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Image: GenDye.jpg   657x700 66851 bytes 2003.03.06

Genwyn showing off the new furdye Terrie painted on her back.\r\nOverall i am happy with how the picture came out, but her feet *suck >.<

Image: Gennymoowithoutundies.jpg   591x650 53996 bytes 2004.06.09

Genwyn's new cowshape, was fun to play with the idea of a more humanized Anthrodesign for a change. ^.^

Image: Genspankies.jpg   682x650 77959 bytes 2004.06.05

Birthdaydrawing for my fave Naughtyfennek of them all ^.^

Image: GenToy.jpg   550x550 69598 bytes 2003.03.06

Just a silly little doodle for Genwyn to cheer her up. ^.^

Image: Gilgamesch.jpg   542x750 114137 bytes 2001.08.16

Image: GK_lingery.jpg   700x670 81289 bytes 2001.10.17

Goth_kitty in frilly lingerie.\r\nThere is not much to say about it i guess.. she's cute tho

Image: GKBothered.jpg   511x700 50548 bytes 2002.04.22

Gothkitty, being kinda hot and bothered,\r\nseeming to need.. something? 0:)\r\n

Image: GoodGirls.jpg   574x750 140064 bytes 2001.10.17

This one just a little thought about the highly coveted status of the cool badass bitch murderer that seems so popular here.\r\nMaybe part of the reason why evil is cool is because good is boring?\r\nIs good boring? Why ? because being good means that you follow the rules?\r\nbub, i got news for you: blindly following rules is the start of the real evil.\r\nBeing good means to actively think and often ignore the rules.\r\nNo matter where they come from , be it your teacher, your state or\r\nsome hierophant claiming to speak in the name of your god.\r\nSo.... after this little rant,\r\nEveryone knows the popular mommy of all "evil is cool" things:\r\nGood girls go to heaven, bad girls go everyway.\r\nIt works both ways. And i think it might be worthwhile.\r\nTerrie and XianJaguar, just as two representatives. \r\nNo you don't need a religion either. Feel free to be freelance good.\r\nMight make the world nicer ;)\r\n

Image: Gothkitty_spearmint.jpg   553x747 104656 bytes 2001.05.04

Gothkitty c Krissy Hutson

Image: GothkittyGrapes.jpg   600x579 53170 bytes 2003.02.24

Just a doodle at work. the foreshortening is badly off :/\r\nGothkitty c Krissy hutson

Image: GothTerrie1.JPG   400x500 42959 bytes 1999.06.13

Image: GothTerrie2.JPG   400x500 42344 bytes 1999.06.13

Image: Grandpa.jpg   750x531 109664 bytes 2001.08.16

(Grandpa because the guy is Terrie's granddad, not cause he looks old and shrivveled up ^.^)

Image: greececard.JPG   658x447 48378 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: Guineapiggy.jpg   367x700 70882 bytes 2003.02.16

Just more chubbiness.\r\nThis time a guinea pig cause they never get drawn

Image: Gunkitty.JPG   271x288 26502 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: GwenFlash.jpg   442x650 56531 bytes 2003.08.19

Art trade with Gwen.\r\now, lots of metal in that poor girl o.o;

Image: hallowclean.jpg   547x750 93003 bytes 2001.08.23

Akeashar c Timmothy Clarke

Image: Halloween2003.jpg   700x600 88011 bytes 2004.05.23

My halloween costume design for 2003. Now you know HOW badly i am backlogged uploadwise c.c;\r\nIt turned out pretty nifty irl too, the pants didn't go quite as well, but the coat was *very spiffy, with lots of old circuitryboards and metal bits all over the sleeves

Image: Happycats.jpg   686x471 63437 bytes 2003.02.10

Stickdevil, Gothkitty and Terrie just cozily snugged up.

Image: Haremmousie.JPG   360x519 30211 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: HaremTerrie.JPG   360x512 33761 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: HavenMe!.JPG   500x448 60920 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: Helljackal.JPG   512x750 68105 bytes 2000.10.12

Image: Hmm_feet!.jpg   624x692 129387 bytes 2000.10.12

Image: hockey1.jpg   650x650 57667 bytes 2004.06.05

Gift for a Sarah Skunkie who's a BIG calgary flames fan. It had a background but that *sucked, so i rather post it without. I am pleased with the rough lines here, they work out well i think

Image: HollowOne.jpg   400x700 69737 bytes 2003.02.07

I started to draw a series of pictures for White Wolf's "Mage - The Ascension" game.\r\n(hopefully i'll finish it some day too)\r\nFor those not familiar with the game I add a very brief explaination to each.\r\nBasically it is about magicians in the modern world, with the twist that each has their own way of practicing magick,\r\nIncluding the fact that some of them don't see it as Magic but as Science, which pretty much is the same difference(complicated story behind this. Understand it or never mind. or better yet start playing the game. ^.^)\r\n Hollow Ones: ( good guys)\r\nPracticing Magic as Occult Dark Art, heavy leaving towards Ann Rice Gothicness

Image: Hoplite.JPG   428x600 70272 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: HsienNoodles.jpg   600x600 80646 bytes 2003.08.19

Gift picture for Jeremy "Wolf" Kidd\r\nHis north korean red panda girl Hsien at lunch break, as usually getting in trouble by her chestyness ;)

Image: Hungover.jpg   393x700 53294 bytes 2003.07.30

Playing around with styles i hit upon this superlanky one and kind of liked it. Don't ask me where Terrie got her hangover from, we probably don't want to know.

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