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Image: CloneSpell.jpg   654x700 88852 bytes 2004.05.30

Guest art for the Vixine comic site.\r\nI went and had a look at the other guest artists\r\nand found that i am the only one with a sense of humor ^^

Image: Camokitten3.jpg   700x582 69279 bytes 2004.05.30

As said, the same without crappy background. Feel free to make one if you like, just give credit

Image: Camokitten.jpg   470x650 56467 bytes 2004.05.29

Playing around with outfit designs. this developed rather different than i planned, i was going for something cute with short fluffy jacket and loose pants and well.. this is different.. basically the only thing the remained from the original idea are the suspenders.\r\nBut i cannot say that i am unhappy about it. I put a little more work into the colouring here and i like how it came out for the most part, just her pants should be more textured.\r\nThe camo is fine, i mean more fabrictexture.

Image: Camokitten2.jpg   451x650 48823 bytes 2004.05.29

Well... it seems people really like albino cat girls whith a head like The Brain.. so i thought i'll have some more fun with her ^.^\r\nI like the texture of the pants better this time but the camo designs less. grr, just no pleasing me, is there? \r\nStarting to wonder whether she's a vampire. would kinda fit her.

Image: Camokitten3BG.jpg   700x700 116050 bytes 2004.05.29

Okay, more playing with her, thought i'd go fully camo, but then i chickened out and went rather cheap on the gillie coat (i.e. just stripes instead of irregular flaps & only raincoat size)\r\nI do like the idea of the tailcover"bag" though.\r\nPretty happy with this one, sadly i totally fucked up the background then, so i will post this both without and with the background.

Image: Sugarkitty.jpg   484x650 80117 bytes 2004.05.29

Saccharine overload, wheee!\r\nNote about the costume, i am not sure whether i accidentially ripped it off.. i did design it myself but it just looks.. familiar?\r\nSo maybe i have seen something like that sometime.

Image: kyemerrcbase.jpg   521x600 47957 bytes 2004.05.29

Kye looking all badass and stuff, like she was actually meant to be.\r\nAnother of those unfinished, backgroundless ones that I might get back to sometime in the future maybe..

Image: Chakatshivaphoenix.jpg   775x500 76975 bytes 2004.05.29

Open Canvas Doodle with J Atwood, of her two major characters

Image: Pulp.jpg   576x650 83136 bytes 2004.05.27

A zebra girl with a gun, mostly an experiment in Black and white. The gun sucks because i never draw those, but the rest is not bad i guess.. \r\nThe face was a bit killed by the white on black lineart though.

Image: Raisword.jpg   500x625 40710 bytes 2004.05.27

Gift picture for Rai, cause she deserves \r\nIt didn't turn out quite as neat as i envisoned, but for an experiment i am okay with it. \r\nShould be sharper, and i guess the lines around the red and white parts should have been finer.\r\nAh well.\r\nhope you like it pandagirl!

Image: SoniBoi.jpg   466x600 57914 bytes 2004.05.27

As Sonique told people, there officially is no male version of sonique.\r\nPoor snowkitten, it came as a kind of shock then 0:)

Image: Terrienurse2.jpg   650x600 103059 bytes 2004.05.26

Get better picture for Jace and Tammy respectively. Yay, everyone likes sluttish nurses! though even if there *were any in the hospitals your body would hurt too much \r\nto actually *do anything about them! \r\nIt's one weird fetish when viewed objectively.. Ah well.\r\nFor a change i did a bit of background again, should force myself to do that more. \r\nTrouble is that the mulitdrawer version of OC only gives me 4 layers, so my backgrounds´are usually simple 1 layer affairs if that much. I should work on that.. Oh, and the head/face looks awfully like BO'Connels style. not sure why really, i guess it's the ears. Wasn't planned at any rate

Image: Krissycoat2.jpg   600x600 60614 bytes 2004.05.26

Gothkitty with her featherfringe coat, as a birthday present to her ^.^ \r\nHave a happy one!\r\n*kiss*

Image: Presents!.jpg   433x650 103924 bytes 2004.05.26

For Stickdevil's christmas present ^.^\r\nIt's SD's December calendar girl Dekabr, who has figured out that there is no way \r\nshe could ever get on Santa's " Nice" list so she has to get presents her own loveable way ^.^\r\nI screwed her face up a bit and the angle of the gun is kinda off, but overall i think it is cute.

