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Image: BF_BoundCoonNurseOnly.jpg   1024x756 64074 bytes 2009.06.27


A raccoon babe in bondage. She's a nurse who decided to work late and when the office was opened in the morning, this is how she was found.\r\n\r\nI needed some digital coloring practice, so I pulled out this old inked pic and started working. Had it colored in .... an hour or so? Probably closer to an hour and a half, give or take.\r\n\r\nShe *really* needs a background, she's supposed to be back up against a wall. Anyone good with backgrounds?\r\n\r\nI didn't do any shading on it, being mostly white I didn't think it'd be worth the time and effort\r\n\r\nArt BondoFox

Tags: BondoFox bondage bound gagged raccoon hostage robbery kidnap abduction nurse  
Image: BF_SheilaVixenInBondage2.jpg   1024x734 55216 bytes 2009.05.24

BF_Sheila Vixen in Bondage 2

A vixen who should spend all of her time in bondage 8)\r\n\r\nI don't know if Eric liked it or not, I never heard ... but I also didn't hear him tell me to take it down, so here's hoping!\r\n\r\nSheila Vixen is without doubt the hottest girl he's created, Amy a close second (why haven't I tied them together yet?), and bondage suits her sooooo well, I think.\r\n\r\nOf course, Sheila is (c) Eric Schwartz.

Tags: BondoFox Eric Schwartz Sheila Vixen fox bound gagged kidnap bondage  
Image: BF_SheilaVixenInBondage2_Inked.jpg   1024x734 55833 bytes 2009.01.21


Sheila Vixen comes to do a BondoFox video!\r\n\r\nAnd believe me, she don't work cheap!\r\n\r\nInked version.\r\n\r\nNeed I say it? Sheila Vixen is the lovely and talented Eric W. Schwartz.

Tags: BondoFox Bondage Vixen Sheila Eric Schwartz Bound Gagged  
Image: BF_ToV_Inked.jpg   900x1024 48596 bytes 2008.10.06


I finally got around to finishing up the inking on this pic of Eclair, aka "T-o-V" on FA.\r\n\r\nFor you new fans of my work and for those of you playing at home, eclair was my sub for a much-too-short time last spring/summer. The art she did of me she's taken down, the art of her I tend to want to keep up, history and nostalgia and all that. I may be a strict Dom but I'm a softie, too.\r\n\r\nBut that's why her posture collar has -- had -- my tag on it.\r\n\r\nBest month of my recent life.\r\n\r\neclair is eclair\r\nBad artwork is my good self.

Tags: Bondage,BondoFox,Eclair,T-o-V,slave,Bound,Gagged,Skunk,Skunkette  
Image: BF_SusanFelineChrldrBondage_Inked_Myspace.jpg   640x681 37485 bytes 2008.02.28


Susan Felin, the lioness cheerleader from the Chris "Foxx" Yost Story "Sabrina Online: The Story" at ChrisFoxx.Com. Not in The Story, but here Susan is the victim of rival girls who don't want her to win the big college cheerleading competition!\r\n\r\nSusan Felin is (c) Chris Yost\r\nReference pic by Andre

Tags: Chris Foxx BondoFox Feline Lioness Sabrina Bondage Bound Gagged Kidnap Cat   [More Info]
Image: BF_ButterscotchHogtied_fap.jpg   800x549 48655 bytes 2007.02.11

Butterscotch Vixen being kept out of the way while her cargo is hijacked!

The completed Butterscotch Vixen pic!\r\n\r\nIn RL, Butterscotch is a trucker. In RL, I don't think she's ever involved in having her cargo hijacked, but here, she is!\r\n\r\nThis is my first serious attempt at digital coloring in Photoshop.\r\n\r\nButterscotch Vixen is (c) Susan Foxx who is (c) her player.

