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Image: Lillith-thor.jpg   498x547 55219 bytes 2003.07.24

Fun yet painfull looking..But she loves it..Pain and pleasure flows togeather for her. XD\r\n\r\nInspired by Gabe Logan's art. :)

Image: Lillith_-_Beast-Neo.jpg   727x481 83172 bytes 2002.09.26

Lillith Being molested by a tentacle Monster. I like the wierd Neon/blacklight poster look to it.\r\n\r\nJust wanted to do something diffrent. :)

Image: lizard.jpg   587x635 156414 bytes 2001.04.09

Pencil sketch :)\r\niT'S Wierd So far people seem to like my pencil work better then my color.\r\nso i'll have more pencil work uploaded in the future.

Image: Macabre.jpg   467x593 90472 bytes 2002.05.13

Wheeee! more randon critter goodness. the name came from randomly opening my Dictionary. The pic turned out to be some alien female sliping herself free from her hive opening. I worked on this pic for about 2 hours in total. mainly changing the head up a couple times. but i finally got something simple that i liked, and i went for it. \r\nWell untill next upload, take care all. ^.^\r\n

Image: Magenta-Perch.gif   545x714 89650 bytes 2002.06.01

A pic showing Magenta's new "Hair" Style. Shi grew hir spikes longer which caused them to go..Limp.\r\nNow shi keeps them in a ponytail. :)\r\n\r\nI'm still trying to decide if i want to use color pencils and give colering it by hand a shot. Might later. :)

Image: Magenta-Shiney.jpg   600x600 76577 bytes 2004.01.13

I Really like how this came out..I drew it becuase a friend said I didn't draw Magenta enough So i had to make it it wasn't an option. ^.^\r\n\r\nFirst pic to use this shading style in..Happy I am Yes. ^.^

Image: Magenta-Spoo.jpg   543x608 89551 bytes 2003.02.14

I've wanted to draw a Magenta cumming pic for a while...I really like how this turned out..And I love hir new "Hair" ^.^

Image: Magenta.jpg   449x532 38156 bytes 2001.06.27

Ok here's Magenta, Lilith's kid after shi's all grown. Magenta me Merick Jacobs

Image: Magenta2.jpg   628x826 110401 bytes 2001.11.04

I finally brought myself to draw again and Here's my attempt at drawing Magenta's head from the front and gave hir a new "Hair" style (I tryed others, but this turned out the best) I snatched the pose from one of the thousands of Generic Anime pic's out there.\r\nIf anyone has any comments on this one, email me. I'd like to know if it turned out ok. :)\r\n\r\nA bit of explination of hir anatomy: Hir shaft (Main one between hir legs) Has a mind of it's own, but shi can mently tell it what to do. In this pic it is retracted into it's protective sheath.\r\n\r\nShi can also pull hir ballsac into hir body for protective purposes.\r\n\r\nHir Tail shafts are almost normal (Besides being on hir tail) they have protective sheaths, and can grow as big as Magenta want's them to be (Blood supply limits this though).\r\n\r\nShi has a Tail hole and the usual female sex organs (Nothing odd about those) ;)\r\n\r\nMagenta is rapidly becoming one of my favorite char's (Along with Hir mother, and BrainDead)

Image: Magenta_Perch-_New.gif   601x782 99223 bytes 2002.08.01

Comp colerd version of the Newly fixed Magenta pic. I like this head a lot better then the first one I did. ^.^

Image: Male-Lillith-Mutant-Stalker.gif   799x1036 50412 bytes 2002.05.26

Part of my trade with Nightkrawler. Mutant Stalker being nailed by Male Lillith. was a fun pic to draw. ^.^

Image: Marissa's_Leaking.gif   434x496 10305 bytes 2002.07.19

I havn't drawn Marissa in a while. Sketched and inked at AC02. Sometimes i just love plain ole color fill. ^.^

Image: Marissa-Mudjpg.jpg   625x650 61488 bytes 2002.10.29

A New Pic Of Marissa, My big Gator herm, I gotta draw hir more well hung, and with Huger breasts some day for the hell of it. ^.^ MArissa Like Mud and Wrestling, So they go nicely togeather. Marissa Merick (BJG)

