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Image: BF_AbductingArtica.jpg   1024x768 121808 bytes 2012.09.11

BF_ Abducting Artica

"Extinctioners" girls Artica and Mindswipe, stripped of their communications devices and Mindswipe of her head jewel, bound and gagged, kidnapping in progress.\r\n\r\nGirls are (c) Ebony Leopard

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Bound Gagged Extinctioners Kidnap Abduction Arica Midswipe  
Image: BF_AmySlave_Inked.jpg   642x1024 82402 bytes 2011.02.06

BF_Amy Slave_Inked

A random unfinished sketch I did some years back of Amy the Squirrel bound, gagged, and kneeling at the feet of her Master Thomas.\r\n\r\nThis pic recently inspired a fan to do a story based on it, only with Amy serving a different Master.\r\n\r\nAmy is, of course, (c) Eric W. Schwartz

Tags: BondoFox, Bondage, Bound, Gagged, Slave, D/s, Amy, Squirrel, Furry  
Image: BF_ArticaBound_Tablet.jpg   557x1024 65171 bytes 2011.04.02

BF_Artica Bound_Tablet

My first colored piece, an older sketch of Artica bound, gagged, blindfolded, and delivered to the bad guys. Again.\r\n\r\nSketched on paper. Finished on my new Genius tablet in Photoshop.\r\n\r\nArtica (c) Shawntae Howard.

Tags: Bondage BondoFox Bound Gagged Kidnap Fox Vixen Voop Capture Extinctioners   [More Info]
Image: BF_BoundCoonNurseOnly.jpg   1024x756 64074 bytes 2009.06.27


A raccoon babe in bondage. She's a nurse who decided to work late and when the office was opened in the morning, this is how she was found.\r\n\r\nI needed some digital coloring practice, so I pulled out this old inked pic and started working. Had it colored in .... an hour or so? Probably closer to an hour and a half, give or take.\r\n\r\nShe *really* needs a background, she's supposed to be back up against a wall. Anyone good with backgrounds?\r\n\r\nI didn't do any shading on it, being mostly white I didn't think it'd be worth the time and effort\r\n\r\nArt BondoFox

Tags: BondoFox bondage bound gagged raccoon hostage robbery kidnap abduction nurse  
Image: BF_ButterscotchHogtied_fap.jpg   800x549 48655 bytes 2007.02.11

Butterscotch Vixen being kept out of the way while her cargo is hijacked!

The completed Butterscotch Vixen pic!\r\n\r\nIn RL, Butterscotch is a trucker. In RL, I don't think she's ever involved in having her cargo hijacked, but here, she is!\r\n\r\nThis is my first serious attempt at digital coloring in Photoshop.\r\n\r\nButterscotch Vixen is (c) Susan Foxx who is (c) her player.

Tags: Bondage vixen mature BondoFox fox Butterscotch hogtie gag tied  
Image: BF_ButterscotchHogtied_Inked.jpg   1024x703 87958 bytes 2007.01.28

Susan "Butterscotch" Foxx Gagged and Hogtied (Inked)

Butterscotch, in RL, is a trucker. Here, she's being put out of the way while her load is hijacked!\r\n\r\nIf you saw the sketch under Sketches, you may also notice that BondoFox now has his tail 8)\r\n\r\nInked on conventional paper and cleaned up in Photoshop. Coloring next!\r\n\r\nButterscotch Vixen, aka Susan Foxx, is (c) her player.\r\nReference pic by ImagoStudios.Com

Tags: Bondage vixen mature BondoFox fox Butterscotch hogtie gag tied  
Image: BF_CapturedDoe.jpg   584x775 90099 bytes 2004.03.12

A bunny doe and a home invader. 'nuff said :)\r\n\r\nThe reference picture came from AES Productions.

