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Image: hibredwindow.jpg   310x310 71135 bytes 2002.02.12

really quick sketch on the tablet... may not be the neatest\r\npiece i've ever done, but i'm fond of the colors\r\n

Image: samanthaoekaki.jpg   350x350 30122 bytes 2002.01.13

a small mouse oekaki dooddle of rose besch's samantha.\r\noverall, i'm fairly satisfied with how it turned out\r\nsamantha (c) Rose Besch\r\nart (c) Caitlin Walsh

Image: sphynxia_yell.jpg   681x462 48111 bytes 2002.01.13

sphynxia is always a tad on edge when food is around...\r\nwas originally going to color it, but just lost intrest\r\nsphynxia & chung-na (c) Caitlin Walsh

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