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Image: Unicorn.jpg   504x690 55200 bytes 2005.02.11

This could easily be my final submission here to VCL, It has rapidly gotten WAY way Way wAy WaY too porny for me.

Image: SNAPdetail.jpg   504x543 68852 bytes 2005.02.01

Cuz he's worth it.

Image: SNAP.jpg   432x611 62353 bytes 2005.02.01

ngh, colors look all dingey. Pooh. He's mine kids. MINE.

Image: jester.jpg   468x683 141740 bytes 2005.01.30

only took me forEVER AND EVER to finish........ SO much detail, argh. Anywho, she obviously wants to play.\r\n\r\nThis one's definately Bloodsugar, aka ME NOT YOU

Image: seel.jpg   547x622 102277 bytes 2004.12.14

A trade wih the Seel head. Hope she likey.\r\n\r\n as stated

Image: boars.jpg   842x504 161041 bytes 2004.12.10

Woo! Ok, so I'm in art history class, and we have to choose a painting in the museum, then do a piece in response to it. We had two weeks, I, being me, did it in one night, so forgive the insanely rushedness. -oops, his mouth is blue! Oh well.\r\nOh, if you give a flying banana, here's the original

Image: skull.jpg   482x686 62080 bytes 2004.12.02

T-shirty goodness to be.\r\n\r\nImage BloodSugar

Image: Kissy.jpg   518x595 77195 bytes 2004.12.02

Old art. This is what I did after roaming through Zer's gallery ALL day. I think it shows. O.o\r\n\r\n BloodSugar

Image: nails.jpg   565x648 72335 bytes 2004.12.02

Old art. Around the time I had just discovered VCL.\r\n\r\n Bloodsugar

Image: batty.jpg   496x634 90784 bytes 2004.12.01

Old art. My precious's fursona at the time. He, like me, has several :D He used to wear that giant pendant too.\r\n\r\n Bloodsugar

Image: teddy.jpg   540x574 60567 bytes 2004.11.30

Old art. I love teddy\r\n\r\n Bloodsugar

Image: expire.jpg   756x441 63100 bytes 2004.11.30

Old art. More anghst.\r\n\r\n Bloodsugar\r\n

Image: present.jpg   551x612 70710 bytes 2004.11.30

Old art. And simpler as it were. I made this when I found out my lovely was leaving for a long time. He already had it, but I wanted him to take it with him anyway,\r\n\r\nImage Bloodsugar

Image: skell.jpg   475x643 63166 bytes 2004.11.30

Old art. But he's still so good! SO good, yes..... Mmmmm, my lil X-ray. ::sigh::\r\n\r\nHE'S MINE. DO NOT copy, steal, redistribute, rape, transfer, use, or violate this in ANYway EVER. The whole thing is to BloodSugar a.k.a. me. not you.

Image: cry4me.jpg   792x450 84656 bytes 2004.11.30

Old art. Very old actually, like 3 years or something, maybe more. Oh the sadness... ::faints:: I don't know, I don't remember.\r\n\r\nImage BloodSugar

Image: Hippocampus.jpg   480x610 91808 bytes 2004.11.29

Old art. Oldy but a goody if I may say so myself. I always thought horse torso's with mermaid tails looked silly.\r\n\r\nHippocampus/Image Bloodsugar

Image: apocolypse.jpg   571x576 187678 bytes 2004.11.29

Old art. Back when I was into dragons and fantasy n whatnot.\r\nAirbrush, ink, prisma pencils.\r\n\r\nThe whole concoction BloodSugar

Image: CeraBiest.jpg   555x662 59649 bytes 2004.11.23

ngh, I botched him a bit in the first upload, all better! \r\nI love this guy. My boss and I cleverly named him "Cerabiest" because he is! He symbolizes the world today, and its beauty, compared to the time of loving fluffy white unicorns in their world. \r\n\r\nI have T shirts, in case anyone's interested.. o_o \r\nCeraBiest BloodSugar

Image: carousel.jpg   526x355 72141 bytes 2004.11.23

I can be nice.... c_c , Haha... it's a postcard to my grandma. So there. She's the one who bought my oodles of Prisma markers! ^_^ \r\n\r\nArt/Image BloodSugar

Image: MLP.jpg   504x516 88361 bytes 2004.11.23

OMG bandwagon?? Where!?!?! ::shamelessly flings body onto it:: Shuddup. I was raised on MLP, so there. I had 30 lil ponies back in the day...sigh. No refrence! I think the head came out the best. \r\n\r\nMINE NOT YOURS, especially the heart on her bum BloodSugar

Image: crow.jpg   779x533 167956 bytes 2004.11.23

argh, I hate litho, but this not so bad yes? So, flying or dying? \r\n\r\nImage/art BloodSugar

Image: Mothra.jpg   497x602 62170 bytes 2004.11.21 hand..... Finally....finished....... ::falls over dead:: x_x Even the damn lightbulb was hand rendered. No ref.\r\n\r\nDO NOT copy, use, borrow, redistribute, steal, or violate this awesome picture. Every PIXEL of it is mine. \r\n\r\nENTIRETY BloodSugar

Image: Polepmy.jpg   350x631 59508 bytes 2004.11.21

Once again, another pathetic background, her red hairness makes it all better. so mleh. I love the pole, made it from scratch! \r\n\r\nArt/Image (c) BloodSuga

Image: bloodreds.jpg   473x626 89844 bytes 2004.11.21

Yay, everyone clap for cheesey backgrounds!!!! yeah... so I got out of the shower wearing a deliciously red towel, and upon passing the mirror, this is what I saw. I wish.... But the mirrorness was fun, and difficult. I wanted to play with how much of the face is compramised between human and cat, so.. yeah. \r\nArt/Image/dress BloodSugar

Image: hammerhead.jpg   591x396 90190 bytes 2004.11.18

This is possibley the only reoccuring character in my art. I did it in etching. It was quite difficult.\r\n\r\nPlease do no copy or redistribute. He's the intellectual property of BloodSugar.\r\nArt/character (c) BloodSugar

Image: webbings.jpg   546x565 66141 bytes 2004.11.17

The deepest colors for the deepest emotions.

Image: Uranium.jpg   446x642 59592 bytes 2004.11.17

Argh, looks rather crappy once uploaded... Uranium is rather fun to draw. She's been recreated with permission, but hasn't contacted me in forever :(\r\n\r\nImage is (c) BloodSugar\r\nUranium is (c) Uranium

Image: Whole-self.jpg   504x334 66157 bytes 2004.11.17

An accurate self portrait, outside the smoking and that rockin hair, but I shall have it before the year is up.\r\n\r\nPrisma markers\r\nMINE!!! Art/image/character (c) BloodSugar

Image: SexyCera2.jpg   526x692 72931 bytes 2004.11.17

O_O The sexiness!!!! Truly a goddess in her own time. Just a random creation, one of thousands... She'll have a backgroud eventually ::sigh::\r\n\r\nArt (c) BloodSugar

Image: suffocateVCL.jpg   518x670 70718 bytes 2004.11.17

Because gas masks are sexy.\r\n\r\nArt (c) BloodSugar

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