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Image: calkitfox2.jpg   440x550 96467 bytes 2002.05.16

"Ke'Li 2" kit fox, digital 2002. Another painting of my kit fox belly dancer; she insisted upon being painted more than once, and who am I to say no?

Image: calblackbuck.jpg   457x600 75633 bytes 2002.05.16

"Blackbuck with Beads" blackbuck antelope, digital 2002. Blackbuck antelope have some truly amazing, starkly monochromatic markings; at least, the males do. The females are a bit more drab, but since I was already taking liberties by making her a biped, intelligent, and so forth, I decided a slight tweaking to the sexual dimorphism was no great sin.

Image: calredwolf.jpg   464x600 82301 bytes 2002.05.16

"Rainblade" red wolf, digital 2002. I was thinking of rainbringers one day; those shamanic figures who can summon storms in times of drought. Since Native American wolves seem to be rather common, I painted in the European element of a rainbringing sword just for the sake of diversity. A print of this painting is current on auction at Furbid.

Image: calquagga.jpg   700x541 115406 bytes 2002.05.15

"Hope" quagga, digital 2002. Credit owed to Raynflower on this one for reminding me of the existence of quagga-kind, an extinct species of zebra-horse recently brought back through selective breeding.

Image: caloryxsilk.jpg   436x650 84748 bytes 2002.05.15

"Scimitars and Silk" scimitar oryx, watercolor 2002. I love antelope. I could devote a year just to painting antelope women. They have such vivid, striking markings and large expressive eyes. This was the largest watercolor I'd attempted to date, at 20 x 30, and it was a relief when it sold; I had absolutely no place to store such a monster.

Image: calkitfox1.jpg   495x650 116770 bytes 2002.05.15

"Ke'Li" kit fox, mixed/digital 2002. Another break into cel-style coloring, in the form of a belly dancing kit fox.

Image: caldeercouple.jpg   736x423 104275 bytes 2002.05.15

"The Antlered Doe's Proposal" deer, digital 2002. Does with antlers crop up occasionally in deer populations, and can grow quite impressive racks, although they remain perpetually in velvet. I was thinking about this one day, and the effect that such blatantly male adornments might have on the life and appetites of a female deer; the next thing you know, here we are.

Image: calwhtrabbit.jpg   386x500 64319 bytes 2002.05.14

"The White Rabbit" rabbit, digital 2002. The White Rabbit of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland, having been bound up with her own pocketwatch chain, seems a little dismayed. Oh, my ears and whiskers...

Image: calcaracal.jpg   381x500 74921 bytes 2002.05.14

"Caracal in Demin" caracal, digital 2002. The virtual ink was not yet dry on this painting before my significant other informed me that this was a dead ringer for a feline version of the woman from "The Weakest Link." I studied it for about a minute and then said, "Damn." You win some, you lose some, I suppose.

Image: calgoldcat.jpg   326x500 44745 bytes 2002.05.14

"Cat in the Hat I" asiatic golden cat, mixed media on Stonehenge paper, 2002. Part of a planned series of obscure cats in hats, done in pastel and charcoal; the Asiatic golden cat has truly elegant markings, and neither the scan nor my rendering quite does justice to their complexity. The untextured clothing, defined by lines, (such as these gloves) has been a fixture of pin-up art since the 70's, but I fear that I don't know off the top of my head who coined it, so I must offer a general citation of reference to Vargas, Olivia, and the dozen or so others who have used it.

Image: calermine.jpg   324x500 50043 bytes 2002.05.13

"Flexible Fetish Blues" ermine, digital 2002. Painting white-furred animals is always problematic for me; there needs to be a balance between providing detail, and actually looking white instead of light grey or cream. One day I hope to do a companion piece with the same weasel in summer coat instead of winter white.

Image: calocelot.jpg   400x500 121408 bytes 2002.05.13

"Electra" ocelot, mixed media/digital 2002. Something rather more anime-inspired; and a pleasant break to do relatively quick cel-style coloring rather than the exhaustive hair-by-hair of realism. I believe the glasses may be the best part.

Image: calcoati.jpg   367x550 52046 bytes 2002.05.13

"Coati in Pimpin' Hat" coatimundi, digital 2002. I firmly believe that the pimp hat was designed solely to make painters of pin-ups happy, being silly, over-the-top, and a fine way of getting a large splash of color into the attractive but earth-toned fur of the coatimundi.

Image: calmolerat.jpg   386x500 65566 bytes 2002.05.13

"Nearly Naked Mole Rat" naked mole rat, digital 2002. Ah. Yes. Hrrm. I did this painting simply because, despite the fact that the naked mole rat is a dreadfully unattractive creature, the pun in the name was too good to pass up, and it was a challenge, if nothing else. I cannot in good conscience say that my mole rat pin-up is attractive; but between the hat and the tat, she is undoubtedly the most stylish mole rat in the warren.

Image: calcloudleo.jpg   550x425 97511 bytes 2002.05.13

"Morning Glory" clouded leopard, digital 2002. There is something about the way that she is looking over her shoulder that seems almost reproachful instead of seductive. She might be angry over the vast habitat destruction that is endangering her species in its native range; or it could simply be that those vines are cutting off the circulation to her tail.

Image: calzebrablue.jpg   467x650 100016 bytes 2002.05.13

"Zebra Blues" zebra, watercolor on illo board 2002. The Trojan mane gave her more of a punk look than I had realized from the sketches, as if she should be wearing a black leather jacket instead of draped black silk; but then, there's always next time.

Image: calShunga.jpg   495x650 144812 bytes 2002.05.13

"Shunga" rabbit, digital 2002. Perhaps appropriately for my first upload, one of my very first furry pin-ups. This is Shunga, a lop rabbit with eroticly tattooed ears. Shunga was a type of Japanese erotic print, popular for several hundred years but more or less unheard of today; the tattooing inside the ears is done in that style.

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