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Image: eeveeboy-finished.jpg   312x618 40084 bytes 2005.03.18

And another Pokemorph! Hoorah. Anyway, he's a little emo-ish Eevee boy. I'm really proud of this one. It even has a Photoshop background of sorts! I'm amazing.\r\n\r\nPokemon &#169; WB, 4 Kids Entertainment, whoever.

Image: jasu.jpg   388x578 51800 bytes 2005.03.18

Jasu, my first Pokemorph! Yay! Pokemorphs are so cool. Anyway, her name comes from Hindu mythology - the god Indra had a thunderbolt named Jasu. And she's a Pikachu - get it? Yeah. I hate her boots. Ugh.\r\n\r\nJasu &#169; me.\r\nPokemon &#169; WB, 4 Kid's Entertainment, whoever.

Image: jimi.jpg   339x474 44941 bytes 2005.03.18

Jimi, my obligatory overly-cute character. She's named after Jimi Hendrix (he had a song called "Foxy Lady"...a bit of a stretch, but work with me). The little wing hovering above her shoulder is a sort of interesting device that I haven't really gone anywhere with. She's supposed to have these tiny wings that pop up when she's happy. Also, I have no idea what her shirt says. It's just random kanji characters.\r\n\r\nJimi &#169; me.

Image: rowan.jpg   225x558 37543 bytes 2005.03.18

Rowan, my fursona of sorts. She's not really me, but represents me. I guess. Anyway, she's got the red hair I always wished I had, and a watch with no hands, apparently. I just noticed that. Also, I forgot to give her whiskers. Oops. However, I love her shirt. (Spidey fangirls of the world, unite!)\r\n\r\nRowan &#169; me.

Image: starburst.jpg   349x380 52565 bytes 2005.03.18

Ehh...\r\n\r\nThis is an old character of mine, Starburst. I hadn't drawn her in a while, and her design is so fun...I rushed through this one, and it's pretty obvious. I revamped her a little bit (everyone needs a character with a rat tail, I always say). I like how her left eye is so massive and her right eye is tiny. -_-;;\r\n\r\nStarburst &#169; me.

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