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Image: Iguana1.jpg   480x510 104832 bytes 2007.07.08

Corner of Fourth

I wanted to make a reptile-ish char. So the first thing I doodled out was an iguana. I doodled out a couple other sketches too... but I liked the iguana one. \r\nSlowly remembering that I have other accounts that exist. Yess.

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Image: kittygirl_oekaki.png   300x300 32744 bytes 2005.08.03

So I wanted to go for something suggestive and not overly hardcore. \r\nI was debating on doing the whole shoujo toney sunglare-ish look...decided against it in the end X3\r\nShe's kinda cute... maybe I should draw her again someday. \r\n<3 oekaki tones

Image: Sexy-Euka-fin.gif   417x569 70623 bytes 2005.06.27

Eukanuba again. I was pleased with the coloring on this one. I was trying for a simple look, but I ended up making it more detailed in the end I guess... O_o\r\n<3

Image: Porn-staaaarEdit.jpg   392x543 123805 bytes 2005.06.27

An attempt to try a different style. I was somewhat pleased with the result.\r\nEukanuba, my raccoon char.

Image: gryphon-head.jpg   475x474 163403 bytes 2005.06.27

Just needed a change in pace from my usual work

Image: Callie-sketchCol.jpg   188x250 60108 bytes 2005.06.27

Just noticing I've been let the gallery here slow for a bit. Adding to it again.\r\nCallista, my main character, just kinda looking sullen and distracted. Marker practice

Image: Hikari-oww.jpg   530x475 62904 bytes 2005.03.09

I abuse this poor character way too much. My fennec who doesn't really look like one, Hikari.\r\nThis was drawn waaaaay back in July. But I was tired of it sitting on my HD for so long

Image: Fennec-leash.jpg   541x766 153554 bytes 2005.03.09

I was lamenting about not working well with my real media. So my boyfriend, Fox, started kicking my ass until I started working on something.\r\nI decided to just make something random to color. So when asking for ideas, my friend Chan^2 suggested a fennec. She is so much more fennec looking than Hikari...And perhaps these ears are still too small for that adorable little desert fox. But ah well.\r\nI still need so much practice.

Image: Mrilly(personal).jpg   373x548 83402 bytes 2005.01.31

Second half of Jeff's commission. Mrilly, a cute lil shy kitty.

Image: Sylia(personal).jpg   406x626 128182 bytes 2005.01.31

Commission for Jeff of his character Sylia. She's a feisty vixen who thinks she's a kitty. \r\n\r\nRight after I was contacted by Jeff I found out I had to take a puppy home and force-feed her after work every two hours. It was not a happy 3 weeks X.x But I got the pics done! *happy dance*

Image: Fox-Callie-hug.jpg   363x506 91328 bytes 2004.12.05

My boyfriend's character Fox and my Callista. Two characters I don't draw together nearly as much as I should.\r\n\r\nHe cheers me up lots. I wasn't too sure about the blue shadowy effect until he said he liked it. I was originally going for a second light source. That idea was scratched X3\r\nI was also going to make this a light and airy colored pic at first. I guess I like dark and dramatic a little much.\r\nFox is copyright to Christopher Yoshida\r\nCallie is mine

Image: Tanya2004.jpg   407x616 97016 bytes 2004.10.21

Haven't done a decent pic of tis char in a long time.\r\n\r\nTanya. Tiopi's sister... technically Kwani's sister also. Since they were originally all robots made in the same lab. They have an odd background.\r\nShe's a cheetah. Not leopard.\r\nSo... here's Tanya in the outfit I designed a while back. I was actually kinda happy with this one. I was kinda lazy with the cg...but it still took me a while to finish it X.x I'm so slow at this stuff.

Image: Callies_Cute.jpg   475x357 57629 bytes 2004.10.19

Callista. My main character/avatar. She's just a bundle of cute here. Chibi Callies are adorable.\r\n\r\nI wanted to make this into a button since I can't get commissions. Still considering it.

