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Image: NeOSas07.jpg   817x525 77830 bytes 2000.06.01

NeO an' Sash again. It's a somewhat wingy hug/snuggle thing. Yay! NeO and Art Me, Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: NeOSas08.jpg   584x786 87207 bytes 2000.06.19

Depeche Mode lyrics. ...*Sigh* o.o Art, NeO Me. Sasha Yvie Schroeder.\n

Image: NeOSas09.jpg   552x680 53525 bytes 2000.06.19

Another one. Art, NeO Me. Sasha Yvie Schroeder.\n

Image: NeOSas10.jpg   608x712 51626 bytes 2000.07.03

10 of these already. ...Eh, it's NeO carrying a ferret-grrl on her back. Piggyback rides are fun, damnit! :D Uh... La! Art and NeO Me, Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: NeOSas11.jpg   596x564 65353 bytes 2000.07.24

Image: NeOSas12.jpg   448x546 48759 bytes 2000.07.24

Hmmm... Sash looks like she's howling. All upset when I drew this and the song I was listening to (the lyrics give it away) just fueled it. Don't like the style I dipped into when I drew NeO. :/ Lyrics Type O Negative, Art and NeO Me, Sasha Yvie\n

Image: NeOSas13.jpg   434x476 29071 bytes 2000.07.24

Image: NeOSpade.jpg   454x636 43729 bytes 2000.02.25

NeO charging and getting ready to use "Wild Spade", an attack that leaves a bunch of energy blades around her fist... If she charges it long enough, however, it inflicts massive damage as a projectile. Yatta! Enough ranting on that subject. ...I really need some requests. *Hint* NeO and the attack Me.\n

Image: NeOStand.jpg   428x672 42762 bytes 2000.02.25

Whoa! ..It looks like she's not too pissed off. Hooray. I really like the rock and the grass in this picture... :P NeO Homicidal Spoon-Worshipper (Me.)\n

Image: NeuesNeO.jpg   648x820 106511 bytes 2001.02.25

I like this pic lots. I like the hand. NO, I didn't mean to intrude on anybody's "hand-wrapping" idea. NeO recently kind of got... Uhh, buried alive. Her body was pseudo-mummified in the story I'm writing. And she got her other hand cut off. ...So... I kept the wraps as a reminder. NeO Me.

Image: Noir.jpg   632x772 71096 bytes 2001.02.25

Darkangel Noir. Yes, that means "Darkangel Black". It's her code name. c.c; She likes guns, she does. She also likes business suits. Noir Me.

Image: Non-Anth_Rage.jpg   388x696 43099 bytes 2001.12.29

...Yeah. Rage. Sorry I haven't uploaded much. For the oh, about 2 people that care. :P ...Anyway, there's more to come, including an anthro version of this guy here. Oh, and lovely ringtails. And other such things. Ahh, anyway... If you know who this guy is, what he's from, e-mail me, n' get a prize. ._. Fanart/image is Brittney Troost

Image: NRFall.jpg   488x645 36529 bytes 1999.12.01

Fallout!!! ...Kind of old picture, but I think it's okay. Ministry lyrics. ...Mmmmm... Fallout Matt Page\n

Image: NRFall2.jpg   600x594 27285 bytes 1999.12.01

Fallout with his mechanical leg and his mechanical dread on the right side... Without angel or demon wings. This one's newer than the prev. I redid the leg because I just couldn't do it in his way. It looks weird.\r\nFallout Matt Page\n

Image: Ralau.gif   648x816 100660 bytes 2002.06.30

This is my newest character, a tiger shark named "Ralau". He was inspired by Sea World shark plushes, and random bouts of obsession with sharks. Ralau, and image are the intellectual property of Brittney Troost, 2002.

