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Image: Zeichen-Full-Costume.jpg   648x816 67783 bytes 2002.03.10

Zeichen/Vega's final costume, IE, his ceremonial garb. He doesn't normally wear all of it, nonetheless, it was inspired by samurai reference, partial mortal kombat, a bit of chinese garb, and kickboxing/martial arts supply. I wonder what I've missed on the VCL, I haven't been checking recents much lately. Zeichen "Vega" Drachenlein is the intellectual property of Brittney Troost, 2000-2002

Image: ZellD157.jpg   538x733 51153 bytes 2000.06.01

A picture of a Zell cat. :P Was thinking of Buff when I named the file, and drew it for her in specific. ...There you go. Zell Dincht Squaresoft, Art Me\n

Image: ZorroAzu.jpg   586x714 54399 bytes 2000.07.24

Zorro Azul, background artist extrordinaire, and a nice person to talk to. Glad he likes. Art Me, Zorro Azul Himself/his player\n

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