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Image: NeOPoseC.jpg   622x806 88764 bytes 2000.06.19

NeO_RaVeR posing and such. ...In colour! :D ..Done 'cuz there's been an interest in how she's coloured. So there you go. o.o Art, Character Me.\n

Image: Isis0001.jpg   302x526 25362 bytes 2000.06.19

A Godsawful rendition of Yvie's char Isis. I kind of forgot what ocelot markings look't like. c.c; Gomen. Art Me, Isis Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: Torture.jpg   578x764 59330 bytes 2000.06.19

"...Being apart like this makes no sense. ...And is... Torture." ...The top was excessively lightened when it got run through the scanner. If anyone wants to know what it says, ask me. -_-; Art, Char, etc... Except for the quote to the left which is Pink Floyd Me\n

Image: NeOPose1.jpg   622x806 74103 bytes 2000.06.03

Lalalalalala... Uh, this is a pic of NeO_RaVeR posing or something. O.o; ...Coloured version will be upped after this. This was drawn after I got back to Grosse Pointe from a performance in Detroit (vacation. Yum.). Art and char Me. ...If you steal, you die. It's as simple as that.\n

Image: SashYvie.jpg   564x460 65800 bytes 2000.06.01

Pink Floyd lyrics!! Here's the Yvie-grrl and her char Sasha... Hooded sweatshirt madness. :P Art Me, Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: NeOSas06.jpg   634x812 70440 bytes 2000.06.01

NeO carries a somewhat out of it Sasha. ^_^ Just a spiritual (almost) kind of drawing. NeO and Art Me, Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: NeOSas07.jpg   817x525 77830 bytes 2000.06.01

NeO an' Sash again. It's a somewhat wingy hug/snuggle thing. Yay! NeO and Art Me, Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: ZellD157.jpg   538x733 51153 bytes 2000.06.01

A picture of a Zell cat. :P Was thinking of Buff when I named the file, and drew it for her in specific. ...There you go. Zell Dincht Squaresoft, Art Me\n

Image: SynaEve1.jpg   446x586 38797 bytes 2000.06.01

Synaaaaa! ...Eve. :P This chick's nifty, and did a good rend of NeO with her spider, which I shall upload soon. Syna Eve's Ru Griffin, Art Me\n

Image: NeOChibi.jpg   482x690 53928 bytes 2000.06.01

NeO done up all wannabe chibi. ...Don't ask. o.o;; NeO_RaVeR, Art Me\n

Image: Kazu0001.jpg   565x746 55609 bytes 2000.06.01

Kazuyuki Kuwabara. Another member of RXZN. There's more info in the fanfic on him, and even more in the upcoming team artail profile. Kazuyuki, Art Me\n

Image: NeO_DeM1.jpg   572x728 48127 bytes 2000.05.18

First in my "Deus ex Machina" series of drawings. Featuring NeO. It was all inspired by this weird feeling I get sometimes where I feel entirely mechanical. ...Don't look at me like that. NeO Me\n

Image: Gemetzel.jpg   556x812 61799 bytes 2000.05.18

Gemetzel, my Tekkaman fan character. For those of you who don't know, gemetzel means "carnage" in German. And this picture kind of... sucks. Oh well. Gemetzel Me\n

Image: NeOSas05.jpg   596x764 67669 bytes 2000.04.29

Eh... I don't like this one very much. x.x Ah well, I'll probably colour it. NeO, Art Brittney Troost. Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: NeOSas04.jpg   628x762 87530 bytes 2000.04.29

Anybody know what the lyrics are from for this one? Mail me, and I'll do an exchange, and you won't have to draw me. I'll even send you the original. (Yeah right, as if anybody wants me to draw them. ^_~) NeO, Art Brittney "I'm gonna murder.. stuff" Troost. Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: NeOSas03.jpg   582x702 54746 bytes 2000.04.29

Cute. ...Very cute. ...So unbelievably cute, I feel all light and fuzzy. ...As I did during this RP. Hahahaha. :D Art and NeO Me, Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: NeOSas02.jpg   618x778 90646 bytes 2000.04.29

A picture of NeO and Sasha kissing... Oooo... And a little note on the side. Seems to be the standard for pics like this one these days for me. Ah well. ^_^ Art and NeO Me, Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: BRoKeN-FiXeD.jpg   480x499 27766 bytes 2000.04.16

