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Image: NeORune1.jpg   648x816 104824 bytes 2000.03.05

NeO_RaVeR anna Runestar. ...Oooh. Type O Negative lyricks. I liiiike. Drawn early in th' morning. ...Not sure what else to say. NeO © Meee, you foolish bastards. Rune(Porn ^_~)star © Sabrina O'Neal (A very good artist, BTW. Check out her archive elsewhere on th' VCL.)\n

Image: SaschaC.jpg   372x666 355468 bytes 2000.02.26

Done in Windows Paintbrush... Took me forever, and my eyes n' clicking finger hurt now... ...What I do for Sascha. ^_^ *Obsessed* Sascha furry version © Himself an' I.\n

Image: Sascha01.jpg   372x666 35421 bytes 2000.02.26

*Drool attack* ...It's Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM... Furry-ized. Aieeeee... o.o Sascha is © Well, Sascha. ...The furry version of him/idea/image/you know what I mean © Me.\n

Image: NeOStand.jpg   428x672 42762 bytes 2000.02.25

Whoa! ..It looks like she's not too pissed off. Hooray. I really like the rock and the grass in this picture... :P NeO © Homicidal Spoon-Worshipper (Me.)\n

Image: NeOSpade.jpg   454x636 43729 bytes 2000.02.25

NeO charging and getting ready to use "Wild Spade", an attack that leaves a bunch of energy blades around her fist... If she charges it long enough, however, it inflicts massive damage as a projectile. Yatta! Enough ranting on that subject. ...I really need some requests. *Hint* NeO and the attack © Me.\n

Image: NeOKonie.jpg   476x686 40560 bytes 2000.02.25

NeO_RaVeR dressed up as her idol and crush (mine too.), Sascha Konietzko from KMFDM. ...I really have noooo life. ^_~ NeO © Me.\n

Image: NeORuns.jpg   564x594 38483 bytes 2000.02.17

NeO, running with a really demented grin on her face... Probably gonna nail somebody with her switchblade... comb. *LOL* That remark was for you, Lyle. ^_^ NeO © Me.\n

Image: BuffNe8.jpg   648x820 75999 bytes 2000.02.17

The first "goodbye kiss". The second one could probably be counted as the "Kuss Mich" pic. ...Uh... That is all. NeO © Me, Buff © Alison.

Image: Jane.jpg   538x662 48407 bytes 1999.12.22

It's Jaaaaaaayne. ^_^ Drew this one while listening to NIN's "Please", a song I once hated but now love. c.c ...Hmmm. Hope she likes. Jane © Sarah French, lover of all things Amanda. ^_~\n

Image: VermRev1.jpg   530x650 53103 bytes 1999.12.18

Whee. It's a Analogged revision of Amethyst Vermilion. I dun' like it. ...But anyway, here's lookin' at you, Verm. ...Or something. Verm © J.D. AKA... Verm.\n

Image: BuffNe4.jpg   414x494 40030 bytes 1999.12.13

Excessive cuddly cuteness between NeO and Buff. Aw. NeO © Me, Buff © Alison.

Image: WTHH_Buf.jpg   517x731 50727 bytes 1999.12.13

My second picture in my "What The Hell Happened" series. It's of Buff. She's © Alison.

Image: WTHH_NeO.jpg   515x687 43438 bytes 1999.12.12

The first in my "What the Hell happened" series of drawings... NeO used to be so cute. *Sigh* ...So what the Hell happened? ^_^ NeO_RaVeR © Me\n

Image: Xinoen2.jpg   592x808 49921 bytes 1999.12.04

A second picture of Xinoen. I like this one for some odd reason. I hated it when I first started it due to the lack of neatness in line art. ...But the curl of smoke and other shade-type things helped it to be better. ..Hm. Xinoen © Me\n

Image: ElizLynx.jpg   403x733 33485 bytes 1999.12.04

Time is nothing when you've nothing to lose." - Gravity Kills. This is a picture of my friend Elizabeth's anthro character... She's supposed to be a lynx, but I obviously can't draw them too well. Elizabeth © Elizabeth Seaman\n