Tags: Bondage vixen mature BondoFox fox Butterscotch hogtie gag tied  
Image: BF_ButterscotchHogtied_Inked.jpg   1024x703 87958 bytes 2007.01.28

Susan "Butterscotch" Foxx Gagged and Hogtied (Inked)

Butterscotch, in RL, is a trucker. Here, she's being put out of the way while her load is hijacked!\r\n\r\nIf you saw the sketch under Sketches, you may also notice that BondoFox now has his tail 8)\r\n\r\nInked on conventional paper and cleaned up in Photoshop. Coloring next!\r\n\r\nButterscotch Vixen, aka Susan Foxx, is (c) her player.\r\nReference pic by ImagoStudios.Com

Tags: Bondage vixen mature BondoFox fox Butterscotch hogtie gag tied  
Image: BF_ZZchairtied.jpg   532x800 50465 bytes 2006.08.15

Zig Zag, burglary victim or BondoFox video starlette? YOU be the judge! 8)\r\n\r\nThe original was colored with colored pencils on sketchbook media. I defined it in Photoshop and brought out her dress, and *definitely* brought out her stripes! The chair seat and back to which she's tightly tied I left in pencils to mimic the rougher look of a well-used office chair.\r\n\r\nAnd need I say, she is very much (c) Max the Black Rabbit!

Image: BF_Muzzlerape_Inked.jpg   600x585 28151 bytes 2004.06.26

I freehanded this last year with absolutely NO reference pictures whatsoever. And I'm damned proud of that, considering I've only been taking drawing seriously for about 2 years.\r\n\r\nYou draw your own conclusions here. Is she a victim forced to service a burglar, or a slavekitten servicing her vulpine Master?\r\n\r\nThis was done in my sketchbook, inked with felt-tipped technical pens (mostly sizes 3 and 1), and cleaned up in Photoshop.\r\n\r\nIn the process of coloring as we speak.

Image: BF_TigressMaidColor.jpg   600x624 44493 bytes 2004.04.11

The family maid, caught, bound, and gagged. It's not her house after all, why should she be expected to defend it. yeah? :)\r\n\r\nInspired by another pic of Kristine "Lorelei" Imboch of BedroomBondage.Com; aka "Talybunny" (yes, she's furry! WOOHOO!)

Image: BF_CapturedDoe.jpg   584x775 90099 bytes 2004.03.12

A bunny doe and a home invader. 'nuff said :)\r\n\r\nThe reference picture came from AES Productions.

Image: TashaRobbedInColor.jpg   800x825 61466 bytes 2004.02.26

Tasha Polecat, abducted and robbed, in color!\r\n\r\nColoring was by my good friend Cyberhorn the Dragon using Photoshop; man's a genius with that software! He added her left ear; I'd left it out, the model sheet I worked from showed that ear hidden by her hair.\r\n\r\nI have to admit, I wasn't sure about the fish-eye lens version of this pic, but it does seem to work pretty well.\r\n\r\nThe original photo is from AES Productions.\r\n\r\nTasha is (c) her player.

Image: BondoFox_Bunnie-LGZ.jpg   575x649 185910 bytes 2004.01.28

An older pic I did for someone who owns a website devoted to forcing bound women to laugh, either by tickling or laughing gas. And yes, I know I got the chemical symbol wrong on the tank! :) \r\n\r\nThis was done as a commission, for which I was never paid. \r\n

Image: BF_Lori-Color.jpg   750x591 55886 bytes 2004.01.02

One by one, I've vowed to tie up all of the Skunkworks girls! :-)\r\nThis is Lori, and as we all know, she's (c) James Hardiman.\r\nMy first *decent* full-color picture, done in my sketchbook, inked, and colored with colored pencils

Image: BF_TashaRobbed_Line300.jpg   485x500 19471 bytes 2003.12.27

Tasha Polecat, robbed! The original idea was for her roommate Christyne Vixxen being forced to tie her ankles by an intruder, but a combination of muse and lack of space on the paper prevented it. Again, her feet are too small, but are looking a lot better than they used to. Tasha is (c) Polecat.

Image: BF_vixenVictim_300.jpg   795x598 28656 bytes 2003.12.27

Paws and feet are starting to come together. Notice too I used the proper way to gag a vixen by tying her muzzle closed instead of using a cleave-style gag. Inked, will color her eventually.

Image: TiedInSocks.jpg   488x800 23975 bytes 2003.12.27

This was a request for the Yahoo! group "Furry Socks Group". I never saw a furry wearing socks, but why not, yeah? The pose was origially intended as one I'd planned for a fan art piece for Jim Hardiman of Valencia and her daughter Lori bound and gagged together, but it never quite worked out. This was also my first canine, and in my humble opinion, one of my best sketches to date.

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