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Image: blueyes.jpg   540x745 76859 bytes 2002.11.20

A bat I drew as a giftie directly before AC01 She's been pretty popular since then, in spite of the poor scan I had of her. But I recently got access to the image again and was able to get a better scan so I could post it here ^^\r\n\r\nBrighteyes to Michelle Latta

Image: calicali.jpg   613x842 137280 bytes 2006.08.28

Tria/Copic Markers.\r\n\r\nCalista is my avatar, oftentimes referred to as Calikat, due to my LJ name. Haven't drawn her in a long time, but I was just in 'summer is ending' denial when I drew this. :)\r\n\r\n\r\nCurrently auctioning off prints for this and others at to help pay for books and supplies this semester :)

Image: calikinks.jpg   600x791 99585 bytes 2003.08.24

Collaboration image between myself and Shannon Fowler (It's on her gallery ehre as well ^^) I drew and inked and she colored for me :) Preeetty pretty coloring.\r\n\r\nCali is to me.

Image: chrishanaweb.jpg   567x869 143578 bytes 2006.08.28

Photoshop + Wacom. Chrishana belongs to (go check out his stuff) And started off as a sketchbook trade from Anthrocon. But I wanted to fix a few things and then I wanted to color it, so... Yeah. \r\n\r\nCurrently auctioning off prints for this and others at to help pay for books and supplies this semester :)

Image: clearingrest.jpg   736x648 134873 bytes 2002.11.12

Lamsain and Chiratani. Yet another Commission from Aci. Lamsain was my first taur and I'm pretty happy that she came out NOT looking like some kind of freakish mutant. Overall the coloring came out nice, though I'm disappointed that I can never get my markers to look as good online as they do in person.\r\n\r\nImage is to Michelle Latta, Lamsain and Chiratani are property of and copyrighted to M. Carpenter, 2002.\r\n

Image: cynbunneh.jpg   552x706 111075 bytes 2004.08.25

Part of an art trade of sorts with Brian Blackberry. \r\n\r\nCynthia is to Brian Blackberry

Image: dumalynx.jpg   428x720 84402 bytes 2002.11.12

Commissioned by Aci. Any artist thats worked with him knows how great it is to be able to do art for him ;D\r\n\r\nThis picture was great fun and just sort of 'flowed' right for me :)\r\n\r\nCopyrights are present in the image.

Image: egyptj.jpg   423x763 101532 bytes 2002.07.26

She still needs a background, but she's qute pretty as she is. Done in Tria Markers and ink. Jackal is Michelle Latta \r\n

Image: espresso.jpg   547x790 112171 bytes 2004.08.24

Art for\r\n\r\nI was asked to 'pop the cherry' on his brand spankin' new sketchbook. Aaaaafter he came over to my house and fed me his heart attack inducing espresso ;D\r\n\r\nQuick sketching but it still came out funny :D\r\n\r\nCalista to Michelle Latta and Grey is to Juston DeCristofaro

Image: ferretses.jpg   389x764 49524 bytes 2004.12.01

Another commission for Andrew O. He told me just to make up a character and expressed a preference for ferrets. I was watching the Fifth Element while I was sketching which should explain his clothing. ;D

Image: frostbycali.jpg   461x842 108464 bytes 2002.11.12

Frost is to Switchblade. He was a commission that I really really really didn't want to send to the person after I'd finished it. ;) *hugs the print she had made for herself instead*

Image: goldwolf.jpg   575x786 119201 bytes 2002.11.19

So I like hot wolves in loincloths. Doesn't everybody?\r\n\r\nTria Markers on Bristol Board.\r\nGold Wolf is to Michelle Latta

Image: jesswolfen.jpg   406x642 75471 bytes 2004.05.26

The ever extremely cute Jessie T. Wolf! I ended up sketching her without even realizing I was doing it, she's so cute I couldn't resist. And she was nice enough to let me use this image in a commission auction I'm running on Furbid right now. Done entirely in Tria markers.\r\n\r\nJessie is to Jessie T. Wolf\r\n\r\n

Image: katarina04.jpg   493x665 96716 bytes 2004.08.24

Gift art for Katarina of\r\n\r\nTria Markers!

Image: kellydoe.jpg   505x711 69570 bytes 2003.06.26

Kelly Doe was a private commission from a friend as a Christmas present for the young doe in question. Tria Markers were used, and a little white color pencil.\r\n\r\nArtwork is to Michelle Latta.

