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Image: Merick.jpg   637x727 142513 bytes 2002.02.25

Here's the first pic i did of my personal char. I was attempting to shade it, but it wasn't turning out well. I might shade it one day, but for now and prolly for a while i'll be uploading just plain color fill pics. Some people have liked the way i did the Lillith-Pole.jpg and i'm gonna try to work on that style of shading. because i really don't like how most of my pic's turn out (Shading wise)\r\nI might upload the occasional test shade pic, atleast till i get a style i like. any questions Email me, any Hints please email me, i need all the help i can get. :)

Image: Lillith-pole.jpg   550x797 98939 bytes 2002.02.22

This is really a test pic. I was trying out a new way to color and shade my pic's. But being a i can't shade worth a crap on the comp. what was i thinking when i decided to try it with a pencil. >.< \r\nWell i'm gonna ink this pic, and erase all that horrid shading attempt, and color it the way i usually do. \r\nAnd BTW. this is how Lillith pole dances. ^.^

Image: Magenta2.jpg   628x826 110401 bytes 2001.11.04

I finally brought myself to draw again and Here's my attempt at drawing Magenta's head from the front and gave hir a new "Hair" style (I tryed others, but this turned out the best) I snatched the pose from one of the thousands of Generic Anime pic's out there.\r\nIf anyone has any comments on this one, email me. I'd like to know if it turned out ok. :)\r\n\r\nA bit of explination of hir anatomy: Hir shaft (Main one between hir legs) Has a mind of it's own, but shi can mently tell it what to do. In this pic it is retracted into it's protective sheath.\r\n\r\nShi can also pull hir ballsac into hir body for protective purposes.\r\n\r\nHir Tail shafts are almost normal (Besides being on hir tail) they have protective sheaths, and can grow as big as Magenta want's them to be (Blood supply limits this though).\r\n\r\nShi has a Tail hole and the usual female sex organs (Nothing odd about those) ;)\r\n\r\nMagenta is rapidly becoming one of my favorite char's (Along with Hir mother, and BrainDead)

Image: table.gif   587x772 98191 bytes 2001.10.28

this was a test pic for an art trade that i was doing about a month or so ago, so i cleaned it up and gave it a simple color fill.\r\nI don't know when i'll be able to finish the full pic cause i'm in a art funk at the moment and can't draw a damn thing (I just stare at the paper blankly, then put it away) hopefully it'll go away soon.

Image: Mitzy.jpg   502x912 107334 bytes 2001.09.29

Don't ask! Just don't >.<

Image: Monotaurfun.jpg   638x877 213323 bytes 2001.09.15

Here's Zyphoria again, having a bit of fun with hirself.\r\nShi has a lot of Tentacles hidden in that Breast/Mouth of hir's. :)\r\nAnd thanks to Steve Burt for coming up with the species name Monotaur, and if antone wants to draw one of there own tell me i'd love to see some diffrent types of this race (I've drawn the herm, Steve has drawn the fem, and now we need a male)

Image: Zyphoria.jpg   620x782 215889 bytes 2001.09.07

I attempted shading again on this crossbreed lovely.\r\n1/3 Minotaur, 1/3 Cyclops, and 1/3 Demon. Shi's a Handfull and a half *Chuckle*\r\nZyphoria Me Merick Jacobs\r\n\r\nAnd if anyone is willing, i'm willing to attempt art trades (as a way of improving my art, and breaking through some artists block) Toss me an email at and we'll discuss it (If your even interested) :)

Image: bondomon.jpg   684x634 118800 bytes 2001.07.27

Here's a DigiHerm. Inspired by Gatomon ( I think thats how her name is spelled)\r\nShi is into bondage and piercings. I still haven't thought up a real name for hir (Not sure if I will) Digimon that company, which i don't know the name of\r\nBondomon Me Merick Jacobs

Image: Grafter.jpg   484x711 95061 bytes 2001.07.19

This retched fellow is Grafter, he's on a everlasting search for his missing body parts, and has just replaced some of them for the moment with a couple various objects. (I have been trying to draw more cartoon like cause of my love of Steve Burts work, One day i might go back to my old way of shading my pic's. But not too soon) Grafter Me Merick Jacobs (And yes that is a bite missing from his private's) }:) If you like Grafter toss me a email, and i'll be surprised ^.^

Image: Marissapose.jpg   609x770 53779 bytes 2001.07.12

Another Marissa pic. Shi's not "As Big" In this one, and thats is the smallest shi gets. Marissa Me Merick Jacobs