Image: Zealot.jpg   342x476 29534 bytes 1999.12.03

My half in the picture exchange with Brittany Heyser (whose art is elsewhere on Velan/Vixen). It's her character Zealot. I actually did enjoy drawing this one! I hope she likes. Image © Me, Character, "Zealot" © Brittany H.\n

Image: NRFall2.jpg   600x594 27285 bytes 1999.12.01

Fallout with his mechanical leg and his mechanical dread on the right side... Without angel or demon wings. This one's newer than the prev. I redid the leg because I just couldn't do it in his way. It looks weird.\r\nFallout © Matt Page\n

Image: NRFall.jpg   488x645 36529 bytes 1999.12.01

Fallout!!! ...Kind of old picture, but I think it's okay. Ministry lyrics. ...Mmmmm... Fallout © Matt Page\n

Image: AnubiNeO.jpg   520x437 38381 bytes 1999.12.01

"Night makes right... Into the darkness... In the shadow of California...!"\r\nBlue Öyster Cult is very good. ...And this is a pretty good pic of NeO_RaVeR dolled up as Anubis from Ronin Warriors.\r\n\r\nRonin Warriors, Anubis is © GRAZ Entertainment. NeO_RaVeR © Myself.\n

Image: Unnamed.jpg   540x1007 75920 bytes 1999.11.30

An unnamed hedgehog character that I drew in like, 5 minutes.\r\n\r\nHe's still © Me.\n

Image: XinoenC.jpg   537x792 58021 bytes 1999.11.30

Xinoen in colour. He's bright!\r\n\r\nXinoen © Me.\n

Image: Xinoen.jpg   537x792 45911 bytes 1999.11.30

Xinoen Sebastian Ravina. ...NeO's evil brother. (Not like NeO wasn't evil enough. Compared to this guy she's squeaky clean.) ...I like the pose in this pic. Even though I left out his right hand on the pic. He's supposed to be charging up Diamond Crusher, one of his most powerful attacks. ...Er summat.\r\n\r\nXinoen © Me.\n

Image: Vermie2.jpg   448x637 43234 bytes 1999.11.28

Second better yet normal-looking picture of Amethyst Vermilion. I like this one. This pen is weird. Yatta. Amethyst Vermilion © JD\n

Image: BioHazrd.jpg   515x697 46634 bytes 1999.11.14

Biohazard. She looks like she'd be one of those butch dyke grrls. ...Hooray, another one. ^_~ BTW, this Biohazard is totally unrelated to the one you'd find elsewhere on Velan. Biohazard (the Echidna) © Me.\n

Image: CharZero.jpg   405x463 34573 bytes 1999.11.14

Charles Zero, a serious revamp of an old mage character... That *cough* happened to crash and burn as a result of events in PSC. ...I like the revamp a lot more. Charlie Zero © Me\n

Image: Iodyne.jpg   396x546 40418 bytes 1999.11.14

Iodyne Epoch, who plays a major part in the entire Tagevolker/Alter Mobius continuum. Isn't he just raz'r? Iodyne © Me.\n

Image: Thorn.jpg   321x439 25254 bytes 1999.11.14

Oooh... Be afraid of the traitorous assassin. Thorn © Me.\n

Image: Tagevolk.jpg   558x375 47321 bytes 1999.11.14

The Big Three. Leaders of the vampire clan, the Tagevolker. ...Jutaren, Klante-Li, and Knightmare Deius-Ka © Me.\n

Image: Vermie.jpg   367x504 28524 bytes 1999.11.14

So I drew a picture of Amethyst Vermilion. No big whoop. :P Amethyst Vermilion © J.D. Jadulan-O'Rear.\n

Image: FF8BufNe.gif   1256x973 231559 bytes 1999.11.12

Buff and NeO_RaVeR as Rinoa and Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. It's quite old. I love Quezacoatl. ^.o Buff © Alison McCoy, NeO_RaVeR © Me. Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly, Quezacoatl © Squaresoft.\n

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