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Image: Carvecrazy.jpg   700x456 91603 bytes 1998.12.01

Image: CattleWrestle.jpg   570x700 75246 bytes 2003.08.04

Gift one for Buzz.\r\nI like the little moocow best, Want one of those! ^.^

Image: CecilyCard.jpg   385x700 66962 bytes 2003.02.07

Get well card for a friend's girlfriend.\r\nShe said it helped ^

Image: Celticdrake.JPG   707x582 78509 bytes 1999.06.13

Image: CeynaNails.jpg   691x534 67499 bytes 1999.06.13

Image: Ceynapark.JPG   599x492 64516 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: Chakatshivaphoenix.jpg   775x500 76975 bytes 2004.05.29

Open Canvas Doodle with J Atwood, of her two major characters

Image: Charlene_B.jpg   467x700 52362 bytes 2003.02.16

Two pictures for Monsieur Le Eh, character designing.\r\nNekkid chubby kitties part 1

Image: Cheervixen.JPG   460x690 105346 bytes 1998.12.01

Image: Cheezejackal.jpg   600x600 63589 bytes 2001.05.07

Ashryn c Beth Schultz, Weird jackalmouse idea c me

Image: Chelisse_Badartist.JPG   447x432 38088 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: Chelisse_Holidaysnaps.JPG   477x360 25746 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: Chelisse_Housebroken.JPG   360x499 33222 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: ChibiRai.jpg   550x529 71114 bytes 2001.08.16

Rai c Rachel Carroll

Image: Chicken_col2.jpg   525x750 80490 bytes 2001.08.07

Hee, i just realized that i forgot to upload this one.\r\nWhen working on the chickenproject in the netherlands i was chatting with Ashryn and said "gotta leave, must get down to the chickens" and she said that it sounded like a cheezy techno song title. I liked that idea so....\r\nterrie c me, Phoebe c Ashryn, Men Without Hats c themselves.

Image: China,_Master_and_Disciple.jpg   562x800 112524 bytes 2001.05.03

Image: ChocolateBunny.JPG   535x750 69893 bytes 1998.12.01

Image: chubbychoccyjenny.JPG   565x600 49281 bytes 2000.10.12

Image: CloneSpell.jpg   654x700 88852 bytes 2004.05.30

Guest art for the Vixine comic site.\r\nI went and had a look at the other guest artists\r\nand found that i am the only one with a sense of humor ^^

Image: Cocoanut.jpg   515x700 129127 bytes 2003.02.11

Commission, thus all nice and prettily done, not my usual rushjob work.( I should put more effort into the pictures i draw for myself)\r\nOne funny thing i found out was that I have a real knack for drawing chubby ladies it seems, even if chubby is not usually my personal taste.\r\nCopyright by her player, name withheld by request

Image: collegesarah.jpg   600x650 71175 bytes 2004.05.24

Congrats picture for Sarah Skunkie for finishing college.\r\nWhee! Odd colours cause they are the college actual ones.

Image: comfy.jpg   727x650 87096 bytes 2003.03.06

Gothkitty & Ling_Khan ( both c their players) in a nice domestic setting ^.^

Image: Conquistador.JPG   490x650 55397 bytes 1998.12.01

Image: Corporationevil.jpg   700x700 172409 bytes 2003.02.07

Okay. this one needs a bigger explaination:\r\nAt that time I needed a job. BADLY. \r\nNow.. one of the only two things I won't do is telemarketing. \r\nBecause it is evil. Real deep down black evil, when you poison people's private lives with salespinches they do not want. \r\nThen I got a job interview at Aircall...\r\nThe job ad said "Outgoing call center, but not selling\r\nstuff ." So I went there.. applied, got the whole orientation crap how we are so nice and so american and everyone is on a first name basis here and like a big family and oh, don't even think about eating or drinking on company time you worthless little drone, but we all like each other even if we pay you like toiletpaper and use you accordingly yatta yatta yatta... \r\nAnd on the second day of orientation they finally came out\r\nwith it that of course it is telemarketing after all. But it was the first job where they would have taken me. \r\nAnd I really really needed the money.\r\nSo. it was incredibly hard to say no and walk out.Especially what with group pressure from the other intervievees. But the first thing that uplifted me is that after i left two more of those got the courage to leave too, and i saved some of my soul's purity and dignity...\r\nEven so it was really hard on me so the picture is kind of my catharsis from it, and since Ashryn had quite a few things like that in her past I included her. \r\nSzenario: me having saved ashryn from her dronechair and now we fight our way out through the happy corporate zombies.The necromanager in the back is the shift manager I had the interview with.\r\nApart from everything else I am damn proud of this picture, easily the most complex i have done up to date o.o\r\nThe color did not come out quite as I had planned them, I'd have loved to have Ashryn or Arphalia graphiteshade or ink it. Ah well. still a step forward I guess.\r\nAshryn Sikirus c Beth Schultz\r\nAircall c Satan\r\n

Image: Counterspell.JPG   360x482 38596 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: CrabMorph.JPG   600x274 30847 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: CraneStance.jpg   544x750 89178 bytes 2001.10.17

Commission: Mousesister showing her brother that she can do martial arts too.\r\nHee ^.^

Image: Crossroads.JPG   365x540 33710 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: Cultistofexstacy.jpg   495x700 62471 bytes 2003.02.07

Mage Series:\r\nCultist of Exstacy: ( good guys)\r\nUsing Drugs, Dance and similiar stimulants to expand their Perceptions and powers beyond mundane borders

Image: CuteTammy.jpg   449x500 39927 bytes 2003.02.24

Somehow whenever faced with an evil character i cannot help but chibify them ^.^\r\nTammy c tammy learyn

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