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Image: MaliceE1.jpg   440x654 46432 bytes 2000.09.24

Maliiiice... Lead singer of ZHA, and myself as a furry after dressing up in my stage gear. Yvie likes her. :D Malice, art Me\n

Image: Kalaro.jpg   500x754 62818 bytes 2000.09.24

What the hell is this!?! ...TMNT fan character! Gasp! ...Hmm, his name's Kalaro. Don't ask me what corner of my ass I pulled that from, but I kind of like it. Kalaro and art Me, TMNT concept Eastman and Laird\n

Image: Ignite.jpg   418x790 41921 bytes 2000.09.24

Ignite Zetharex, part of ZHA. He's my friend Chris' character. Isn't he great? He stole my boots! o.@ Ignite Chris Faber, Art Me\n

Image: SashRain.jpg   530x628 63612 bytes 2000.08.03

More of the fetter. ^_^ Mrrrrr... The poem and such just seemed to describe her. It rains a lot in Michigan. I like the way this came out. Dabbled in a new shade-ish technique. Sasha Yvie, Art Me.\n

Image: Sasha.jpg   378x606 36067 bytes 2000.08.03

Sasha th' fetter! ^_~ A rather nice pencil shaded pic I did of Yvie's character. I'm glad she liked it. Unfortunately I drew her in a dress. At least it's not a slutty one. :P Gomen, Yvie. *Huggle* Sash Yvie Schroeder, Art Me.\n

Image: Sabine01.jpg   448x724 57029 bytes 2000.08.03

Sabine, a character I created for Jessi Levine.. Who is a wonderful writer and artist I might add. She has a spot on Elfwood. GO LAZY BITCHES! Sabine Jessi n' partially m'self. Art Me.\n

Image: NeOQuits.jpg   442x630 27009 bytes 2000.08.03

This is rare, a purely pencil piece from me. Drawn a couple nights ago, born from depression and anger, including frustration. Still... I'm alright now. Not quitting. NeO and Art Me\n

Image: Infekt01.jpg   442x336 26647 bytes 2000.08.03

One of my handles on YiffNet, Infekted. I finally decided to make her a complete character. She's a white n' rabid wolf although she doesn't look like it. She likes to gnaw on things. Hee... Art and Infekted Me\n

Image: EmAngel1.jpg   482x508 33073 bytes 2000.08.03

Emerald Fox and Angel of Death. Don't they make a cute couple? I should draw more pics of these two together. :) Emerald Himself, Angel OD Mr. Bendixen, Art Me.\n

Image: SNCOLOR.jpg   471x478 43575 bytes 2000.07.24

NeOSas13.jpg, but done in colour. A picture I sent to Yvie with a letter, and she scanned. Danke, Yvie! o.o; *Random hug* Art, colouring, NeO Me. Sasha, scanning job ^_~ Yvie. \n

Image: ZorroAzu.jpg   586x714 54399 bytes 2000.07.24

Zorro Azul, background artist extrordinaire, and a nice person to talk to. Glad he likes. Art Me, Zorro Azul Himself/his player\n

Image: NeOSas13.jpg   434x476 29071 bytes 2000.07.24

Image: NeOSas12.jpg   448x546 48759 bytes 2000.07.24

Hmmm... Sash looks like she's howling. All upset when I drew this and the song I was listening to (the lyrics give it away) just fueled it. Don't like the style I dipped into when I drew NeO. :/ Lyrics Type O Negative, Art and NeO Me, Sasha Yvie\n

Image: NeOSas11.jpg   596x564 65353 bytes 2000.07.24

Image: Malice.jpg   466x706 70356 bytes 2000.07.24

Malice Darksilver... AKA Dark Malice. It's my stage costume for my band. Beware... I shall shatter your minds soon with my CD. *Grins and plots* Lyrics Moonspell, Art and Malice Me.\n