Image: kendall.jpg   701x910 106246 bytes 2004.11.17

Sketchbook drawing I did for Sir Kain not too long ago. My first shot at drawing his Cacomistle boy ^^\r\n\r\nArt is to Michelle Latta

Image: lemurbraid.jpg   400x521 90319 bytes 2004.08.25

My birthday present to one of my bestest best RL friends. Sai the Lemur. See, she has this nifty 'Lain' braid thingie that I'm always trying to chew on...\r\n\r\nSai Lemur to Sai Kennedy, Calikat is to Michelle Latta

Image: matboardfox.jpg   561x709 90600 bytes 2006.08.28

Prismacolor Pencils on acid free matboard. This was my first attempt at coloring like this and I ended up being pretty happy with how it came out.\r\n\r\nCurrently auctioning off original art for this and others at to help pay for books and supplies this semester :)

Image: mithps.jpg   392x606 89727 bytes 2002.09.14

Mithryn is to Michelle Latta. I love his hair ^^ I drew him back in March and I've been meaning to color him ever since. I've just gotten around to it. Testing Photoshop 7.0 :)

Image: nawolfcol.jpg   443x626 75879 bytes 2002.12.19

This was the last sketchbook drawing I had to do from Furfest, and the only one I ended up having to take home with me! I'm happy to have finally finished her up, especially since she came out so nice in person. (I tried a new kind of marker paper)\r\n\r\nImage to Michelle Latta

Image: officespace.jpg   613x771 84203 bytes 2004.02.24

This image has been a long time coming. I think I originally sketched it out in '02, found it again and inked it in '03 sometimes, and then my good friend Emily L'Orange was looking for something to color so I offered her up. So now, two years later, my office kitty is up for viewing ;)\r\n\r\nShe is to Michelle Latta, and the lovely coloring job is all Emily L'Orange.\r\n\r\n

Image: ottercol.jpg   601x786 101768 bytes 2002.07.26

Senseless pinup art :) An otter on her way to get some fish for dinner. Otter Femme to Michelle Latta \r\n

Image: pandagirl.jpg   350x716 65665 bytes 2002.07.26

Who in their right mind would draw a Panda waif thin? When I went to look for reference pics for her, they all looked so cute and chubby that I had to draw her accordingly ^^ \r\n\r\nShe is Michelle Latta

Image: punzel.jpg   431x630 74370 bytes 2002.10.29

Rapunzel is a silvered Raccoon lady, She's quite pretty in person, but I'm beginning to think my style has become too simplistic. \r\n\r\nShe'll be offered at Furbid, and I'm considering making a few prints of her, since I've aquired a dealer's table :)\r\n\r\nRapunzel is Michelle Latta

Image: puppyears.jpg   702x730 146465 bytes 2004.08.25

Giftart for Kylen of\r\n\r\nI'm not sure if this would fall under the looming hammer of Fanart or not. Basically Calista arguing with Alethia over their choice of cosplay clothing. I suppose if it does, it won't make it to the new art screen ^^\r\n\r\nCalikat is to Michelle Latta and Alethia is to Kylen Miles

Image: raccy04.jpg   489x664 62607 bytes 2004.11.30

Catherine is my newest raccoon... I think I have a thing for drawing them with red hair ^^ Tria Markers.\r\n\r\n\r\nCatherine is to Michelle Latta\r\n

Image: scooterskunk.jpg   523x824 78632 bytes 2004.12.01

Commissioned. Scooter is a skunk with Foxy coloring. He was fun to draw.\r\n\r\nTria Markers.\r\n\r\nArtwork to Michelle Latta, Scooter is to Kevin Dzierwinski

Image: sleepycali4ed.jpg   771x570 139895 bytes 2004.11.24

A sleepy Cali for your viewing pleasure.\r\n\r\nDrawn for my friend Ed who had won a little contest I was running :)\r\n\r\nCalista and art is to Michelle Latta.

Image: tigerdancer.jpg   535x817 113192 bytes 2003.02.05

Another collaboration piece. I had nothing to do with the drawing or inking in this piece, only the coloring. Emilie kicks butt!\r\n\r\nCharacter, linework to Emilie Pellenz.\r\n\r\n\r\n

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