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Image: Wooftwink.JPG   740x904 81953 bytes 2002.04.22

A wolf "twink", I guess you would call it doing something nughty and loving every minute of it. Hope you love every minute of it too!

Image: Wolf'sBestFriend.JPG   950x690 98818 bytes 2002.04.22

Okay, so most of us have seen Moulin rouge, right? Lol, well I am one of those people who LOVE that movie... Almost fanatically? So I instantly had this dream of one day, at a con, doing a parody of that little Nicole Kidman Number in leather and Wolf ears and tail! I already have the HUGE expensive boots. *smiles proudly* The lyrics were down right adorable, being all about bondage and leather stuff. Well, here's the image that was the product of that whole train of thought. I hope you find it as cute as I do!

Image: Suicide.JPG   573x781 153413 bytes 2002.04.22

This was actually going to be an illustration to a huge, 25 page story I was working on way back when... It was about a wolf who tried to commit suicide but was saved at the last moment by a gargoyle passing by and seing him jump. But this story was written a while ago, and i never even finished it before my computer crashed and wiped it outa existance... I almost cried. I had worked SO HARD for weeks on that story, and I guess we all have a story like that in this computer world, right? Anyways, here's whats left of the story, an almost distrurbing illustration. heh, oh well.

Image: Sleddog.JPG   740x853 70617 bytes 2002.04.22

Theres a guy I see very often, and although I only know him through a intermediary acquaintance, he has the ability to seem terribly sad sometimes. Sitting by himself in a crowded room and just sinking his head between his knees (not in the good way you freaks!) and when I see him do that I wonder what could have him so down... So I promised myself that next time I saw him doing that, I would hand him this drawing, maybe hinting that if he needed to talk, I would be there. It hasn't happened yet, but I keep this thing handy just in case.

Image: RaptorModesty.JPG   372x446 30812 bytes 2002.04.22

I always wondered how those cool artist gods like Chris Sawyer and the like draw those great Dinos... now I know!

Image: Horsedreams.JPG   366x495 26958 bytes 2002.04.22

A piece I did a while back simply because I wanted to seea cute Anthro-horse dreamily staring up at me. It made me blush to draw it but coloring it was an adventure indeed. Despite my distractions I think tghe colors came out dang good.

Image: GargGirl.JPG   592x781 49588 bytes 2002.04.22

A piece I did a long while back, while still obsessed with gargoyles. It was also the first time I tried to shade with Brushpens, so Look out! Poor graduation of tones ahead!

Image: Furlantis.JPG   568x755 93926 bytes 2002.04.22

Okay, So I went to see Atlantis, the lost plotline... I hated the story, found the main characters predictable and annoying, but for some reason was greatly impressed by the Atlantian Visuals... I thought I'd try to adapt them to an image of my own, and this was the product...

Image: FerretTheApocalypse.JPG   499x750 49030 bytes 2002.04.22

A requested piece I did for a friend. He had a rather specific description so I'm not too sure the meaning behind the setting, but I think it says "When the world ends, the rebels (Paintballers) will be the ones who know what to do..." Or something like that. I dunno. Enjoy!

Image: BladeOfTears.JPG   690x944 186513 bytes 2002.04.22

Of all the things one may feel in battle... Nothing is worse... Then what one feels afterwards.

Image: BearSpandex.JPG   493x663 48767 bytes 2002.04.22

A cool summer morning, a bear goes jogging with some friends in the park outside of town... One of them brought a camera... This is what ensues! *gasp*

Image: ATTACK!.JPG   550x807 42131 bytes 2002.04.22

A sexy female wlf apparently rousing her forces or army, or maybe charging into battle with a fierce war-cry? Reminds me of something you'd see on Xena, but hey, it was fun to draw!

Image: Gaggedhorsie.JPG   493x692 34617 bytes 2002.04.22

This is a pick of a horse in a dungeon, getting ready for some suspension play... Rar! I had a lot of fun with this one, and I think that really helped it look so cool. Hope you like it!

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