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Image: BB-AngryButt.jpg   600x534 44859 bytes 2005.01.18

This is a try. I tried to draw me angry as i can... I think i draw this good...

Image: BB-BabyFur1.jpg   949x503 100326 bytes 2005.04.19

Lol this is a private joke that i made with Num8 and Ozone Griffox. \r\nNum8 : Hey Butt, What you doin' with these scissors ?\r\nButt : I make holes in the Ozone's layer !\r\n("Couche" in french means "layer" but also "diaper" !)\r\nGot it ? LOLLLOLOOLOLOLOOLL..... Sorry <:p\r\n\r\nN░8 and Ozone Griffox are (c) themselves

Image: BB-BabyFurJade.jpg   600x434 43534 bytes 2006.01.26

Jade when she was young :p Duh the eyes looks a lil bit weird...

Image: BB-BBtemplate.jpg   1024x585 86978 bytes 2006.01.26

For those who wants to try to draw me... :p

Image: BB-Brishelle's_paws.jpg   800x640 64116 bytes 2006.04.23

I like her paws and bearings :3 i'm even completely addicted now

Image: BB-Butt_sonicked1.jpg   500x516 71008 bytes 2004.09.10

Myself drawed in a "Sonic the Hedgehog" style... I like this style... I wonder if I will draw all my future pix like that...

Image: BB-ButtJadeSonicStyle.jpg   800x520 82917 bytes 2004.09.23

Me and Jade on Sonic Style in a hug. Jade wanted so much this pic...\r\n\r\nJade is (c) Herself

Image: BB-Coyote.jpg   400x493 67906 bytes 2004.09.14

A guitarist Coyote... It rocks!!

Image: BB-Entry@VCL.jpg   600x417 36680 bytes 2004.10.03

My memorable entry to VCL. I've been so happy to entry on ! And i'm still happy to be in ^^

Image: BB-FJ_ZigZag.jpg   800x565 116735 bytes 2006.04.25

I've never seen any drawing of ZigZag footjobing someone... Maybe i'm unlucky, maybe no one had the idea before...\r\nNow here's one, duh :p Ziggy-chan have really cute feet :3

Image: BB-fox1.jpg   500x695 62850 bytes 2004.09.10

A guitarist fox. My first try in shadows effects...

Image: BB-Furmeeting1.jpg   1000x584 118793 bytes 2004.10.03

A furmeeting with me, Jade, Dofain, Quinquin, Lilie & Gary, our farting cat... Yes our cat always farting when there's a lot of people around !\r\n\r\nJade Sheppard is (c) herself\r\nDofain is (c) himself\r\nLilie Lycanthropia is (c) herself\r\nQuinquin is (c) himself\r\nGary is (c) ButtBadger

Image: BB-HeavyMetalFurres.jpg   800x597 90768 bytes 2005.01.13

Tried to draw in a new style...\r\n\r\nJade Sheppard is (c) herself

Image: BB-HoldingTails.jpg   600x598 43639 bytes 2004.10.03

Jade holding my tail wit hers... how romantic ^^\r\n\r\nJade Sheppard is (c) herself

Image: BB-jade_Artic.jpg   600x950 97624 bytes 2004.09.10

My girlfriend, Jade. Every winter, her furr change to artic furr like this... She's so cute ^^

Image: BB-JadeCrashed.jpg   800x737 90458 bytes 2006.01.26

Jade loves so much kitties that i've made this drawing :p\r\n...oh and she wears her skirt from Second Life :p

Image: BB-JadeDancing.jpg   600x764 68327 bytes 2004.10.03

Jade Sheppard, dancing with hawa´an stuff...\r\n\r\nJade Sheppard is (c) herself

Image: BB-JadePersocom.jpg   600x556 74876 bytes 2005.07.14

I wanted to draw my gf Jade Sheppard as a persocom like in the anime "Chobits"... She's cute but without the ears, that's kinda weird i think ^^\r\n\r\nPOSTED ON VCL_HORRORS...

Image: BB-JadeSocks.jpg   1080x960 234705 bytes 2006.01.26

Translation : Honey, why do you look at my feet like this?\r\n\r\nDuh yeah i'm a foot-fetish and i dare to say it... I especially like Jade's feet :3 <3

Image: BB-Loupy1.jpg   800x437 86782 bytes 2004.09.10

Loupy, a friend baby-furr, finds a funny way to use my tri coloured tail... Erf :s

Image: BB-Loupy2.jpg   500x647 75314 bytes 2004.10.03

Me holding Loupy on my shoulders ...\r\n\r\nLoupy is (c) Loupgris

Image: BB-myles1.jpg   537x429 53927 bytes 2004.09.10

Myles le Skunk is a char that i've created 3 years ago. It's my first furry creation... But...why he has got a lightsaber ?? :/

Image: BB-myself.jpg   500x595 63235 bytes 2004.09.10

It's me in my anthropomorphic form. There's a basic description of me too... ;)

Image: BB-NeonBadger.jpg   600x881 70730 bytes 2005.02.08

Myself with a weird japanese look... i like this clothes ^^

Image: BB-NeonJade.jpg   600x594 62250 bytes 2005.02.08

My girlfriend on a weird japanese look...\r\nShe's pretty mith these clothes... yummm :p

Image: BB-NigelTongue.jpg   800x809 66984 bytes 2009.04.07

Nigel is all :P

Nigel is a character from a TTA fanfiction... Since i completely made it myself i think i can post it here :p\r\n\r\nJust him sticking his tongue in his toony style ^^

Tags: nigel skunk toon  
Image: BB-Orca.jpg   400x643 39481 bytes 2004.11.10

A female nameless Orca... One night i'vedreamed of her, so the next day, i draw this...

Image: BB-Panda1.jpg   456x618 49758 bytes 2004.10.03

A korean bassist panda... The korean ideograms haven't any signification. Just here for fun...\r\nOh yeah I know there's no panda on Korea but what the f...hell?

Image: BB-PokeBadger.jpg   800x600 63102 bytes 2004.10.27

This one cames from a private joke. Jade have a friend who have this avatar "I poke Badger with spoons" so I draw this\r\n\r\nJade Sheppard is (c) herself

Image: BB-Sirius1.jpg   600x728 47736 bytes 2004.10.03

Snaaaake oh snaaaake ! Ohhhh it's a snaaake !!\r\n\r\nSirius Snake is (c) ButtBadger

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