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Image: 170206summerroyal.jpg   1000x800 130221 bytes 2006.03.03

Ayden and Bookiechan in summer-sherberty-type of Royal/EGL outfit. Created for my website's redesign. I decided it was time to make a new layout for the upcoming summer before I have to do my trans-atlantic move.\r\n\r\nThe Whimsical world of Abinasia belongs to MNWilber\r\nAyden, Bookiechan and Artwork belongs to KRB

Image: 130206piratebuddies.jpg   800x1082 156223 bytes 2006.03.03

Ayden is the Marquis of his own pirate-loot island and awaits for his ship to dock while he keeps an eye out over his pet, who apparently is muchly amused with playing around with a mop. It should have made more sense if I didn't forget to add in a mop-bucket, but I lost track of what I wanted to additionally add more into the piece. I'm going to ignore the fact that I mauled the perspective and certain details, because I'm quite satisfied with the overall look.\r\n\r\nThe Whimsical world of Abinasia belongs to MNWilber\r\nAyden, Bookiechan, Prose and Artwork belongs to KRB

Image: 020206dreaming.jpg   800x514 55691 bytes 2006.03.03

I found this old Chinese proverb booklet at a second hand bookstore. I was skimming through it when I bumped into the phrase "If I am dreaming let me never awake, If I am awake let me never sleep". As soon as I came back home I got inspired to draw something very sweet and innocent. Simple minimalistic artpiece.\r\n\r\nThe Whimsical world of Abinasia belongs to MNWilber\r\nAyden, Bookiechan and Artwork belongs to KRB

Image: 300106valentinessmall.jpg   800x667 151239 bytes 2006.01.31

My valentines card for 2006. Wanted to draw something scary instead of the traditional sappy cards, thus I decided to let Ayden (an own created subrace of elves, the snowelf race) appear as the chaperone of my anthro protagonist Bookiechan at a flashy ball. Tried to convey a Shoujo-esque feeling. Happy early Valentines 2006!\r\n\r\nThe Whimsical world of Abinasia belongs to MNWilber\r\nAyden, Bookiechan and Artwork belongs to KRB

Image: 280106myuutasmall.jpg   640x800 84867 bytes 2006.01.31

It's Myuuta for Carrie Phox. Please excuse me for anything wonky in her anatomy, the only referrance I had was the small images on her LiveJournal layout and the fanarts on her personal site. Might not be accurate to her own design.\r\n\r\nMyuuta is property and to Karine Coenen\r\nFanart belongs to KRB

Image: 160106stars.jpg   600x500 71270 bytes 2006.01.31

I decided I had to clean my LiveJournal's profile page, since it was heavily cluttered. I added this picture as a small profile card. Chibi Bookiechan in her Queen of Stars jacket outfit, borrowing a large scarf from Ayden. I tried my hand at simplistic colours and greytones for this.\r\n\r\nCharacter and Artwork belong to KRB

Image: 291105fallinlove.jpg   819x1250 165588 bytes 2005.11.29

Lance loves Muushie, come rain, sunshine or snow. Every season is a reason to share with people you care about, and sharing things will always warm anybody's heart. Completed entirely in Painter and added the text in Photoshop. A big thank you to Taotome for suggesting a simple colouring instead of the thing I wanted to try out wich would probably take up days on end. I was inspired to work diligently on this piece by lovely music from Sade I got to borrow from a friend. Thank you for looking.\r\n\r\nMuushie belongs to K.Coenen aka Carrie Phox\r\nLance and Artwork belongs to KRB

Image: 191105moonlightbathing.jpg   750x1100 87534 bytes 2005.11.29

It's my black jaguar character, Trankat, bathing in moonlight with some Moonsprites. It's been awhile since I've drawn her, and I figured since I did a fast sketch, I'd honour her with a fast colouring in Painter. Turned out decent for a quick rushjob. I am aware of the anatomical errors I made, I often catch them after I finished pieces. Such is my crime.\r\n\r\nArtwork and Character belongs to KRB

