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Image: AquaFlats.jpg   744x644 72277 bytes 2003.07.26

Yup, Cging I go. Heh . .. Definately gonna take my time on this biggun .. . it is being Inked and Colored all in Adobe a First for me o.o . . .(c)Brent(The Stryyde)Ball

Image: Kryyn8.jpg   334x577 48291 bytes 2003.06.08

Wicked Cool penciled picture of Kryyn. . . Kind of lost my touch lately I don't know what my problem is ..I hope it passes soon. Char&art(C)Brent(The Stryyde)ball

Image: cyncolor.jpg   488x600 41248 bytes 2003.01.20

Everyone say WOOOOW, She's back, the one who left me is back! her coloring job on Cynthia Char+Coloring(c)Dorothy Art(c)Brent(The Stryyde)Ball

Image: Toujin2.jpg   565x600 58794 bytes 2003.01.01

Toujin Died and was ressurected as a normal fureson go fig. Here he is buffed up in armor ready to kick some butt. Char(c)Aaron Art(c)Brent(The Stryyde)Ball

Image: Dravin.jpg   519x550 39157 bytes 2003.01.01

THe son of Ravina Rowe but unlike her he's a vampyre. half demon half vampire. go fig. Char(c)Brent(the stryyde)Ball

Image: CorraVette.jpg   500x608 43118 bytes 2002.12.03

Guess whos back..back again. ...I really hate that song. CorraVette, Pretty good if I do say so. Hair I screwed up on. so redo :P Char(c)Player Art(c)Brent(the Stryyde)Ball

Image: ChibiNinja.jpg   514x316 43256 bytes 2002.07.26

Yes I was meaning to slap The ChibiStryyde Ninja into the other picture but I didn't. So here you all go again. Another ChibiStryyde piece. Char&Art(C)Brent(The Stryyde)Ball

Image: NinJaStryyde.jpg   360x557 39428 bytes 2002.07.25

Character Profile fer Gnaw's site ya'll. I am really likin the Marker look. Art&Char(c)Brent(The Stryyde)Ball

Image: ayumicolor.jpg   413x521 54192 bytes 2002.07.18

Did my little Marker thing to Ayumi's new picture. I am going to digitally color this one once I get the wacom Char(c) The Player. Art(c)Brent(The Stryyde)Ball

Image: Apple.jpg   454x682 43918 bytes 2002.03.16

Apple, A very good redition of her I think. It is Line art, with a bit of color added. Character&Art (C) Brent(The Stryyde)Ball

Image: Hawk3.jpg   356x600 43984 bytes 2002.03.03

Hawk John's/Convoy's other character and probaly better known. inked, Colored in pencil and shaded with charcoal. \r\nArt (C) Brent (The Stryyde) Ball

Image: Syo.jpg   445x500 45766 bytes 2002.03.03

Updated Syo picture. Again with the Crayola Crayons. Char&Art (C) Brent (The Stryyde) Ball

Image: kryyn6.jpg   264x500 31195 bytes 2002.03.03

Kryyn Crayons. and ink. Copywrite Brent (The Stryyde) Ball. Inspired by Final fantasy 10

Image: gurrCysketch.jpg   314x606 46012 bytes 2002.03.03

Gurria and my Char Cyrind. Sharin some quality time. Used pencil charcoal and outlined with ink. Chars copywright Her player and his player Pic of course (c) Brent (The Stryyde) Ball

Image: Sonar.jpg   272x600 29807 bytes 2001.12.07

Yay, Suna the bat :) striking a rather embarrasing pose after My char noted to her that Skirts don't work well with cute little bats that hang from ceilings. Char (c) her player Artwork (c) Brent [The_Stryyde] Ball

Image: Zimmy.jpg   312x600 34984 bytes 2001.12.07

It is a Apologetic picture to a female I met on furcadia named ZImmy. Pretty cool female :) I told her I would meet her at 7pm the next day and broke it due to work >.< anyways Hope she accepts this as a apologoy. Art(c)brent[The Stryyde] Ball Char(c) her player.

