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Image: Bunnykiss.png   355x461 55385 bytes 2009.07.01

Merry Christmas!

Ok, maybe it's not christmas yet, but Merry Christmas Kisses anyway!

Tags: bunny, rabbit  
Image: BunnyPair.png   600x450 107500 bytes 2009.07.01

Lovers moon

Because sometimes, the night is clear, the stars are bright, and the moon glows in the sky above.

Tags: rabbit, bunny  
Image: BunnyPair.jpg   683x1024 113612 bytes 2008.07.26

Bunny Pair

Two nude rabbits posing for the camera. What might they be doing hidden away in the crypt?

Tags: nude rabbit bunny  
Image: Combine6.jpg   1200x1600 353767 bytes 2008.07.26

Travelling Adventurers

The warrior Rashayla and the mage Boojum are walking through the countryside. This picture was created using Poser 7 using highly modified Hiro and Aiko meshes to create bodymorphs as well as custom textures.

Tags: rashayla boojum bunny rabbit mage warrior fantasy  
Image: BuffBunny1.jpg   600x450 39183 bytes 2008.07.26

In his dreams...

When the rather young wizard bunny dreams of being a powerfull mage, this is what he dreams of.

Tags: bunny wizard  
Image: BunnyScene2.jpg   800x450 157739 bytes 2007.12.07

Glorious Sunshine!

A white bunny enjoys the bright sunshine! My very first environment built by myself in Vue! I built the mountains, planted the trees and grass! I'm so excited!\r\n\r\n The white bunny is based on a modified Hiro mesh.

Tags: bunny, nude   [Comment]
Image: ShadowBunnyVCL.jpg   960x576 117077 bytes 2007.08.05

Bunny in the Shadows

In olden days of yore there were no electric lights to turn on if you were up late at night. Sometimes you made do with the moonlight coming in through the branches of the tree outside the window.\r\n This picture was created using Poser and a highly modified Hiro mesh to make a bunnymorph. The picture and character are copyright Jeff Mancebo

Tags: bunny night render  
Image: morninglovers.jpg   718x635 190319 bytes 2007.08.05

Morning Lovers

Two friends in a garden make love in the early morning light. Created using modified David and Hiro meshes, transformed into a Tigermorph and a BunnyMorph, in Poser. The pictures (and characters) are Copyright Jeff Mancebo.\r\n

Tags: tiger bunny rabbit feline gay sex lovers  
Image: Walllpaperboojum2upload.jpg   960x600 50520 bytes 2006.12.28


A pause in the dance!\r\nBoojum at the end of a dance.. his hair in dissaray. This picture was made using Poser7 with a highly modified Hiro mesh and custom textures. Boojum is copyright Jeff Mancebo

Tags: bunny dancing  
Image: Graveyard.jpg   1024x768 83226 bytes 2006.09.27

A Grave Encounter. Cute bunny boi at night in the graveyard. Boojum is based off a modified Hiro mesh.

Image: BeachBunny.jpg   1024x768 95112 bytes 2006.08.22

Beach Bunny\r\n Here is Boojum at a beach campsire. The fire is going and everything is wonderfull.\r\n This was done in poser with a heavily customized Hiro mesh. The cloth and hair are what I've been working on, making them Dynamic so they move naturally with the character.

Image: armor1.jpg   1024x768 74941 bytes 2006.08.12

Title: But my armor is cute!\r\nCopyright: Jeff Mancebo\r\n Boojum want's to buy cute looking armor despite being a mage.. maybe if he carries a really big sword no one will notice he can't use it.\r\n\r\n Picture created using Poser with X-World extreme, custome lighting, highly modified Hiro mesh for boojum.\r\n

Image: BoojumHair.jpg   1024x768 94200 bytes 2006.06.05

Boojum at sunset.. Here boojum is standing near a tree before a small cottage. He seem's VERY happy to feel the wind in his fur. This is a test with Dynamic hair, the hair on his head, working to make it more natural. I really do like it!\r\n The Boojum mesh is a modified Hiro mesh with custom textures.

Image: BoojumCute.jpg   1024x768 77808 bytes 2006.04.17

Boojum the brown bunny cutely waits in the moonight of the abandoned garden.\r\nBoojum is copyright Jeff Mancebo\r\nThe mesh used is a modified Hiro Mesh with custom textures.\r\n

Image: VCLRhys.jpg   531x800 84391 bytes 2006.04.08

A young noble.\r\nRhys vi-Fleis, dra-Theran. A young noble of the Leporidae race.\r\nCustomized mesh based on Daz Hiro.

Image: Fight.jpg   800x600 82245 bytes 2006.03.07

Fight!\r\n He's not good with a sword, he's not big and strong, but with magic spells he can kick some undead butt!\r\n This is boojum fighting a zombie... I hope you all like it. boojum is a heavily modified Hiro mesh and copyright Jeff Mancebo!

Image: VCLBunni.jpg   618x800 51014 bytes 2006.02.17

Bunni', The Vampire Slayer\r\n\r\nInto each generation there is born one who can defeat the forces of darkness.. she is, the Vampire Slayer!\r\n*GIGGLE*\r\n\r\n Custom Bunnymorph done in DAZ Studio, post work done in PaintShop Pro and Comic Creator. I must honor the Buffy Series as inspiration for this picture. "Bunni', the Vampire Slayer" picture is copyright Jeff Mancebo.

Image: vclbunnygirl.jpg   800x600 99812 bytes 2006.02.14

Bunny Girl!\r\n She's cute as she walks along the stream, enjoying the wonderfull spring day.\r\n\r\n Bunny Girl is a heavily modified mesh and texture. The backdrop is from Daz Environments.

Image: vclblast.jpg   1024x640 94438 bytes 2006.02.14

Blast!\r\nThe Leporidae woods are defended by bunny mages who must use their magics to resist the incursions of the monsters that dwell outside the woods. Of course, some of the mages are nudists at heart.\r\n\r\n This picture of Rhys vi-Fleis dra-Theran (Boojum) was inspired by the Fantasy Hero game I played him in. He's a heavily customized mesh and texture I created for use as a bunny race. The base mesh was Hiro from Daz. The troll comes from Daz with no real change.

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