Image: 081005letlovebeyourenergy.jpg   800x889 88597 bytes 2005.10.20

Dante, the Sheezyart mascot. A simple and fast colouring to credit the community for giving me a humble spot to showcase all the randomness I draw.\r\n\r\nCharacter created by Vensy and is property of SheezyArt/Channel Cat\r\nQuote belongs to Robbie Williams\r\nArtwork belongs to KRB

Image: 091005astolphopresent.jpg   800x594 117497 bytes 2005.10.20

A present for Astolpho for reaching 100K views on his user lookup at sheezyart. Funny fact about this picture, I actually really used my left hand (off hand for me) to write the red text. \r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to Astolpho himself\r\nArtwork belongs to KRB

Image: 021005piratequeen.jpg   800x666 120249 bytes 2005.10.02

Pirate Queen Bookiechan basking in the sunlight. Started out as a picture for the 2005 fall website design that is up and running, but the piece became larger than I'd expected it to be. Still, I love how it turned out. Quote in picture: "Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." -Anthony J. D'Angelo\r\n\r\nArtwork and Character belong to KRB

Image: 270905merengue.jpg   600x860 103418 bytes 2005.10.02

New character I created with a good artbuddy. She's a peachycream Corgie that's just a head smaller than my personal avatar Bookiechan. The name Merengue came out of nowhere, I think it sounds cute and fits her well.\r\n\r\nArtwork and Character belong to KRB & RTK

Image: 230905blowyourtears.jpg   1000x787 241583 bytes 2005.09.24

My character Lance trying to cheer up Carrie's character Muushie. Just a little something for a good friend, nothing more, nothing less.\r\n\r\nMuushie belongs to K.Coenen\r\nLance and Artwork belong to KRB

Image: 210905loveyoumore.jpg   700x900 63334 bytes 2005.09.24

September 21st 2005, Happy 28th Birthday, my guardian angel.\r\n\r\nBookiechan and artwork belong to KRB

Image: 140905aplacecalledlove.jpg   1089x800 122399 bytes 2005.09.24

This picture is dedicated to my close friends, you all know who you are. Character featured is a chibi form of Lance, hence the overdose of cute stuff.\r\n\r\nArtwork and Character belong to KRB.

Image: 100905sorosoro.jpg   500x500 36610 bytes 2005.09.24

One of my oldest anthro characters around. I decided that I had to redraw him into my most up to date style. He's not an angel, he's a cupid in training. Simple pencilsketch with a fast sloppy Photoshop colouring.\r\n\r\nArt and Character belong to KRB

Image: 280605astolpho.jpg   900x428 74479 bytes 2005.09.24

A frozen waffle is no challenge for Astolpho! Frozen Waffuuu~! (I like the sound of Waffuuu better than waffle). Done for an art-exchange.\r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to Astolpho\r\nFanart rendered by KRB

Image: 180305piratewench.jpg   500x685 100795 bytes 2005.09.24

Bookiechan as a Goshiloli pirate wench. Foreshortnings are a pain to draw, I need a whole lot more practise in those. Yes, I am aware that her scabbard does not contain a sword and of all the other weird pointers anatomywise that I should correct, but I don't feel like correcting that. She's not a good swashbuckler, better off with a stick or bow anyday. Har-dey-har, playing way too much Suikoden IV while I should practise more.\r\n\r\nArtwork and character belong to KRB

Image: 150405kppbcteowing.jpg   500x452 124520 bytes 2005.04.14

Eowing is the proud owner of the little KPP sleepyhead Bookiechan. He lugs her along to a whole lot of places, and she does not mind because she is sleeping most of the times. \r\n\r\nKawaii Pet Pals is the intellectual property of Carrie Phox\r\nBookiechan, Eowing and artwork are property of KRB

Image: 140305kpptowel.jpg   600x600 57088 bytes 2005.03.14

"I can't think of any sorrow in the world that a hot bath wouldn't help, just a little bit." -Susan Glasee\r\n\r\nBookiechan and artwork are property of KRB

