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Image: OC2.jpg   800x600 124810 bytes 2003.02.16

Part2 of the Open Canvas course

Image: OC3.jpg   800x600 113703 bytes 2003.02.16


Image: OC4.jpg   800x600 118092 bytes 2003.02.16

Part 4..

Image: OC_Result.jpg   600x600 60700 bytes 2003.02.16

And here is the result, i hope it helped :)\r\nYou can get the program at

Image: Shamirapool.jpg   500x700 129984 bytes 2003.02.11

Another commission. Commissions are good, they help me have food :)

Image: Sylvielick.jpg   800x663 109208 bytes 2003.02.11

Just a rather intimate one between Terrie and Sylvie.\r\nI think this might be my favourite X rated picture i have drawn so far.

Image: Cocoanut.jpg   515x700 129127 bytes 2003.02.11

Commission, thus all nice and prettily done, not my usual rushjob work.( I should put more effort into the pictures i draw for myself)\r\nOne funny thing i found out was that I have a real knack for drawing chubby ladies it seems, even if chubby is not usually my personal taste.\r\nCopyright by her player, name withheld by request

Image: Happycats.jpg   686x471 63437 bytes 2003.02.10

Stickdevil, Gothkitty and Terrie just cozily snugged up.

Image: OooShiny!.jpg   576x650 82622 bytes 2003.02.10

For Whiplash on Tapestries.

Image: MotherOfPearl.jpg   577x700 90605 bytes 2003.02.10

FurryMuck's Jennifer in Genie kitten shape\r\nI like how the pink light effect came out on this one.

Image: ReinoRaettling1.jpg   562x600 63551 bytes 2003.02.10

For a change something not drawn in Open Canvas. Just a ratgirl, kinda punkish

Image: Sylphiroth.jpg   573x600 63656 bytes 2003.02.10

One for Sylph. I was really surprised that I had not though about this pun before actually! Reminds me to FINALLY draw that FF7 picture i have planned for almost 2 years now :p\r\nSephiroth and Final Fantasy 7 c Squaresoft

Image: Tickles.jpg   494x700 107134 bytes 2003.02.10

A commission, that i really enjoyed doing: Dragon friendlytickling his girlfriend.\r\nIt was a birthday present for him and apparently he liked it too :)\r\n(even if the way he holds her foot is anatomically impossible unless her ankle is broken >.< )

Image: White_Delirium_unmorphed.jpg   800x653 95658 bytes 2003.02.10

And just as a weird thing another WD picture, this time nonmorphic, so it is arguably off topic. But she does have painted claws and her spirals..\r\nThe water effect sucks badly, else it is pretty okay.\r\nWell, that and it looks more like an ermine than a mink from the body structure...

Image: White-Deetz2.jpg   600x972 226360 bytes 2003.02.10

I offered White Delirium a picture and asked what outfit she'd like and she said Lydia Deez from the Animated Beetlejuice.\r\nIt turned out pretty okay actually!\r\nThe spiffy background was supplied by her too.\r\nBeetlejuice c Warner Bros, my 1 parody image so no permission needed.

Image: ZZTax.jpg   650x650 137953 bytes 2003.02.10

Gift Picture for Max Blackrabbit: Everyone draws ZigZag in some kind of sexual reference frame.\r\nGeez, running a porn studio is not only sex and fun! ;)\r\n

Image: Irrational_Chupacabra.jpg   650x650 76675 bytes 2003.02.07

(posted out of prodution order so i won't become a bandwagonjumper if there is suddenly a flood of this)\r\nFor Ursula Vernon.\r\nBecause\r\nshe\r\nRULES!\r\nTotally!

Image: OtherPeople.jpg   650x650 86744 bytes 2003.02.07

My submission to spr's artist Ambush contest, topic Heaven and Hell.\r\nKind of mushy but i think i like the sentiment

Image: CecilyCard.jpg   385x700 66962 bytes 2003.02.07

Get well card for a friend's girlfriend.\r\nShe said it helped ^

Image: CanCan.jpg   415x650 70036 bytes 2003.02.07

Just.. crazyness :) Chatting with Tammy Learyn who asked me what she should draw and i said " A goat girl eating a can"\r\nShe didn't like it, but I did, so well... The quote just sprang to mind halfway.\r\n

Image: Bloodhound2.jpg   469x700 86367 bytes 2003.02.07

My part of an art trade with Bloodhound.\r\nShe casually mentioned that she does not like olives.\r\nWhat do you mean I tend to exaggerate? o.o

Image: HollowOne.jpg   400x700 69737 bytes 2003.02.07

I started to draw a series of pictures for White Wolf's "Mage - The Ascension" game.\r\n(hopefully i'll finish it some day too)\r\nFor those not familiar with the game I add a very brief explaination to each.\r\nBasically it is about magicians in the modern world, with the twist that each has their own way of practicing magick,\r\nIncluding the fact that some of them don't see it as Magic but as Science, which pretty much is the same difference(complicated story behind this. Understand it or never mind. or better yet start playing the game. ^.^)\r\n Hollow Ones: ( good guys)\r\nPracticing Magic as Occult Dark Art, heavy leaving towards Ann Rice Gothicness

Image: Cultistofexstacy.jpg   495x700 62471 bytes 2003.02.07

Mage Series:\r\nCultist of Exstacy: ( good guys)\r\nUsing Drugs, Dance and similiar stimulants to expand their Perceptions and powers beyond mundane borders

Image: Etherite.jpg   467x700 55287 bytes 2003.02.07

Mage series:\r\nChild of Ether: ( good guys)\r\nPracticing not magic but Technology, but a much spiffier, crazier Mad Scientist Style. Defected from the Technocrazy (usually grey shade bad guys) some time ago.