Image: Marissa_Feral.jpg   537x351 37368 bytes 2004.01.14

My lovely lovely Hung like a herd of Elephants Gator..Marissa How I love you. ^.^\r\n\r\nI like how this came out..A new design for an older char that makes hir so much cooler (Thanks Orion for getting me to try it) :)

Image: Marissapose.jpg   609x770 53779 bytes 2001.07.12

Another Marissa pic. Shi's not "As Big" In this one, and thats is the smallest shi gets. Marissa Me Merick Jacobs

Image: Marissasfun.jpg   545x409 48443 bytes 2001.06.24

This is Marissa From Taps, Shi's Big, Green, and Is a Hyper Herm.I couldn't Get hir to look scaly (I need to work on that) But over all it think it turned out well.

Image: Me-Merick.jpg   406x667 73644 bytes 2003.02.14

I drew Merick More Normal bodied..and dressed the way I dress....A good friend said he looks like he should have Groupies hanging off him. XD

Image: me.jpg   590x1126 68247 bytes 2000.08.28

me as a furry :)\n

Image: Mer-SnakeWolf.jpg   527x625 87771 bytes 2003.02.14

This is another form for Merick that I have on Taps....SnakeWolf..Was what he was Before I made my XenoMutants. ^.^

Image: Merick-Badge.jpg   277x164 14360 bytes 2002.09.23

This is the comp colored version of my BAdge from AC02. The hand colored one looked better. :)

Image: Merick-Color.jpg   521x695 98962 bytes 2004.08.21

Well here's my new furry self, such wonderfull colors and buldging bits!!!\r\nYay sexy SnakeWolf Beast\r\n\r\nMerick Bobby Gatewood

Image: Merick-Pony.jpg   590x456 61656 bytes 2003.05.06

Yes it was A moment of Sickness..But interesting sickness. XD

Image: Merick.jpg   637x727 142513 bytes 2002.02.25

Here's the first pic i did of my personal char. I was attempting to shade it, but it wasn't turning out well. I might shade it one day, but for now and prolly for a while i'll be uploading just plain color fill pics. Some people have liked the way i did the Lillith-Pole.jpg and i'm gonna try to work on that style of shading. because i really don't like how most of my pic's turn out (Shading wise)\r\nI might upload the occasional test shade pic, atleast till i get a style i like. any questions Email me, any Hints please email me, i need all the help i can get. :)

Image: MerickConBadge.jpg   420x315 38776 bytes 2004.07.07

my con badge for AC this year sporting my new and more like persona of Merick the SnakeWolf.\r\n\r\nSee ya at AnthroCon! ^.^\r\n\r\nMerick is Me Bobby Gatewood

Image: Mitzy.jpg   502x912 107334 bytes 2001.09.29

Don't ask! Just don't >.<

Image: Mold.jpg   700x1050 169391 bytes 2001.02.23

Herm!\r\nLab creation.\r\n Mold Merick Jacobs (aka. Bobby Gatewood)

Image: Monotaurfun.jpg   638x877 213323 bytes 2001.09.15

Here's Zyphoria again, having a bit of fun with hirself.\r\nShi has a lot of Tentacles hidden in that Breast/Mouth of hir's. :)\r\nAnd thanks to Steve Burt for coming up with the species name Monotaur, and if antone wants to draw one of there own tell me i'd love to see some diffrent types of this race (I've drawn the herm, Steve has drawn the fem, and now we need a male)

Image: Monster_Cock.gif   240x240 94735 bytes 2003.09.10

My Second attempt at an animation...And I will never show the first..It was Horrid!!\r\nthis one turned out good even thugh it's disturbing...I don't know Why i drew it but i just did.

Image: Mother_worm-Father_tounge.jpg   349x538 72467 bytes 2002.05.05

Something Odd I drew yesterday. The file name seems to fit, but has no real meaning. was funny told a friend that I drew something wierd today. and she said which one. XD\r\nI keep forgetting that other people think most all my art is wierd when I don't. :)\r\nCritter is Merick (BJG)

Image: Mutant-fun.gif   750x570 170706 bytes 2002.03.21

Whooo, thats a lot of char in one pic. O.o\r\nBut it was fun to draw.\r\nMutant Neo having in a family moment with her foster family.\r\nAhhh, family there's nothing closer. (And i don't care for incest myself. it's just a mutant thing) ;)

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