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Image: BubbleDrag.gif   250x286 22895 bytes 2003.06.11

I'm not dead! Just kinda not-alive on the art front.\r\n\r\nBubble Dragon. Inside joke, but still cute.

Image: raksha_sterling.jpg   411x543 75915 bytes 2002.06.30

Re-upload, with a request...\r\n\r\nThis pic was drawn from a cologne/perfume ad. If anyone knows where I can find this ad, or can scan it for me, please please PLEASE email me. Thank ya muchly.

Image: MarioSterling.jpg   531x578 103648 bytes 2002.04.28

Old piccie from Feb 2001... Just found it the other day. I gotta clean out my sketchbooks more often. \r\n\r\nImage Bullet, and all that.

Image: Malroth.jpg   600x482 56486 bytes 2002.02.03

A commissioned pic for Malroth. I need to practice drawing lions...yeesh.\r\n\r\nArt (C) Bullet\r\nMalroth (C) His player

Image: Saiban.jpg   700x649 119517 bytes 2002.02.01

This is Saiban, an RP character I did for a friend. She's a dragon/wolf.\r\n(YAY, I can do Photo Backgrounds now!!)\r\n\r\nImage (C) Bullet\r\nCharacter (C) Her player

Image: Bullet_Fight.jpg   621x890 227182 bytes 2002.01.23

RAW goes furry?\r\n\r\nThis is what happens when I'm bored, sitting alone in a coffeeshop late at night and have art supplies and a wrestling magazine close at hand. Don't let this happen to you, kids.\r\n\r\nArt (C) Bullet

Image: NightClub.jpg   811x570 140846 bytes 2002.01.22

Lots of you probably won't get this. That's ok...just look at the pretty colors. This was an (almost) true story. Don't go after other people's mates. ^_^\r\n\r\nImage (C) Bullet 2002\r\nCharacters (C) Themselves\r\n\r\nSteal and I'll eat you.

Image: BulletWAG.jpg   500x891 85359 bytes 2002.01.17

A picture I did for WAG.

Image: Lady.jpg   377x492 46587 bytes 2002.01.17

This is my dog, a springer spaniel named Lady. It took forever to get her to sit still like that, and it looks like she has human shoulders...ah well.\r\n\r\nArtwork (C) Bullet

Image: airportmeeting.jpg   1132x850 274693 bytes 2002.01.17

One of two comic pieces I did for two friends of mine, on their first IRL meeting.

Image: NakedFox2.jpg   380x664 85259 bytes 2002.01.17

A Furbid Auction piece (Number 1012384449).

Image: MechaSterling3.jpg   482x726 72046 bytes 2002.01.17

A commission done for a friend. Also, my first PhotoShopped pic. Not too shabby, I think. \r\nArtwork (C) Bullet 2002.

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