Image: Raynie.jpg   536x644 40051 bytes 2000.11.19

Raaaayne. ...Nice guy. o.o Evil too. Rayne is Derek Wise\n

Image: Ruin0001.jpg   568x720 66669 bytes 2000.03.30

Runestar's male form... His name's "Ruin" I think. x.x I don't know. Anyway, this char's Sabrina O'Neal. No steal. And yes, the art's Me.\n

Image: Runestar.jpg   554x752 65705 bytes 2000.03.19

A pic of the always and forever awesome Sabrina's character, Runestar. For once, I don't think I screwed up too badly on it. :P Anyway, the barcode thingy is actually a font. Not too sure that if you scan it it'll come out that way... Maybe I'm just stupid. Anyway... Art Me, Runestar Sabrina O'Neal <--- Whom I promised to... I won't forget, grrl.\n

Image: Ryaku.jpg   412x638 49637 bytes 2000.11.02

Ryaku! Oldoldold char I decided to give a revamp to. I like it. It was done in school, which explains the liiiines. :/ Ryaku and art Me\n

Image: Sabine01.jpg   448x724 57029 bytes 2000.08.03

Sabine, a character I created for Jessi Levine.. Who is a wonderful writer and artist I might add. She has a spot on Elfwood. GO LAZY BITCHES! Sabine Jessi n' partially m'self. Art Me.\n

Image: Sascha01.jpg   372x666 35421 bytes 2000.02.26

*Drool attack* ...It's Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM... Furry-ized. Aieeeee... o.o Sascha is Well, Sascha. ...The furry version of him/idea/image/you know what I mean Me.\n

Image: SaschaC.jpg   372x666 355468 bytes 2000.02.26

Done in Windows Paintbrush... Took me forever, and my eyes n' clicking finger hurt now... ...What I do for Sascha. ^_^ *Obsessed* Sascha furry version Himself an' I.\n

Image: Sash-NeO-Bitten.jpg   576x612 65713 bytes 2002.06.30

Something interesting. Neonix has gone through a few changes about halfway through Xenon Cube. She still retains a frightening love of Sasha (although Sasha would never love her back in the way she wishes. ...Just to clarify for all of you... :P), which has turned somewhat morbid for this pic. I'd like to think that the story behind this is that Neonix assaults Sasha and "gives" (rather, forces on her...) her a shot at immortality. Neonix and art are copyrighted to Brittney Troost, 2002. Sasha is the intellectual property of Yvie Schroeder.

Image: Sasha.jpg   378x606 36067 bytes 2000.08.03

Sasha th' fetter! ^_~ A rather nice pencil shaded pic I did of Yvie's character. I'm glad she liked it. Unfortunately I drew her in a dress. At least it's not a slutty one. :P Gomen, Yvie. *Huggle* Sash Yvie Schroeder, Art Me.\n

Image: SashDemn.jpg   432x608 37027 bytes 2000.11.02

Isha demon Sasha. o.o ...Ahhh, the innocent turned evil. ^_^ You have to love it. Sasha Yvie Schroeder, art me.\n

Image: SashRain.jpg   530x628 63612 bytes 2000.08.03

More of the fetter. ^_^ Mrrrrr... The poem and such just seemed to describe her. It rains a lot in Michigan. I like the way this came out. Dabbled in a new shade-ish technique. Sasha Yvie, Art Me.\n

Image: SashYvie.jpg   564x460 65800 bytes 2000.06.01

Pink Floyd lyrics!! Here's the Yvie-grrl and her char Sasha... Hooded sweatshirt madness. :P Art Me, Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: Savannah.jpg   544x762 54500 bytes 2000.04.09

Savannah-Marie, a somewhat old character created back during Sonic 3. Since then, she's been written as a guardian force, (NeO)Neonix's to be exact, and a surrogate mother figure since NeO's died when she was 5. Savannah-Marie was drawn from Xenon Zero in their first true fight/encounter. ...BTW, you can all find Savannah-Marie on FluffMUCK. ^_^ Savannah-Marie, Art Me\n

Image: Seth.jpg   606x808 111892 bytes 2000.07.03

Sasha as a guy. Something I sent to Yvie and she scanned. Anatomy studies are nifty. Art Me, Seth/Sasha Yvie Schroeder\n

Image: Shatter.jpg   522x620 27294 bytes 2000.09.24

Shattered poem. ...It's all disconnected and crap, much like the drawing. I don't like this one much, but either way enjoy. NeO, art, poem Me\n

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