Image: Updated_Hedgie_char___.jpg   385x396 37231 bytes 2004.10.19

Yume, my hedgehog character. I wanted to step away from the typical Sonic hedgehogs. I gave her little spikes on her back and ones in her hair.\r\n

Image: Reworking_of_teh_Kwani.jpg   375x622 74826 bytes 2004.10.19

Full sized Kwani. She's supposed to have long arms/legs. I hope I kinda conveyed it without making her look terrible. The foreshortening is bad X3\r\n\r\nI mostly did this one to show her new markings. I tried to make her look a little more like a maned wolf as opposed to an everyday fox.\r\n

Image: Chibi_working_gal_Kwani.jpg   275x459 50131 bytes 2004.10.14

Chibi little Kwani. She's my maned wolf char. I reworked her design a little before this one. I'll post that pic later on tho. She's very leggy.

Image: Who_stole_cookis_from_the_jar.jpg   633x688 93435 bytes 2004.10.14

eople like this one for 2 reasons. The cookie and Sasha. I was actually really happy with the coloring at one point. I made a lame attempt at a BG too.\r\n\r\nSasha is copyright Yvie Schroeder.

Image: Older_Pic_of_Hikari.jpg   449x504 58927 bytes 2004.10.14

Pic of Hikari, my fennec char, from a while back. I still kinda liked how the wings came out. She looks more confused in this one.

Image: Ahhh_the_sound_of_slaughter.jpg   391x463 61041 bytes 2004.10.13

Just a random little pic of my boyfrind's char. I liked that blue color more than what I was previously putting him in. I don't draw nearly enough pics for him. -_-;\r\n\r\nFox Raptor is copyright Christopher Yoshida

Image: Peach_for_Dako.jpg   394x539 76322 bytes 2004.10.13

This was from last year. A birthday present for Dako, who I've fallen out of touch with. Her character Peaches.\r\n\r\nI was really pleased with the detail and how the hair looked when finished. The colors looked pretty neat too =3

Image: Roxy_sitting_pretty.jpg   619x717 161045 bytes 2004.10.13

Another oldie but goodie.\r\nRoxy, my red (lesser) panda. I really liked the pose and the way her face came out. I did change her markings not long after this tho.

Image: Please_Do_Not_Beat_Prisoners.jpg   512x625 105657 bytes 2004.10.13

An older pic of mine. About 2 years old actually. I still do like it tho. It's a bit dark, but it depends on the monitor really.\r\nYamagata, my boyfriend's bat character. Randomly wanted to make a pic like this after seeing him play a game where that poster in the background showed up in the prison.

Image: Eukanuba__two_oh_oh_four.jpg   699x660 127612 bytes 2004.10.13

I'm still alive! Really...overextended hiatus.\r\nAnywhoo... my raccoon character Eukanuba. She hasn't been seen all that often really. I reworked her design a little bit before working on this one. \r\nNeoPiko markers <3\r\n\r\n\r\n

Image: callie020.gif   408x522 83749 bytes 2002.02.07

Yay! one new piccie! Is Callista, lookin pretty and wearing my clothes. (.(; My favorite pic of her ever... coloring came out great too! ^_^

Image: roxy008.gif   350x350 55638 bytes 2002.01.02

Roxy! My red panda chick. She looks too calm here. Prolly gonna beat someone up inna lil bit

Image: digital001.gif   350x350 15242 bytes 2002.01.02

Oekaki of Digital. Thank you pic fer the oekaki of Callie she did.

Image: cal019.gif   300x300 19245 bytes 2002.01.02

Callie's so adorable! The cuteness an use of tones is overwhelming. More oekaki....

Image: KillTheMutants.gif   300x300 57015 bytes 2001.12.30

Just random aol madness...Sasha, Fox an Callie terrorize a certain group of blue lawn gnomes. LOL

Image: feelbetter.gif   300x300 45230 bytes 2001.12.28

Sasha was sad... so I drew her a pic of her Perg

Image: oekaki001.gif   300x300 16375 bytes 2001.12.28

Spent extra time on this one...finally gettin used to my tablet (day three! Whoo-hoo!) Anyway...this is Hikari. In the process of losin her wings fer diverting a prophecy to a different fork. Poor thing... XD \r\nThe abused angel is mine! >^_^<

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