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Image: TeaDragons.jpg   680x510 113331 bytes 2003.07.28

AS you can See...My skills are nothing compared to Cassandra's. :)\r\n\r\nMe and her was playing aroind in OC..and we drew Dragons for some reason..then the Tea thing came up and it was Great. XD

Image: Lillith-thor.jpg   498x547 55219 bytes 2003.07.24

Fun yet painfull looking..But she loves it..Pain and pleasure flows togeather for her. XD\r\n\r\nInspired by Gabe Logan's art. :)

Image: Teslarka.jpg   595x818 173743 bytes 2003.05.06

Meet Teslarka..The newest XenoMutant to be birthed into the group...It's a Shi as you can see..And Shi puts off a Lot of radiation..(The green glow)^.^\r\nI plan on drawing more of hir sooner or later. :)

Image: Merick-Pony.jpg   590x456 61656 bytes 2003.05.06

Yes it was A moment of Sickness..But interesting sickness. XD

Image: Lil-Spatula.jpg   690x827 101702 bytes 2003.05.06

Don't as and she won't go into the Wet details...And yes that Would hurt..But She does Love pain as much as Pleasure...Hell there the same for her. ^.^

Image: Gore.jpg   739x604 115378 bytes 2003.05.06

Request from a Great friend..But to bad I ruined it by trying to use color pencils on it. : /\r\nBut she liked it.

Image: Horsespoo.jpg   601x637 86869 bytes 2003.05.06

Lots of Problems..but Over all a good idea..Wish i could have done it btter. :)

Image: Huh.jpg   449x541 58249 bytes 2003.05.06

Nothing to see here move along please. o.o

Image: Rhino.jpg   453x672 60998 bytes 2003.05.06

I tryed a Rhino..She looks aight. ^.^

Image: Weresex.jpg   714x572 83494 bytes 2003.05.06

This pic could have been better..But ti has a few parts I like..Ahh Good Ole've always been there for me. ^.^

Image: Bunnie-Herm.jpg   406x676 94520 bytes 2003.02.17

I drew this...Yup sure did..Yea. : /\r\nHehe..I had never seen a Bunnie Rabbot herm before...So I decided to draw one..and do a bit of Modifications to hir look.\r\n\r\nBunnie Rabbot those Sega People

Image: Naja.jpg   476x632 55783 bytes 2003.02.17

Well this is a char form an old 32X came called Cosmic Carnage...I Loved Naja..She 's so sexy!...If I draw more of her..I'll draw All of her..and I'll not draw her so Buff.\r\nThis one was just an Experiment so I drew her big. ^.^\r\n\r\nNaja Those Cosmic Carnage people

Image: Naughty_Serena.jpg   415x409 57796 bytes 2003.02.17

Random Porn drawn for Serena...Well she liked it and thats all that matters. :)\r\n\r\nSmall hands big boobs. XD

Image: Poke.jpg   361x613 54674 bytes 2003.02.14

Just a Rock Manish Robot. :)

Image: Glow.jpg   559x604 57013 bytes 2003.02.14

This scares even me!\r\nAnd after drawing it I found out i drew a Male Glow worm face on her...I didn't know they had Female ones. o.o\r\n\r\nGlowworm's those people who made them.

Image: Me-Merick.jpg   406x667 73644 bytes 2003.02.14

I drew Merick More Normal bodied..and dressed the way I dress....A good friend said he looks like he should have Groupies hanging off him. XD

Image: Mer-SnakeWolf.jpg   527x625 87771 bytes 2003.02.14

This is another form for Merick that I have on Taps....SnakeWolf..Was what he was Before I made my XenoMutants. ^.^

Image: Magenta-Spoo.jpg   543x608 89551 bytes 2003.02.14

I've wanted to draw a Magenta cumming pic for a while...I really like how this turned out..And I love hir new "Hair" ^.^

Image: Charista.jpg   640x943 102497 bytes 2003.02.14

Charista..Was a random Fox herm..till I named hir...Shi's Uber cute. ^.^

Image: Cibi-Me.jpg   316x382 29620 bytes 2003.02.14

(Off topic)\r\nWas in a Open Canvas session with a couple friends..and they where drawing chibi versions of themselves...I can't draw with a Mouse so I just drew this on paper.^.^

Image: Buff-Herm-Lil-CP.jpg   572x716 83355 bytes 2003.02.14

Ok....I was wanting to draw a Buff Lillith...and Her crotch looks so Empty...So Now It's Herm buff Lillith..And Color pencil as well. :)

Image: Thingie.jpg   418x815 74325 bytes 2003.01.04

Just......Just Don't ask unless you really REALLY want to. :)\r\n\r\n\r\nThingie Merick (BJG) :) Who else would want it but me anyways.

Image: Ouchie.jpg   552x593 49687 bytes 2002.11.12

I'm starting to try some gore, A little toonie, but hey it's my first try. : /\r\n\r\nWas fun to draw, inspired by the movie Event Horizon, Wonderfull F**kin movie!\r\n\r\nRandom Pickachu looking Mofo Not mine cause he's Random\r\nPic is Merick (BJG) :)

Image: Horny_Demon.jpg   631x876 206143 bytes 2002.11.05

Sorry about the size of this. Just some random crap that pours out of my .... head.. yea thats it!\r\n\r\nWas doing this a a sanitizer. to keep me sane while doing requests. :)\r\n\r\nWorking on 3 pic's, One's slow going cause i'm shading it (Another black furred char) And the other cause i just found it (Lost it when i moved )....Hang in there NightKrawler. ^.^ Horny Demon is Merick (BJG)

Image: fat_bird_snake_thing.jpg   601x781 82467 bytes 2002.10.29

Just More Random Oddness. Color's suggested by Pink. XD\r\n\r\nLets see, Bird, Snake, Freak of nature, What in all is in this fem critter...Who knows Who cares. XD \r\n\r\nCritter thing Merick (BJG)

Image: Marissa-Mudjpg.jpg   625x650 61488 bytes 2002.10.29

A New Pic Of Marissa, My big Gator herm, I gotta draw hir more well hung, and with Huger breasts some day for the hell of it. ^.^ MArissa Like Mud and Wrestling, So they go nicely togeather. Marissa Merick (BJG)

Image: Lillith_-_Beast-Neo.jpg   727x481 83172 bytes 2002.09.26

Lillith Being molested by a tentacle Monster. I like the wierd Neon/blacklight poster look to it.\r\n\r\nJust wanted to do something diffrent. :)

Image: Merick-Badge.jpg   277x164 14360 bytes 2002.09.23

This is the comp colored version of my BAdge from AC02. The hand colored one looked better. :)

Image: Demon_Herm2.jpg   568x727 86471 bytes 2002.09.10

Just A "Random" Demon herm. I like drawing demon herm's there fun.\r\nI can draw ramdomness a lot. I just have problems drawing Existing char's now. O.o

Image: Scarecrow.jpg   448x645 122365 bytes 2002.09.04

This is Jackie... Jackie O'Lantern Bwahahahaha!!\r\nYea thats her name but her friends (If she has any) call her Jackie. OR pumpkin girl or some silly nickname that friends give you. She was a working project. I watched Nightmare before Christmas, and saw the Scarecrow at the front, So I had to do one of my own. Her hands look ether Boney of Manaquinish. I'm not sure. :) But she was fun to draw. And that Corn was annoying. All I had to draw was one Stalk. But I didn't know what corn looked like. So it's kind of a rough Corn look. I don't know but i'm pleased with the results. ^.^

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