Image: 180205kppbookie.jpg   500x505 54940 bytes 2005.03.14

Joined the club on Carrie's Forum and going to submit my own side to it. She created 3 of her own characters into one, and I promised to be an active member It's the small tomboy KPP critter Bookiechan, protecting her purple Axl beanbag. Don't take it away from her, she'll start crying really loud and make your eardrums pop. Don't say I did not warn you \r\n\r\nKawaii Pet Pals is the intellectual property of Carrie Phox\r\nBookiechan and artwork are property of KRB

Image: 010305queenstars.jpg   500x484 58661 bytes 2005.03.14

It's my Anthropomorphic character Bookiechan as the Queen of Stars. I've already put an ungodly ammount of time in this design, and I'm still just finished with the clean lineart on this one. It's supposed to be for my new website's layout for spring, since the santa-outfit picture is getting out of place in this time of year. I've always admired the Elegant Gothic Lolita's and their designs, so I decided to start making my own corsets and outfits for my personal avatar. Nothing from the lace in this piece is from a brush, I handdrew each and every little bit of lace that's viewable. This picture is really just 25% the size of the original full view picture that's in the coloringprocess.\r\n\r\nCharacter and artwork belong to KRB

Image: 081204curaiibct.jpg   450x509 60824 bytes 2005.02.07

Poor toddler Bookiechan keeps bumping herself into all sorts of things. Thank goodness for young Curaii to cheer her up and make her smile with a nice yummy yam. I had to draw these two as young kids since I did it to Elerian and Allaire Too cute to resist the urge\r\n\r\nArtwork, Curaii and Bookiechan are property of KRB

Image: 051204openyourheart.jpg   420x460 70317 bytes 2004.12.05

More Abinasia related artwork. Curaii and Bookiechan in Mithril costumes, alternate universe drawings are fun. Drawn at Doki Doki OekakiBBS (\r\n\r\nArtwork and characters belong to KRB\r\nAbinasia World and elements are property of MNWilber

Image: 281104christmasred.jpg   500x650 68226 bytes 2004.11.28

My christmas picture that I also use as the winter layout picture for the website. The picture in the background was taken last christmas in a large mall while visiting my parents in Guatemala City.\r\n\r\nCharacter and Art are KRB

Image: 281104bukidalrainstealshirt.jpg   500x400 71388 bytes 2004.11.28

I miss being silly with Dalrain. I like stealing his boxers/shirts/pants to wear and run amok around the house. Especially when he needs to get going and has to hurry himself. Inspired by a flyer that had a 80-ish feel to it. Retro colors are fun to do.\r\n\r\nCharacters and Artwork are JMMC & KRB

Image: 271104astolphotradekrb.jpg   557x650 90911 bytes 2004.11.27

My part of an art trade with the kind Astolpho from SheezyArt. It's his significant other in life Alcina. I'm pretty bad in drawing equines in my style, she looks more like a pony here. I love doing scribbly things.\r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to her own player\r\nArtwork is KRB

Image: 181104macigfarmgirl.jpg   600x850 99194 bytes 2004.11.21

Inspired by Mike Kok's Magical Farmgirl Marieke, and me being dutch, I wanted to draw something really funky Dutch inspired. Seeing that I am back into my PGSM craze, I made my own version of Mahou Shoujo Farmgirl. I like the clogs, they're a fashion statement. Text above is from Orange Range's song 'Astericks'.\r\n\r\nCharacter and artwork are KRB

Image: 271004halloween.jpg   500x600 126753 bytes 2004.11.04

My 2004 halloween picture featuring Bookiechan and her guardian Curaii. This was drawn with Shi-Painter at NAO. It looks so orange that it hurts my brains, but I do love this piece, since I have the tendancy not to draw highly detailed pieces. I know that 'betreat' is not a word, but I fudged it up like that to fit the composition in the picture. \r\n\r\nCharacters and Artwork are to KRB

Image: 301004hijodelaluna.jpg   450x675 61536 bytes 2004.11.04

Moonchild. Inspired by that infamous Opera song. \r\n\r\nCharacter and artwork are to KRB & JMMC

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