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Image: ShKa0001.jpg   404x714 45438 bytes 2000.07.13

Shay and Kata... :P Beep! Aren't they cute? Heee.... Shay/Shanya Rula Hassoun, Kata/Katakana Me. Art is also Me.\n

Image: ShKa0002.jpg   420x564 36262 bytes 2000.07.14

Lala... Quickly scribbled I-didn't-care-about-the-inking pic o' Shanya and Katakana. *Shrug* I wish it were September already! ...Mephit! :D Art and Kata Me, Shay/Shanya Rula.\n

Image: ShroKatz.jpg   588x768 55772 bytes 2000.11.02

Shroomie. versus Katz. Katz wins. Yay. :D Shroomie anna Katz Kit Burkett, art me.\n

Image: Sieg0001.jpg   432x679 47757 bytes 2000.11.03

SIIIIIEEEEG! :P Chris likes him. Can't say I particularly blame him. Lined paper was all I had at the time. Done in pencil. He's decent. For a guy. Sieg and art me\n

Image: SINdrom.jpg   346x809 35063 bytes 2001.02.25

It seems everybody has a Jackal-ish tribute to Anubis, or Anubis like characters. I figure I'd try my hand at it. No, it's not anubis. Only looks like him. ...Eh. Egyptian-inspired I guess you can say. Her ass is sticking out at you. :P SINdrom' Me.

Image: SNCOLOR.jpg   471x478 43575 bytes 2000.07.24

NeOSas13.jpg, but done in colour. A picture I sent to Yvie with a letter, and she scanned. Danke, Yvie! o.o; *Random hug* Art, colouring, NeO Me. Sasha, scanning job ^_~ Yvie. \n

Image: SNDanke.jpg   488x680 49143 bytes 2000.09.24

NeO hugging Sash for being her angel when she's feeling down and such. Done for Yvie as a thank you. NeO, art Me Sasha Yvie\n

Image: SNSleep.jpg   582x678 61046 bytes 2000.09.24

Sleeeeep. ...Sash and NeO cuddling a little and sleeping. Aw. o.o NeO, art Me Sasha Yvie\n

Image: SNTempt.jpg   562x780 63121 bytes 2000.09.24

I drew this for an assignment, we had to draw a picture for a piece of poetry someone in the class wrote, and we traded, etc... The quote/poem snippit is Chauncey Wesley. NeO, art Me Sasha Yvie\n

Image: Sonnet31.jpg   638x552 65013 bytes 2000.06.19

NeO with a flamerose and one of my favourite sonnets. It means a lot to me. ...I just hope she knows how much. Art, Character Me. Sonnet XXXI William Shakespeare\n

Image: Suhrim01.jpg   442x722 54061 bytes 2000.03.23

Suhrim, made into a furry. He's one of the fifty names of Marduk Kurios in the Necronomicon. One of the most niftiest drawings I've ever done in my opinion. Hmmm... Furry version and art Me.\n

Image: SynaEve1.jpg   446x586 38797 bytes 2000.06.01

Synaaaaa! ...Eve. :P This chick's nifty, and did a good rend of NeO with her spider, which I shall upload soon. Syna Eve's Ru Griffin, Art Me\n

Image: Tagevolk.jpg   558x375 47321 bytes 1999.11.14

The Big Three. Leaders of the vampire clan, the Tagevolker. ...Jutaren, Klante-Li, and Knightmare Deius-Ka Me.\n

Image: Takahiro.jpg   614x701 55683 bytes 2001.02.25

Takahiro, my scorpion guy. I really like this pic. I like his hair. I might colour this. Takahiro Me.

Image: TheGoddess.jpg   392x470 30762 bytes 2001.10.02

The Goddess. Part of the Xenon Zero RPG. She interacts with furries. This is not a pointless human pic. ;P ...In any case, The Goddess is based off of Yvie Schroeder. The art, and initial character design was created by Brittney Troost.

