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Image: cyrin_floppin.jpg   960x720 106018 bytes 2004.09.25

It's me, floppin' around on the beach and showing off my characteristically big, clumsy flippers.\r\n\r\nCyrin the Dolphin is (c) me! (Bradley Smith)

Image: cyrin_lounges_around.jpg   800x650 74037 bytes 2003.09.18

Cyrin the dolphin, lounging around on an inflatable air mattress in a nice swimming pool somewhere. A nice relaxing pic for a change.\r\n\r\nThe water was difficult to get right, but i'm quite happy with it.

Image: femphin_v2.jpg   553x749 46474 bytes 2004.03.22

Long time no post... Here's a nice female dolphin to make up for it :) And yes, I used a reference pic, as always.

Image: fishiefishyfish.jpg   1000x663 152454 bytes 2005.03.11

Plain and simple, man to fish. An in-progress transformation piccy.\r\n\r\nThanks to Fallimar for teaching me how to use the Burn tool... I will never look back ;)

Image: fishygoop.jpg   344x800 76918 bytes 2005.03.14

It's... part of a transformation, from human to fish. I really just had the urge to draw one of those 'goopey' TFs, but I didn't want to have an entire body to play with.

Image: inflatedphin.jpg   728x500 57901 bytes 2002.09.26

"Inflated 'phin"\r\nMy first attempt at inflated humour...

Image: merman.jpg   625x584 47966 bytes 2003.07.24

A merman sitting on a rock with his tailfins in the water. It's the first piece of my work that i'm actually rather proud of.\r\n\r\nAlthough it's debatable, I consider mer-creatures to be furry.\r\n\r\nJust as a side note, I did this using a photo of myself as a reference - so admire my ugliness! :)

Image: merman_back3.jpg   768x576 57107 bytes 2003.08.10

Another merman, again modelled on me. This one's got more fishy features than the last, not to mention scales over his entire body.\r\n\r\nAs a side note, the photograph that forms the background was taken locally, by me.

Image: Nauta_and_Cyrin.jpg   800x640 54556 bytes 2003.08.28

My first request - thanks for the opportunity, Nauta! :)\r\nThis is kinda an ongoing debate between me and Nauta - just how should an anthro dolphin look? This pic demonstrates the differences between Nauta's interpretation and mine.\r\n\r\nCyrin is (C) me, Nauta is (C) himself.

Image: phinstand.jpg   450x700 39384 bytes 2003.08.14

Wow, I really surprised myself with this one...\r\n\r\nAnthro dolphin, to my dimensions. I'm flabbergasted as to how this came out - my only regret is that it uses the same damn beach background that's been in my last 3 pics!

Image: PhinTF1.jpg   470x482 39007 bytes 2003.06.12

Picture yourself walking along the beach, minding your own business, and then _this_ happens. I'd be taking that necklace back to the manufacturers :P

Image: PhinTF2.jpg   640x413 38632 bytes 2003.06.12

More of the same, really... But hey, the world needs more pictures of people turning into dolphins! :)

Image: PhinTF3.jpg   640x386 30853 bytes 2003.06.15

Third and final in a series of dolphin transformations. Always wanted to TF on the bathroom floor :)

Image: shirtphin.jpg   624x353 31204 bytes 2002.12.02

Decided to use one of my T-shirts as a guide for this phin... Got the shape, need to work on everything else ;)

Image: sittingphin.jpg   510x720 61443 bytes 2003.08.22

Anthro dolphin sitting on a bed somewhere in the whitespace.

Image: SummerPhin.jpg   435x704 40802 bytes 2005.03.13

An old character pic of mine. Uploaded here due to FurAffinity's questionable future...

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