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Image: 2002-callyfinsleep.jpg   418x490 59730 bytes 2002.06.02

Me, racked out and full on alseep. Somethign I drew when I was sick and felt like doing nothing but this :) \r\n Art and Callyfin Me.

Image: 2002-myfriends.jpg   574x758 536556 bytes 2002.06.02

Well, this is a very special picture indeed :) Its a pic for my best friends in the whole world, my second family ^_^ From Left to Right - Vantid, Callyfin (me), Raven, Jaxx Blackfox, Featherdust (floating up the top there), and Falconscale :)\r\n\r\nArt and Callyfin Me :) Vantid, Raven, Blackfox, Featherdust, and Falconscale are all to themselves.

Image: 2002-raingoth.jpg   399x485 67755 bytes 2002.06.02

Bah, this is the other side of my mind. Although Callyfin is the furry persona of me, Rain is the other side of my mind. A pagan. But on the upperhand, people could like, only call me 1/4 goth cuz I enjoy wearing major amounts of black :D \r\nSo this is Rain, a wiccan/pagan, gothic, millitary bad-ass, ferret girl. I got heavy inspiration to do her from my best friend here iRL, Dom. \r\n\r\nArt and Rain are Me. You will die a painful death if you steal.

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