Image: BF_CassieTheRockVixen_RansomPhoto.jpg   800x600 106567 bytes 2010.04.05


Cassie the Rock Vixen's ransom photo, taken and sent to her mate as proof. Kidnapped and helpless she awaits her mate to come across with the ransom for her safe release.\r\n\r\nOriginally I was going to have Cassie in a basement. I stumbled across this photo from another FA member.\r\n\r\nSubmitted for your approval.\r\n\r\nThe really weird thing? I removed the background and resaved the pic as a transparent GIF. When I added it to the photo, the Cassie pic immediately changed from color to black and white. No idea why. But it sure blends in nicely, don'cha think? And it has a much more ominous look and feel this way, very film noir.\r\n\r\nCassie is Foxonian\r\nPhoto is Vandringar

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Cassie Rock Vixen Bound Gagged Voop Musician Fox Kidnap  
Image: BF_CassieTheRockVixenBGB.jpg   594x1024 81152 bytes 2010.04.05

BF_CassieTheRockVixen: Bound Gagged Blindfolded

Cassie the Rock Vixen as she should always be: bound, gagged, and blindfolded!\r\n\r\nSee, this is the danger of being a hot vixen in an all-hot-girl rock band.\r\n\r\nThink the other girls are thinking that now?\r\n\r\nCan you imagine what her ransom would be??\r\n\r\nCassie is Foxonian, who I thank dearly for letting me play with his toys!

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Cassie Rock Vixen Bound Gagged Voop Musician Fox Blindfold  
Image: BF_Christyne-LionMaster2.jpg   809x1024 96744 bytes 2013.08.27

BF_Christyne and her Lion Master 2

My twin sister Christyne "Silkenvixen" Vixxen before her Fetlife.Com Master. A request he made that I decided to color.

Tags: BondoFoc Bondage Bound Gagged Latex Silkenvixen Lion Master Slave D/s Slavery  
Image: BF_Christyne-Mundane-Tandem_Inked.jpg   1024x867 76100 bytes 2013.03.03


My twin sister Christyne and a fellow secretary bound and gagged during an office robbery.\r\n\r\nI hadn't drawn a mundane/furry pic for a long time and decided it's high time I DiD!

Tags: BondopFox Bondage Bound Gagged Robbery Human Fox Vixen  
Image: BF_ChristyneBG-Phone_WiP.jpg   804x1024 55868 bytes 2013.08.28

BF_Christyne BG Phone_WiP

My twin sister Christyne "Silkenvixen" Vixxen had her house robbed! Inching to the phone, her skirt hiking as she moves, she knocks the phone down and now has to figure out how to dial it!

Tags: BondoFoc Bondage Bound Gagged Vixen Silkenvixen Robbery Upskirt  
Image: BF_ChubbyJoTaped.jpg   1024x733 77243 bytes 2011.02.05

BF_ChubbyJo Taped

Gift art for FurAffinity's Chubby Josephine (c) her player.

Tags: Bondage, BondoFox, Bound, Gagged, Hostage, Skunk, Furry, Fat, Chubby  
Image: BF_CindyDebbye-TandemBG.jpg   1024x936 123676 bytes 2012.02.17


Cindy Lapine and Debbye Squirrel, two of Sabrina's girlfriends from The Clique in "Sabrina Online: The Story" at Bound back to back, Cindy gagged with a ring gag and Debbye gagged with a ball-gag. Must've happened after or during work since Cindy's still in her waitressing uniform.\r\n\r\nBoth girls Chris Foxx, aka Chris Yost\r\n\r\nI wonder what's going to happen to them ....

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Bound Gagged Chris Foxx Sabrina Story Rabbit Squirrel Kidnap  
Image: BF_CottonAndMom-DiDs.jpg   694x1024 97600 bytes 2010.12.19

BF_Cotton And Mom-DiDs

The day Cottonlop decided to visit her mother on the farm was also the day the escapees had happened upon it and needed it to hide for a day or two. Who knew it came with ready-made hostages?\r\n\r\nFiguring it would inhibit thoughts of attracting attention, both women were gagged and forced to strip before being bound together. By the look of Cotton's mom's face, one of them found more rope to finish tying her up.\r\n\r\nI'm Master/Mate to Cottonlop, and I get the urge to draw her, a lot. And I decided I wanted to draw her bound and gagged with her mother.\r\n\r\n*100% freehanded*, no reference photo used!\r\n\r\nI'll also admit to being more than a little aroused while working on the coloring\r\n\r\nCottonlop is her player.