Image: HumanNeO.jpg   326x661 28671 bytes 2000.07.24

NeO, as a human, finished. I don't like this one too much, but it works. :P NeO (even human) Me Art Me... And that goes for the Burden pic too. If you steal, I'm gonna gut you, string your insides with Christmas lights, plug you in then watch you gloooooow. >.<\n

Image: Burden01.jpg   458x736 44006 bytes 2000.07.24

Buuuurden! A great artist, and a pretty nice guy. I felt like drawing his char. Y'know, there aren't too many porcupines out there from my experience. Hmmm... Burden Himself/his player (I forget names) c.c\n

Image: Bodies.jpg   532x688 47132 bytes 2000.07.24

Wahahahahaha.... Inside joke. NeO hides a body, Sash has a problem with her "strategy". Yvie also drew her version of this, I'll upload momentarily. o.o; NeO and art Me, Sasha Yvie, Emerald Fox (albeit -dead-... Hey, don't freak, Tristan. ^_~) Himself\n

Image: ShKa0002.jpg   420x564 36262 bytes 2000.07.14

Lala... Quickly scribbled I-didn't-care-about-the-inking pic o' Shanya and Katakana. *Shrug* I wish it were September already! ...Mephit! :D Art and Kata Me, Shay/Shanya Rula.\n

Image: ShKa0001.jpg   404x714 45438 bytes 2000.07.13

Shay and Kata... :P Beep! Aren't they cute? Heee.... Shay/Shanya Rula Hassoun, Kata/Katakana Me. Art is also Me.\n

Image: Katakana.jpg   505x730 32938 bytes 2000.07.13

My ancient fox character changed into a human. ...My friend gave her the name, don't ask meee. :P Fel seems to like her. c.c Maybe that goes for Shay too. *L* Anyway... Art, Katakana Shirou Me\n

Image: Seth.jpg   606x808 111892 bytes 2000.07.03

Sasha as a guy. Something I sent to Yvie and she scanned. Anatomy studies are nifty. Art Me, Seth/Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: NeOSas10.jpg   608x712 51626 bytes 2000.07.03

10 of these already. ...Eh, it's NeO carrying a ferret-grrl on her back. Piggyback rides are fun, damnit! :D Uh... La! Art and NeO Me, Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: CNeOSeep.jpg   402x326 18082 bytes 2000.07.03

Yvie thought it was kawaii... I say "whatever". :P What I do when I'm bored at work. Issa weirdass chibi NeO hugging and biting (?) a Sasha plush. Fuuuun. Art, NeO Me, Sasha Yvie Schroeder.\n

Image: BuffNeTC.jpg   600x732 73580 bytes 2000.07.03

...Uhh... Yeah. o.o Lyrics The Cure/Robert Smith, Buff Alison McCoy, Art and NeO Me.\n

Image: BuffNeDM.jpg   534x724 46952 bytes 2000.06.19

Yatta. ...Old pic. Art, NeO Me. Buff Alison McCoy. Lyrics Depeche Mode\n

Image: Wylde001.jpg   490x734 45919 bytes 2000.06.19

Brightly coloured (colour scheme, anyway) slightly less-beefier-than-I-usually-draw-them echidna wild guy, Wylde. O.o ...Umm... Yeah, that's about all there is to it. Art, Wylde Me\n

Image: NeOSas08.jpg   584x786 87207 bytes 2000.06.19

Depeche Mode lyrics. ...*Sigh* o.o Art, NeO Me. Sasha Yvie Schroeder.\n

Image: NeOSas09.jpg   552x680 53525 bytes 2000.06.19

Another one. Art, NeO Me. Sasha Yvie Schroeder.\n

Image: Sonnet31.jpg   638x552 65013 bytes 2000.06.19

NeO with a flamerose and one of my favourite sonnets. It means a lot to me. ...I just hope she knows how much. Art, Character Me. Sonnet XXXI William Shakespeare\n

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