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Image: GD2K_-_Kayana_Color_Ex.jpg   380x800 79244 bytes 2003.02.08

This is an image I did of my GD2K character, Kayana. It was sent to Monthly Original Bishoujo for their Valentine's Day Omake (2003). The omake went as follows. Everyone submits a character. Everyone is assigned another person's character to draw. Those new drawings are made into Valentine's Day cards. This image serves as a good example of what Kayana (with Anessa) looks like, and I'm especially fond of the costume design on this one.

Image: GD2K_-_Mouse_in_Cleavage.jpg   502x680 149846 bytes 2003.02.10

Here's another picture of Kayana, and an adorable one at that. The little mouse in the picture is another character from the GD2K, named Daniel (in an alternate form). As an OOC running gag, Daniel would turn into a mouse and get comfortable in Kayana's cleavage.

Image: Original_-_Autumn.jpg   500x651 72226 bytes 2003.02.10

This is a slightly older sketch I did of an original bunny girl character. I've tweaked her character design a little bit recently, the most notable of changes being to her hair. Overall, she has a 'fall season' theme going on, hence her name, the football, the leaves, and if this were in color she'd most definitely be done up in reds, browns, and oranges.

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