Image: Thorn.jpg   321x439 25254 bytes 1999.11.14

Oooh... Be afraid of the traitorous assassin. Thorn Me.\n

Image: Torture.jpg   578x764 59330 bytes 2000.06.19

"...Being apart like this makes no sense. ...And is... Torture." ...The top was excessively lightened when it got run through the scanner. If anyone wants to know what it says, ask me. -_-; Art, Char, etc... Except for the quote to the left which is Pink Floyd Me\n

Image: Unnamed.jpg   540x1007 75920 bytes 1999.11.30

An unnamed hedgehog character that I drew in like, 5 minutes.\r\n\r\nHe's still Me.\n

Image: Vega0001.jpg   354x660 32454 bytes 2000.09.24

Vegaaaaaa... My pet ferret iRL as an anthro ferret done in Sash ferret style. It's not bad, but I think I'll change him around more. Vega (his furry self), art Me. Vega His parents. c.c\n

Image: VegaWhoo.jpg   544x738 56576 bytes 2001.04.30

This pose was done from looking at Chris while he was sitting down... I figured it'd make a decent odd pose/crouch type thing. Yes, yes, the katakana is semi-incorrect... But... Ahh... I'm trying to learn. :P Be quiet. Vega and Art Me

Image: Vermie.jpg   367x504 28524 bytes 1999.11.14

So I drew a picture of Amethyst Vermilion. No big whoop. :P Amethyst Vermilion J.D. Jadulan-O'Rear.\n

Image: Vermie2.jpg   448x637 43234 bytes 1999.11.28

Second better yet normal-looking picture of Amethyst Vermilion. I like this one. This pen is weird. Yatta. Amethyst Vermilion JD\n

Image: VermRev1.jpg   530x650 53103 bytes 1999.12.18

Whee. It's a Analogged revision of Amethyst Vermilion. I dun' like it. ...But anyway, here's lookin' at you, Verm. ...Or something. Verm J.D. AKA... Verm.\n

Image: WTHH_Buf.jpg   517x731 50727 bytes 1999.12.13

My second picture in my "What The Hell Happened" series. It's of Buff. She's Alison.

Image: WTHH_NeO.jpg   515x687 43438 bytes 1999.12.12

The first in my "What the Hell happened" series of drawings... NeO used to be so cute. *Sigh* ...So what the Hell happened? ^_^ NeO_RaVeR Me\n

Image: Wylde001.jpg   490x734 45919 bytes 2000.06.19

Brightly coloured (colour scheme, anyway) slightly less-beefier-than-I-usually-draw-them echidna wild guy, Wylde. O.o ...Umm... Yeah, that's about all there is to it. Art, Wylde Me\n

Image: Xinoen.jpg   537x792 45911 bytes 1999.11.30

Xinoen Sebastian Ravina. ...NeO's evil brother. (Not like NeO wasn't evil enough. Compared to this guy she's squeaky clean.) ...I like the pose in this pic. Even though I left out his right hand on the pic. He's supposed to be charging up Diamond Crusher, one of his most powerful attacks. ...Er summat.\r\n\r\nXinoen Me.\n

Image: Xinoen2.jpg   592x808 49921 bytes 1999.12.04

A second picture of Xinoen. I like this one for some odd reason. I hated it when I first started it due to the lack of neatness in line art. ...But the curl of smoke and other shade-type things helped it to be better. ..Hm. Xinoen Me\n

Image: XinoenC.jpg   537x792 58021 bytes 1999.11.30

Xinoen in colour. He's bright!\r\n\r\nXinoen Me.\n

Image: Zealot.jpg   342x476 29534 bytes 1999.12.03

My half in the picture exchange with Brittany Heyser (whose art is elsewhere on Velan/Vixen). It's her character Zealot. I actually did enjoy drawing this one! I hope she likes. Image Me, Character, "Zealot" Brittany H.\n

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