Tags: Bondage, BondoFox, Bound, Gagged, Damsel, Rabbit, Bunny, Furry, Mother, Daughter  
Image: BF_CottonDrunk3_Sketch.jpg   616x1024 51782 bytes 2013.08.27


Cottonlop following an interlude at the local parish. And a really old joke about the girl who didn't cry "rape" until the check bounced.\r\n\r\nCottonlop (c) her player

Tags: BondoFox Cottonlop Drunk Rabbit Bunny Doe Lop  
Image: BF_CottonlopChristyne.jpg   845x1024 122298 bytes 2011.02.20


My TapestriesMUCK and YM pet and mate Cottonlop and my twin sister Christyne "Silkenvixen" Vixxen, two slaves enjoying some private time together, the way they were meant to spend it, helplessly bound.\r\n\r\nCottonlop and Silkenvixen (c) their players\r\n\r\nReference pic was the cover of "Bondage Photo Treasures" #9 by Harmony Communications (Cencepts).

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Bound Gagged Rabbit Bunny Lop Vixen Lesbian Voop Fox  
Image: BF_CottonlopLed_Woods.jpg   492x1039 67229 bytes 2012.02.17

BF_Cottonlop Led Through the Woods

A rich-bitch thinks she's invulnerable. That she's above everybody else, that what happens in the paper happens to others, it can't happen to her. She's above all that.\r\n\r\nIt takes only one male to prove her otherwise. Her day of shopping interrupted by her being carjacked in broad daylight, taken to the woods, bound, beaten, gagged, used and abused, and now led on through the woods for God knows what.\r\n\r\nCottonlop and I played that out one day. It didn't end well for her. To that end, I changed the ending and this little post-rape lead through the forest is the result. A rich-bitch needs to be reminded that she's only a girl.\r\n\r\nCottonlop is her player.

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Bound Gagged Cottonlop Kidnap Abduction Leash Rabbit Doe Bunny  
Image: BF_CottonlopRobbed2.jpg   708x1024 108123 bytes 2010.12.19

BF_Cottonlop Robbed 2

"No Boss, I don't know where Cottonlop is. It's not like her to be so late for work ... yes, I called her house, but there's no answer ... "\r\n\r\nSo why is it that one of the options never brought up is that she's still at home, in the hands of a burglar, bound and gagged with the phone line cut?\r\n\r\nFinally I inked and colored the pic of Cottonlop robbed at home, bound to one of her own chairs, and gagged with one -- at least one -- of her own scarves. Serves her right for being so damned cute.\r\n\r\nCottonlop is her player

Tags: Bondage, BondoFox, Bound, Gagged, Damsel, Rabbit, Bunny, Furry, Robbery  
Image: BF_CottonlopSchoolteacher.jpg   986x1024 227344 bytes 2011.02.05

BF_Cottonlop Schoolteacher

My Tapestries slave and mate Cottonlop as a schoolteacher who stayed after school to grade papers on the wrong night.\r\n\r\nCottonlop is (c) her player and wears my collar.\r\nReference art by dA's DeaArt.

Tags: Bondage, BondoFox, Bound, Gagged, Damsel, Rabbit, Bunny, Furry, Teacher, Lop  
Image: BF_CottonlopTapegagCU.jpg   1024x743 105566 bytes 2011.06.16

BF_Cottonlop Tapegag Closeup

In a way, this accompanies "CottonlopRobbedRvsPrayer", Cottonlop's in the same outfit, just managed to roll herself over.\r\n\r\nCottonlop's (c) her player and is collared to Me.

Tags: Bondage BondoFox Bound Gagged Robbery Bunny Rabbit Lop Capture  
Image: BF_CottonRobbedRvsPrayer.jpg   1024x622 53436 bytes 2010.04.05


Cottonlop -- despite being mated to me -- has yet to learn how to keep herself out of trouble! This time she bought herself some nice new home entertainment equipment. Who doesn't know that when you do that, you never put the empty boxes out to the curb for the trash and advertise what new stuff you have??\r\n\r\nSo now Cotton has to work free and get help ... fat chance of that happening anytime soon.\r\n\r\nCottonlop is her player and is collared and mated to My Good Self.