Image: Nephandus.jpg   382x750 105798 bytes 2003.02.07

Mage Series:\r\nNephandi. ( bad guys. really bad guys.)\r\nThis needs more words, like most of my darker pictures, also because this picture came from more than one idea:\r\n(it's assumed you know the real story behind the ring around the rosies rhyme) \r\nThe Human Mind is a strange thing.\r\nNursery rhymes being the first to teach us about the facts of life: Don't be scared little one, it is just the Plague.\r\nI wonder if in a few decades they will make songs about AIDS? The Nephandi are a group of mages embodying evil, decay and perversion. Here is one from the medieval ages, handing some cubs a nice cuddly kitty to play with.\r\nWhat a pity that the kitten has fleas...\r\nWhat makes this picture a lot worse is that in a lot of civil wars in Africa children's toys are actually used as bait in minefields. As they were in the former Jugoslavian seperation wars.On all sides. And those are not some movie evil maniacs or TV News Bad Guy hate targets.\r\nThe guys who did this were nice, friendly family men, who have often lived in the same village with the children they set out to mutilate, even played with them. These are people like you and me. People who live 300 miles from me, and the likes of which live next door.\r\nThe Human Mind is a strange thing.

Image: Corporationevil.jpg   700x700 172409 bytes 2003.02.07

Okay. this one needs a bigger explaination:\r\nAt that time I needed a job. BADLY. \r\nNow.. one of the only two things I won't do is telemarketing. \r\nBecause it is evil. Real deep down black evil, when you poison people's private lives with salespinches they do not want. \r\nThen I got a job interview at Aircall...\r\nThe job ad said "Outgoing call center, but not selling\r\nstuff ." So I went there.. applied, got the whole orientation crap how we are so nice and so american and everyone is on a first name basis here and like a big family and oh, don't even think about eating or drinking on company time you worthless little drone, but we all like each other even if we pay you like toiletpaper and use you accordingly yatta yatta yatta... \r\nAnd on the second day of orientation they finally came out\r\nwith it that of course it is telemarketing after all. But it was the first job where they would have taken me. \r\nAnd I really really needed the money.\r\nSo. it was incredibly hard to say no and walk out.Especially what with group pressure from the other intervievees. But the first thing that uplifted me is that after i left two more of those got the courage to leave too, and i saved some of my soul's purity and dignity...\r\nEven so it was really hard on me so the picture is kind of my catharsis from it, and since Ashryn had quite a few things like that in her past I included her. \r\nSzenario: me having saved ashryn from her dronechair and now we fight our way out through the happy corporate zombies.The necromanager in the back is the shift manager I had the interview with.\r\nApart from everything else I am damn proud of this picture, easily the most complex i have done up to date o.o\r\nThe color did not come out quite as I had planned them, I'd have loved to have Ashryn or Arphalia graphiteshade or ink it. Ah well. still a step forward I guess.\r\nAshryn Sikirus c Beth Schultz\r\nAircall c Satan\r\n

Image: ArphTerrieHi.jpg   800x533 99461 bytes 2003.02.07

And it was the start of us talking on the mucks and she turned out to be pretty damn nifty! This is how the first IC conversations went. Terrie is such an evil kittybitch\r\nArphalia is c Angel Ravenell

Image: Arphalia.jpg   467x700 41615 bytes 2003.02.07

Gift picture, meant to reinstigate an art trade with Arphalia that started one year ago.\r\nEef, looking back on it there is so much wrong with this one. But i still like that outfit, even if i don't know what it is made of...

Image: RedNexKitty.jpg   521x700 51434 bytes 2003.02.07

Terrie knows no shame,Terrie is a country raver.\r\nHey, i said it before, if people define you by the music you listen to then it is their problem, not yours.\r\nWith the exception of todays plastic pop, because that does not count as music.\r\nHm, but come to think of it it is very environmentally friendly: 100% recycleable. You just dump the old singer, swap two lyric lines around and release it as the new No.1 Hit.\r\nHoo Ha! XD\r\n( for those wondering, i picked up Hoo Ha at Boondoggle.\r\r\nwhich rules. but isn't published anymore.)\r\nsmall press sucks in that regard -.-

Image: Teeki.jpg   448x700 68646 bytes 2002.08.10

I decided to upload some rather crappy, really old art before i start uploading the newer batch.\r\nYou should check things out at my own page at anyhow, it is way more up to date and there is more than on vcl anyhow..\r\n\r\nAn Art trade one with Teeki \r\nHee, the bottom joke is kinda cute I guess ;)

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