not popping pills. oh and that UV pink is spiffy.\r\nBlondie © L.N.S 2005

Image: Ziniya.jpg   653x924 67471 bytes 2005.07.03

For 2001 mothers day. My mum likes giraffes. As i remember it i liked doing this picture alot, so i don't know why i haven't drawn giraffes since. I might have a go when i'm not busy, Anyway, i apoliguise for the poor quality of picture. what can i say? i was young.\r\nPic © L.S

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