Image: BabLick.jpg   588x797 94775 bytes 2001.07.12

Second BAB pic, this time sie's getting happy with hirself in the woods.\r\nSie's trying to work hirself up to full erection (Yep sie gets a LOT bigger)\r\nenjoy. BAB Me Merick Jacobs

Image: Jonan.jpg   602x820 61243 bytes 2001.07.09

Jonan had a missing hand, but now he's ok, cause he got a handy dandy drillclaw put in it's place. And for once i drew a male, though he is a lizard, and his personal bit's are stored inside. He's still a male, and if you say otherwise, he'll put his new hand through your skull. ^.^ Jonan Me Merick Jacobs

Image: BigBunny.jpg   391x822 60309 bytes 2001.07.07

This is BAB, shi is a Macro Hyper Herm. and shi likes frolicking in the forest. I plan on shading hir one day. BAB Me Merick Jacobs.

Image: WidowPose.jpg   449x720 65067 bytes 2001.07.04

Here's an old char that i decided to redraw, Steve burt got me wanting to draw her again, so... Introducing the new and improved Widow I love the way she came out, the background was something quickly tossed togeather, but over all It's aight by me. (If anyone thinks the background is to much of a distraction, tell me) Widow Me Merick Jacobs

Image: Magenta.jpg   449x532 38156 bytes 2001.06.27

Ok here's Magenta, Lilith's kid after shi's all grown. Magenta me Merick Jacobs

Image: PregLilith.jpg   441x773 60195 bytes 2001.06.25

Lilith is birthing her first child, Ain't it cute. Lilith has the ability to impregnate herself once, so she's bearing the first of her offspring. I'll upload the pic of her child fully grown soon. If you would like to ask anything about Lilith Email me (Yea like you wan't to know what else goes through my mind) But anyways Lilith is to Me,Merick Jacobs

Image: Marissasfun.jpg   545x409 48443 bytes 2001.06.24

This is Marissa From Taps, Shi's Big, Green, and Is a Hyper Herm.I couldn't Get hir to look scaly (I need to work on that) But over all it think it turned out well.

Image: Hyperherm1.jpg   666x784 93998 bytes 2001.06.20

Whooooo, Shi's a big'un. I've had the urge to draw hyper herms latley, so expect more in the future.

Image: Tessa1.jpg   646x680 41762 bytes 2001.04.30

A redraw of another char.

Image: Shade2.jpg   506x994 49393 bytes 2001.04.27

Oh my god!! She's wearing Clothes!!\r\n*Gasps and covers his eye's* How can this be!?\r\nAh Well :)\r\nThis is a redraw of an old pic of mine from way bacl in 1999 when i first started drawing furry.

Image: wolftest.jpg   432x816 26375 bytes 2001.04.24

Second using my book.\r\ni'm starting to like these :)

Image: Kattest.jpg   388x922 37143 bytes 2001.04.24

Kitty sketch :)\r\ni got an anatomy drawing book. this is my first try using it's guidelines ^.^

Image: lizard.jpg   587x635 156414 bytes 2001.04.09

Pencil sketch :)\r\niT'S Wierd So far people seem to like my pencil work better then my color.\r\nso i'll have more pencil work uploaded in the future.

Image: Badger.jpg   498x668 192578 bytes 2001.03.19

Badger? Well i think it is :) (And yes my backgrounds still blow chunks)\r\n

Image: Toothy.jpg   552x731 201204 bytes 2001.03.14

This one kind of creeps me out (Scary huh?). Wow i made a background (Yea i know it's simple, but it's a start) Can you figure out what kind of animal this used to be? if so tell me cause i'd like to know :)

Image: PurpVix.jpg   504x711 103909 bytes 2001.03.09

Heh. well i've stopped using PSP filters when coloring my char's (I only use them on backgrounds now) So here is my Purple Cyborg Vixen (How do you know it used to be a Vixen: Cause i say so.) heh Well enjoy ^.^

Image: Wolfess.jpg   806x630 106495 bytes 2001.03.04

This one took me a while to color but i'm happy with it :)\r\nIf anyone has any comments email me at

Image: Mold.jpg   700x1050 169391 bytes 2001.02.23

Herm!\r\nLab creation.\r\n Mold Merick Jacobs (aka. Bobby Gatewood)

Image: Tentacle.jpg   756x1035 288199 bytes 2001.01.18

Image: FireHarpy.jpg   848x1148 306393 bytes 2001.01.18

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