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Image: lioness_firelight_c.jpg   700x564 93007 bytes 2002.08.22

Reupload of reedited image (2000). My painting instructor was an impressionist, and it made its mark on me\r\nfor good; this painting was an attempt to bring that to furry art. Acrylics on Masonite.\r\n

Image: minotaur_fop_c.jpg   600x777 105813 bytes 2001.01.28

I did this one for the cover of a local SCA publication. The pose was taken\r\nfrom an Elizabethan portrait; the garb was modeled after a piece Janet\r\nArnold recreated for the V+A Museum. Whatever you do, don't call him a fop!

Image: mouse_regency_c.jpg   498x642 107999 bytes 2003.05.01

A mouse of the Regency period of England. This was a very quick marker-and-pen sketch done to relieve handpain after some very tight, detailed pieces. I have always liked pieces with "loose" linework, and wanted to give it a try. Done for the Confurence art show. Prismacolor markers and Micron pen. Copyright 2003 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: panda_dimsum_c.jpg   500x651 60463 bytes 2004.09.24

Art for Conifur. A panda prepares to dig in to some freshly steamed dumplings. Marker and colored pencils with metallic gel pen and micron pen on Bristol Board.

Image: panther_catsuit_c.jpg   500x703 69229 bytes 2007.02.20


A sassy panther in a red vinyl catsuit. Marker, colored pencil, & silver acrylic on Bristol Board.

Tags: panther gun catsuit vinyl  
Image: panther_pool_c.jpg   600x814 88256 bytes 2001.01.28

A quick, exaggerated pen sketch. Yes, the pool table is crooked, but I like\r\nhow her face turned out... Pen and ink on Bristol Board.

Image: panther_spider_c.jpg   600x796 101028 bytes 2002.10.02

Now that it's October, time for Halloween pics! This one was inspired by a lovely friend of mine who likes spiders. Prismacolor markers and colored pencils with Micron pen on Bristol Board. Copyright 2002 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: panther_vintage_c.jpg   600x429 77210 bytes 2007.02.11

Vintage Panther

Marker drawing of a panther based on a pose from a vintage postcard. Drawn in 2005, never edited for online. Copyright 2005 Bridget E. Wilde.

Tags: panther lingerie  
Image: pig_flying_c.jpg   600x429 93182 bytes 2007.02.11

Year of the Flying Pig

Drawn to celebrate the Year of the Pig. (This was also used for my holiday cards - an appropriate image, given how rarely people hear from me!) Ink on Bristol. Copyright 2007 Bridget E. Wilde.

Tags: pig winged flying  
Image: puma_yama_c.jpg   600x773 97483 bytes 2001.08.25

A mountain climbing mountain lion :) Prismacolor markers and colored pencils \r\non Bristol Board, copyright (C)2001 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: rabbit_spiral_c.jpg   600x763 101198 bytes 2002.08.22

Reupload of re-edited image (2001). This is based on a particularly frightening piece of lingerie currently\r\navailable from Frederick's of Hollywood. I figured only a bunny could get away with it. Prismacolor pencils on Bristol Board.\r\n

Image: raccoon_thief_c.jpg   500x654 72581 bytes 2004.09.24

Art for Conifur. A raccoon thief admiring her swag in the early dawn under a full moon. Marker and colored pencil with Micron pen on Bristol Board.

Image: skunk_double_happiness_c.jpg   600x761 116744 bytes 2002.06.26

"Double Happiness - Double Date" Art for the Anthrocon art show. My two skunkettes Dahlia and Orchid dressed up in cheongsams for their double date. The Chinese medallion behind them is the "Double Happiness" symbol (two of the "Happiness" character side by side). In addition to signing my name, I also added my calligraphy signature, two characters that sound sort of like my middle name. Prismacolor markers and colored pencils with Micron pen and gold gel-pen accents on Bristol Board. Copyright 2002 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: skunk_on_wall_c.gif   400x600 14313 bytes 2003.07.14

Skunk on a wall, done for Anthrocon. India ink on Bristol board, 4"x6". Copyright 2003 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: skunk_orchid_egl_c.jpg   500x625 88607 bytes 2005.07.07

Skunkette Orchid in Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion. Marker and colored pencil, with a little white acrylic, on Bristol Board. Copyright 2005 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: skunk_truffles_c.jpg   700x542 98533 bytes 2002.08.22

Reupload of re-edited picture (January 2001). Dahlia just got her Valentine's Day gift - Godiva Truffles. She might be inclined to share - but I wouldn't :) Colored pencils and ink on Bristol Board.\r\n

Image: snowleopard_boudoir_c.jpg   600x775 112634 bytes 2001.02.28

A snowleopard demurely covers herself with a bit of drapery, in a boudoir setting.\r\nInk and Prismacolor pencils on Bristol Board.