BRoKeN-FiXeD, Neonix's knightress in shining armour in the Xenon Zero saga who eventually takes the place of Charger. This a pretty old image, but I still like it. *Yawn* BTW, I'll get the other files of Xenon Zero up soon. ...When I feel like it. ...Anyway... Art and char Me, inspired by album titles of Trent Reznor's.\n

Image: Khonsu01.jpg   566x798 59770 bytes 2000.04.16

Revolutionary Crusader Khonsu. ...Based on a dream I had last night that absolutely kicked ass. It was where I was part of a team of Crusaders against monsters and aliens. ...I think it was inspired by too much Tekkaman Blade II, Ronin Warriors (the similarities are unintentional), and M.D. Geist. I loved the dream so much that I kept falling asleep to continue it. ...Hmmm... Maybe I'll have to start a manga and RP based on it. Any feedback is appreciated.\n

Image: Savannah.jpg   544x762 54500 bytes 2000.04.09

Savannah-Marie, a somewhat old character created back during Sonic 3. Since then, she's been written as a guardian force, (NeO)Neonix's to be exact, and a surrogate mother figure since NeO's died when she was 5. Savannah-Marie was drawn from Xenon Zero in their first true fight/encounter. ...BTW, you can all find Savannah-Marie on FluffMUCK. ^_^ Savannah-Marie, Art Me\n

Image: BuffNe11.jpg   520x694 71893 bytes 2000.04.04

It's Buff and NeO_RaVeR again! :D ..Looks like NeO's doing her usual flirting and flattering. Hee... I like this one, came out rather well. Art and NeO Me. ...Buff's the lovely Alison McCoy. *Breathless whisper* Yesss.... Aaaaalisoooooonnnn... ^_~;\n

Image: Kozik001.jpg   372x652 31588 bytes 2000.04.04

My part of a pic exchange with DLM X-13. It's her character Kozik, he's a hip-hip sort of bear. ...But I made him look femme. x.x ...Kill me. Kozik Elaine Will (who's elsewhere on the VCL, I might add) Art Me.\n

Image: BuffNe10.jpg   590x794 87682 bytes 2000.04.03

A pic of Buff and NeO before they broke up, with the lyrics to Rammstein's "Kuss Mich". NeO Me, Buff Alison.

Image: BuffNe9.jpg   648x820 100620 bytes 2000.03.31

Cute. NeO nuzzling Buff. :P NeO Me, Buff Alison.

Image: Ruin0001.jpg   568x720 66669 bytes 2000.03.30

Runestar's male form... His name's "Ruin" I think. x.x I don't know. Anyway, this char's Sabrina O'Neal. No steal. And yes, the art's Me.\n

Image: NeOSas01.jpg   392x677 51544 bytes 2000.03.24

Oh my God! It completely SUCKS! *Wretch* ...Oy, sorry Yvie... It's the first time I tried to draw Sasha. Erf, I'm gonna need to re-do this... I like the KMFDM shirt, though. ^_^ NeO Brittney T. // Sasha (a ferret!) Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: Suhrim01.jpg   442x722 54061 bytes 2000.03.23

Suhrim, made into a furry. He's one of the fifty names of Marduk Kurios in the Necronomicon. One of the most niftiest drawings I've ever done in my opinion. Hmmm... Furry version and art Me.\n

Image: Runestar.jpg   554x752 65705 bytes 2000.03.19

A pic of the always and forever awesome Sabrina's character, Runestar. For once, I don't think I screwed up too badly on it. :P Anyway, the barcode thingy is actually a font. Not too sure that if you scan it it'll come out that way... Maybe I'm just stupid. Anyway... Art Me, Runestar Sabrina O'Neal <--- Whom I promised to... I won't forget, grrl.\n

Image: NeOHang.jpg   508x752 43024 bytes 2000.03.14

NeO_RaVeR hanging on a bar by her foot. *L* ...She seems to be rather agile. Or something. O.o NeO Me.\n

Image: NeOHell1.jpg   636x812 107547 bytes 2000.03.14

Hellknight NeO. NeO_RaVeR's further demonized self... And the more sexual/carnal desires made real. Hmmm.... I kind of like this one. Hellknight NeO Me.\n

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