Image: Chibi.jpg   500x275 44119 bytes 2001.11.18

Mwahahahah ChibiStryyde is born. Actually My char has taken to dropping firecrackers down other's pants or bras lately when not roleplay. Alan'et finally got sick of it and came at him with a Mallet. This is the resulting picture from that incident. The artwork is (c) Brent[The Stryyde]Ball Alan'et is (c) Te'Nala

Image: ComicIdea.jpg   598x591 101623 bytes 2001.10.07

Ok Here is some Inspiration from Sep11 attack, it isn't that great but Hey I haven't got alot of time on my hands. The Govt APpointed Elite Battlers of terrorism. Haven't got a name for them, and it isn't exactly Furry except for the Stem Cell research idea I used for the cat guy there. The 3 of them and many other Various characters from all over the world come together to Take on Terrorism silently out of the Public eye.

Image: tab4.jpg   150x154 40203 bytes 2001.08.18

Just a doodle I did, No I actually didn't do it on the computer. I did it on a scanner and played with it on Adobe. =) pretty cool I think. I was experimenting with different ideas of drawing after drawing myself irl as a Anime/Furry. (c) Brent {The Stryyde} Ball

Image: TheFirstCharcoal.jpg   513x800 124946 bytes 2001.06.21

This was done WAAY back in 9th grade. It is the very first Picture I did that was animal. It was suppose to be a wolf in charcoal or pencil..I believe charcoal. Didn't come out to great but it was a good first try. I came across alot of my really really old pieces of art. [close to a decade old] (c)me um...1992

Image: Brent3.jpg   320x240 29620 bytes 2000.11.05

IT's MEEEE =^.^= The flesh behind the furry. Took it while I was showing off my brand new DigiCam.\n

Image: UnKnown.jpg   579x535 145561 bytes 2000.11.05

Random furriness, You know I love it. \n

Image: Ulk.jpg   365x648 51588 bytes 2000.11.05

Ulk the Vampire. Her favorite past time USED to be eating hearts. Guess her new favorite past time is playing professional eye candy =p. \n

Image: Stryyde7.jpg   462x689 90575 bytes 2000.11.05

Ok here he is, the middle age Stryyde. I colored this picture about 3 times. Still working on the 3rd one. This was done in the usual water\r\ncolor/pencil/charcoal/ink thing I got going. When Coming up with the name? I was\r\nthinking of actually Stride, it was taken then I went with Stryde,Lost the ini \r\nfiles =( then I added the second y to it and well it stuck. \n

Image: Slyth.jpg   394x654 143273 bytes 2000.11.05

My little assasin I drew. He was a part of the NightShade Guild for a long \r\nwhile. I actually don't know why I don't use him anymore. \n

Image: Shintaku.jpg   354x588 126792 bytes 2000.11.05

A character developed and created by the same player as Bane. His player is really awsome, he can be a little obnoxious at times but once you get to know him you'll like him. IRL me and him are Big Transformer junkies =), well Ok him more then I. \n

Image: ShinStry.jpg   543x576 76296 bytes 2000.11.05

A Alias that The Stryyde took up for a short time while he was possesed by some Evil Mile long Dragon. Long story, Bottem line He liked kicking good guy booty.\r\nBane put a quick stop to his battling though. Later on the Demon came back and \r\nStryyde fought him one final time before both of them dissapeared for about a \r\nyear.\n

Image: Rowr.jpg   551x711 240588 bytes 2000.11.05

Um...yeah the name says it all...Nijere and Daelia posing for us..~stares~ \n

Image: Razzo1.jpg   372x823 159588 bytes 2000.11.05

The guy is a really great friend. His purple hair is his pride and joy. Oh yeah...Ladies he is Single =P. \n

Image: Michelleann.jpg   556x748 224157 bytes 2000.11.05

She's another Patryn Vampyre. There are ALOT of vamps on Furcadia....So a warning to the wise. ALLLways were a turtle neck =). \n

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