Image: MoomouseinHay.jpg   600x600 67725 bytes 2004.05.25

Just some spur of the moment cheesecake of Terrie's moo mouse shape snuggled up on a bale of hay. \r\nSadly there is one missguided haystroke which kinda wrecks it all, but it isn't *too obvious luckily. i just noticed it too late to do anything about it. Ah well :/

Image: ArphBrush.jpg   650x650 78537 bytes 2004.05.25

Birthday spankings to the WinterWolf.

Image: Boisex.jpg   650x583 63217 bytes 2004.05.25

Joey and Arphalia sharing an intimate moment.\r\nI think it did turn out very sexy in an understated way..

Image: collegesarah.jpg   600x650 71175 bytes 2004.05.24

Congrats picture for Sarah Skunkie for finishing college.\r\nWhee! Odd colours cause they are the college actual ones.

Image: KnifeGwen.jpg   600x650 77972 bytes 2004.05.24

Just a random Present for Gwen, of her new personal fur girl\r\nMade her Christmas happy, whee ^.^

Image: WDsomething.jpg   459x650 53591 bytes 2004.05.24

Present to my fave spiralmink

Image: fennekthing.jpg   517x600 60461 bytes 2004.05.23

Just a punkish style fennek girl cheesecake shot. \r\nI *do like the idea with the shaved tail, i think that for once this is something really original.\r\ncorrect me and shatter my dreams if otherwise ^^ the hairdye came out decent too methinks .

Image: stars2.jpg   350x650 39008 bytes 2004.05.23

Gift for Aya again.\r\nIt is based on the quote i give here, not really sure if it is my own invention or \r\nwhether i have heard something like that at some point, so if i accidentially stole it from somewhere without active knowledge my apologies.\r\nI actually would have liked it to be even more slender in proportions so aya would fill only the bottom third of the picture or so, thus evoking more high sky feelings, but it would make the picture either very unwieldy for computer wielding, or lose a lot of detail from shriking.. so this is a compromise i guess. \r\nAs for the quote, read into it whatever you like

Image: Halloween2003.jpg   700x600 88011 bytes 2004.05.23

My halloween costume design for 2003. Now you know HOW badly i am backlogged uploadwise c.c;\r\nIt turned out pretty nifty irl too, the pants didn't go quite as well, but the coat was *very spiffy, with lots of old circuitryboards and metal bits all over the sleeves

Image: Leeches.jpg   600x600 69352 bytes 2004.05.22

A little get well present for Aya Braeden.\r\nThe problems when one confuses "Victorian" with "Elizabethian"\r\nAch zer zany Doktors, Ja? XD\r\n\r\nAs a note, yes, i still live. got a lot of artposting to catch up with, so you'll be seeing more from me now i guess

Image: Arphycuffs.jpg   665x600 78948 bytes 2004.05.22

Just a little doodle for Arphalia, with girl arph and a pair of handcuffs.\r\nActually i think that would look cute as a corner illustaration for stationary, like letter paper or something.\r\nProbably not for writing to your grandma tho c.c;\r\nLove you arphling!

Image: Forj3T.jpg   500x650 58023 bytes 2004.05.22

Raquel hugging her tail\r\nDrew this to help cheer her up a bit,\r\nbut somehow it turned into serious sugarshock on the way.\r\nah well, i still like it.

Image: Real.jpg   483x600 42583 bytes 2004.05.22

Sort of a Public Service message to those people at vcl, a friendly reminder of how women actually look.\r\n(okay, apart from the fact that she is a raccoon, you *do know what i mean!)\r\nOh my god! she can actually walk without breaking in the middle or falling on her face! ;)

Image: Wolfette1.jpg   650x650 84192 bytes 2004.05.22

Art trade with Wolf with ( at his request) lots of boobage.\r\nThe BE shirt actually does have a scientific foundation ^^

Image: Wolfette2.jpg   550x650 81398 bytes 2004.05.22

Art trade with Wolf with ( at his request) lots of boobage.\r\nThe BE shirt actually does have a scientific foundation ^^

Image: Wolfette3.jpg   650x650 84913 bytes 2004.05.22

Art trade with Wolf with ( at his request) lots of boobage.\r\nThe BE shirt actually does have a scientific foundation ^^

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