Image: squirrel_ballpit_c.jpg   600x781 130530 bytes 2002.08.23

Reupload of re-edited image (2001). I took my children to a party at Chuck "E" Cheese's this past weekend, and amidst the horror that it entailed, I managed to sketch my toddler in the ballpit. We call her "squirrel" because of her lil' squirrel cheeks, and so this was the final result. Prismacolor pencils on Bristol Board. Copyright 2001 Bridget E. Wilde.\r\n

Image: squirrel_lingerie_c.jpg   600x748 109849 bytes 2001.01.30

More frightening lingerie from Frederick's of Hollywood... This one worn by\r\na peppy little quirrel. Pencil on Bristol Board.

Image: talic.jpg   600x779 112444 bytes 2001.09.26

A commission done for M. Mitchell Marmel of Tali Hartoh-Mason. Few are aware \r\nthat Tali is a guest-lecturer on Chemistry at the Wilde Home for Wayward \r\nCatgirls; she is shown here in the classroom with an apple from her students,\r\nand a stack of love-letters from the students of the neighboring boys' school. \r\nPrismacolor markers and colored pencils with Micron pen on Bristol Board. Tali \r\nis the creation and property of M. Mitchell Marmel; artwork copyright (C) 2001\r\nBridget E. Wilde.

Image: tanuki_chan_c.jpg   600x748 157454 bytes 2001.01.28

A cute girl tanuki stands outside a bamboo forest with her huge jar of\r\nsake. Her sleeves are tied back for convenience, and she looks far too\r\nsweet to EVER be a trickster... Do you trust her? Aquarelle pencils\r\nand wash on watercolor paper.

Image: thylacine_twins_final.jpg   500x647 89489 bytes 2005.11.10

A commission done for Andrew Murray of his characters Katrina and Dean, twin Tasmanian Tigers (Thylacines). Marker and colored pencil with pen on Bristol Board. Katrina and Dean are the intellectual property of Andrew Murray; artwork copyright 2005 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: tiger_contemplation_c.jpg   600x476 119026 bytes 2004.11.19

"Contemplation" A piece inspired by the works of Theresa Mather, done for Midwest Furfest 2004. Pose from a vintage pinup. The wings are based on the female red-tailed hawk. Marker and colored pencils with Micron pen and gold leaf (!) on Bristol Board. 2004 Bridget E. Wilde

Image: tiger_fatima_c.jpg   600x778 109058 bytes 2001.01.22

A belly-dancing tigress. This was done very quickly, as a break from one\r\nof my detailed pencil pieces - I needed some COLOR in my life! Markers, ink,\r\nand gold ink on Bristol Board.

Image: tiger_imp_c.jpg   500x355 104892 bytes 2006.10.24

A tigress dressed as a succubus or imp for Halloween - but is it really a costume? Marker and colored pencil with micron pen on Bristol Board, 7" x 5". Copyright 2006 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: tiger_opal_c.jpg   600x815 102956 bytes 2002.07.09

Another figure loosely based on a vintage French postcard, done for Anthrocon. Prismacolor markers and colored pencils with Micron pen on Bristol Board. Copyright 2002 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: tiger_poem_c.jpg   600x475 115773 bytes 2003.04.18

Illuminated quote from William Blake. Done for the Confurence art show. Markers, pen, and gold gel pen on Bristol Board. Copyright 2003 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: tiger_wrap_c.jpg   500x641 103672 bytes 2003.05.01

An experiment with paper layered on top of a drawing. Done for the Confurence art show. Prismacolor markers, colored pencils, and micron pen on Bristol Board with scrapbooking paper overlay. Copyright 2003 Bridget E. Wilde.

Image: witch_little_c.jpg   600x777 100500 bytes 2001.08.25

Okay, so she's not furry; I'm watching my percentages :) Just a little garden \r\nwitch, loosely based on my daughter. Copyright (C) 2001 Bridget E. Wilde

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