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Image: brightjungledragon.jpg   574x800 150587 bytes 2007.01.08

Look to the Light

This was a challenge in perspective and in lighting. I still need a bit more practice in both fields. :/\r\n\r\n9x12 colored pencil.

Tags: dragon, jungle, light  
Image: butterflysky.jpg   600x784 160866 bytes 2007.01.05

Butterfly Sky

Original was lost or stolen. 9"x12" 80# drawing paper, almost entirely prismacolor colored pencil, with a few accents in white acrylic paint.

Tags: fox, butterfly, colored pencil, stars  
Image: cougarforest.jpg   487x676 128594 bytes 2007.01.05

Cougar's Forest

Intended for a promotion for the new Seattle furcon, Rainfurrest. The mascot is a cougar, so I wanted to draw something depicting one. I never did get around to turning this into anything.

Tags: cougar, tribal, forest, rainfurrest, con, Seattle  
Image: crowshaman.jpg   574x800 158217 bytes 2007.01.05

Headhunter Shaman

I ended up losing the original, or it was stolen. Either way, it's no longer in my possesion. It's done on 9x12 80# drawing paper. Completely colored pencil. May/June 2006?

Tags: crow, shaman, headhunter, skulls, dead, death  
Image: Crystal.jpg   637x535 113695 bytes 2007.01.05

Crystal Phoenix

This was a trade I did for Crystal. The piece is undated, but I think it was around the end of 2002. Done completely with prismacolor colored pencils.

Tags: crystal, phoenix, bird, prismacolor, pencils  
Image: dawndragon.jpg   800x572 151038 bytes 2007.01.08

Wings of the Dawn

The dawn rides upon the wings of birds. 9x12 colored pencil.

Tags: dragon, mountain, spiritual, birds, spirits  
Image: foxanddragon.jpg   485x676 132558 bytes 2007.01.05

Seeking Wisdom

The little fox seeks wisdom from the ancient forest dragon. Completely colored pencil on 9x12 drawing paper.

Tags: asian dragon, dragon, fox, forest  
Image: goldencatfish.jpg   566x800 157317 bytes 2007.01.08

Wish Upon a Fish

If you happen to find the golden catfish, he will make all your dreams come true. :D\r\n\r\n9x12 drawing paper, entirely colored pencil.

Tags: wolf, golden catfish, fish, lake  
Image: greenseadragon.jpg   688x500 105368 bytes 2007.01.05

By the Sea

Inspired by Puget Sound, this was an experiment in coloring water that failed miserably. Oh well, at least the dragon turned out nice. :D

Tags: dragon, sea serpent, water, ocean, beach  
Image: lanternwolfsm.jpg   387x600 118175 bytes 2007.09.18

Kitsune's Lantern

I originally thought I had butchered this at an improv watercolor panel I was doing. I was going to scrap this, but instead decided to finish it. I'm quite happy how this came out.\r\n\r\nMedia: Watercolor, colored pencil and acrylic. Original is 5"x7"\r\n\r\nPrints Available

Tags: kitsune, lantern, japanese, asian, festival, paper lanturn   [Comment] [Bid/Buy]
Image: mireacmagic.jpg   424x700 101011 bytes 2007.01.05

Blood Magic

Another one of my non-dated pieces. This was done on 6"x8" paper. I drew it around October/November 2005 and colored it while at Further Confusion 2006. No matter how many times I redrew the other hand it wouldn't look right, so I just gave up and colored it anyway. All colored pencil, finished mid-January 2006.

Tags: wolf, mireac, blood magic, pentacle, pentagram  
Image: mossyrockraccoon.jpg   677x800 193464 bytes 2007.01.08

Raccoon on the Rock

Just a cute raccoon on a mossy rock. 9x12 colored pencil. :3

Tags: ferel, raccoon  
Image: piratedragon.jpg   531x750 135195 bytes 2007.01.05

Pirate's Booty

I really liked how the colors came out on this one. This was a practice in drawing things in the distance, mostly. I think the sunken ship in the background turned out pretty decent.

Tags: sea dragon, sea serpent, pirate, skull, treasure, sunken ship  
Image: ProcessionoftheSpirits.jpg   800x686 96223 bytes 2007.01.05

Procession of the Spirits

This was an experiment with a non-outlined digitally colored piece done completely on the computer without prescanned linework. I'm eventually going to redo this piece.

Tags: coyotes, ghosts, spirits  
Image: ravengryph.jpg   800x567 114269 bytes 2007.01.08

Raven Gryphon

This was a stupid doodle that took forever to finish. I think it turned out pretty well.

Tags: raven, crow, gryphon, night  
Image: redseadragon.jpg   495x700 106615 bytes 2007.01.05

Watery Tempest

This was just a stupid doodle turned finished. The original of this was either lost or stolen. 9"x12" 80# drawing paper, prismacolor colored pencil.

Tags: dragon, water, storm, colored pencil, sea serpent  
Image: wyvernvsgryphon.jpg   567x800 143253 bytes 2007.01.05

Wyvern verses Gryphon

One of my doodles I decided to finish. It was done mostly with prismacolor marker with colored pencil detailing. 9"x12" 80# drawing paper. Original was lost or stolen.

Tags: dragon, gryphon, wyvern, colored pencil, marker, prismacolor  

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