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Cottonlop Rabbit Bunny Lop Bound Gagged Robbery Damsel Distress  
Image: BF_EleanorRigbyHogtied_WiP.jpg   1024x689 71085 bytes 2015.01.30

BF_Eleanor Rigby Hogtied with Reference

Hippie chick/point guard for the FBA team Williamsburg Minutemen Eleanor Rigby finds herself stripped to her underthings, hogtied and ballgagged while her house is gone through by unwelcome guests.\r\n\r\nEleanor is (c) Sam Gwodsz\r\n\r\nReference pic from the cover of "Headquarters Detective" magazine, mid-1970's.

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Bound Gagged Hogtie Eleanor Rigby Ballgag Robbery  
Image: BF_FurryBondageExperience_Pencils.jpg   1024x1024 143855 bytes 2015.01.30

BF_Furry Bondage Experience_Pencils

The roommates of the webcomic "Furry Experience" gathered together, tied up, and gagged. Somehow I don't see them getting out of this without help.\r\n\r\nDawn, Ronnie, and Cat are (s) Ellen-Natalie

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Bound Gagged Furry Experience Cat Dawn Ronnie Deer Rabbit Lop   [More Info]
Image: BF_KidnappedCoonNurse.jpg   1024x768 97845 bytes 2009.06.27


Variation on a theme:\r\n\r\n\r\nI wanted a doctor's office corridor, like in the original sketch. I found this and said, "Okay, the thieves took her *with* them! "\r\n\r\nGave me a chance to play with a little more of what Photoshop has to offer. I'm hoping I was at least close.\r\n\r\nSo-called "art" BondoFox

Tags: BondoFox bondage bound gagged raccoon hostage robbery kidnap abduction nurse  
Image: BF_Lori-Color.jpg   750x591 55886 bytes 2004.01.02

One by one, I've vowed to tie up all of the Skunkworks girls! :-)\r\nThis is Lori, and as we all know, she's (c) James Hardiman.\r\nMy first *decent* full-color picture, done in my sketchbook, inked, and colored with colored pencils

Image: BF_MiracleFightsCrime_sketch.jpg   1024x509 50090 bytes 2013.08.27

BF_Miracle Fights Crime_sketch

Sam Gwosdz' crime fighting raccoon babe Miracle, blind at birth, rushing in to foil a robbery! Completely freehanded.

Tags: BondoFox Miracle Sam Gwosdz Superheroine Superhero Robbery Blind Raccoon Bobcat  
Image: BF_Muzzlerape_Inked.jpg   600x585 28151 bytes 2004.06.26

I freehanded this last year with absolutely NO reference pictures whatsoever. And I'm damned proud of that, considering I've only been taking drawing seriously for about 2 years.\r\n\r\nYou draw your own conclusions here. Is she a victim forced to service a burglar, or a slavekitten servicing her vulpine Master?\r\n\r\nThis was done in my sketchbook, inked with felt-tipped technical pens (mostly sizes 3 and 1), and cleaned up in Photoshop.\r\n\r\nIn the process of coloring as we speak.

Image: BF_RokkiCapturesZora.jpg   1024x720 123340 bytes 2015.01.30

BF_Rokki Captures Zora

The Andorozons have captured the leader of The Evil Cat Sisters! Rokki studies her, probably never having been this close to her before.\r\n\r\nRokki, Zora, and Andorozons are (c) Ken "Stinken" Singshow

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Bound Gagged Andorozons Flying_Squirrel Lioness Rokki Zora  
Image: BF_SabrinaAmySurprised.jpg   1024x733 97008 bytes 2013.01.11

BF_Sabrina and Amy Surprised

Between a normal day at home and the inevitable BondoFox treatment is the surprise when the front door bursts open and you're told to stay where you are.\r\n\r\nSabrina and Amy are, of course, (c) Eric W. Schwartz

Tags: BondoFox Capture Sabrina Mustelidae Amy Squirrel Eric Schwartz Surprise Skunk   [More Info]

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