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Image: Amberlina.jpg   598x800 140587 bytes 2002.12.15

It's finally finished! *falls over and gets some sleep*\r\n\r\nEverything in the picture is copyright ME. No stealie.\r\n\r\nWell, my friends took the picture that's in the background, but other than that, it's MINE.

Image: AoD.jpg   646x541 59741 bytes 2003.06.27

An older art trade (or was it request?) I did for E'lindreal, at\r\n\r\nIt's her character, Angel of Death.

Image: blathinrequest.jpg   389x600 103327 bytes 2003.07.18

For Blaithin at Yay for bipedal creatures and real media!\r\n\r\nJpeg killed the red . . . shoulda used photoshop. This calls for a re-upload.\r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to Blaithin, Image copyright Eva.\r\n

Image: Chai.jpg   396x468 129124 bytes 2002.10.04

My cougar character, Chai. kinda a weird character, yeth.\r\nHer eyes look funny in this picture. But then, it's not one of my best pictures.\r\nChai and Image Copyright Eva

Image: CubbiesChristmas.jpg   650x467 112167 bytes 2004.02.28

Outdated, but I like this pic a lot. :)\r\n\r\nImage Copyright Eva\r\nCharacters belong to Eva

Image: eva.gif   100x100 5634 bytes 2003.06.27

My Evatar. Probably gonna use this on my TLK forum or something.

Image: EvaModelSheet.jpg   600x523 82243 bytes 2003.06.05

Eva, my character. She's a ligress. Basically a model sheet.

Image: explodingbunny.jpg   640x480 85040 bytes 2003.07.16

Bunny go boom! my species since I was 11, exploding bunnies. Exploding is their defence thing . . . it doesn't harm them. Don't ask me how that works because I have no idea!\r\n\r\nThey only have front feet, not back feet. How do they get around? They bounce around on their butts. =P Image and all its contents copyright Eva.\r\n

Image: eye.jpg   500x500 139770 bytes 2002.10.12

Probably my best attempt at using Starfinder's tutorial. I like how it turned out. The freckles are cute, I dunno why, they just ARE. I tried to make the eye hazel, but I had no such luck. It just looks orange and weird.\r\n\r\nHazel eyeness Copyright Cameron Platz/Eva

Image: fox1.jpg   600x410 95015 bytes 2003.06.05

Sorry for the non-anthro-ness, Ch'marr!\r\n\r\nJust a random fox I drew for Biology. The BG was rushed. Had to finish it fast.

Image: hairflip.jpg   400x300 39915 bytes 2003.04.25

My friend and I were teasing Amber about how she flipped her hair so much. It was fun. We made her mad. Yeah. \r\n\r\nSo she flips her hair as she says she doesn't. =P\r\n\r\nImage and character (C) Kamotz

Image: kamotzav3.gif   200x233 19649 bytes 2003.06.27

My EzBoard/Lilymud/StarFinder Forums/My soon-to-come Balto forum Avatar. 'Tis Kamotz, with my new glasses. Kamotz (c) Kamotz. So nyeh.

Image: KamotzReading.jpg   495x600 137562 bytes 2004.02.28

Ohwow, a humany anthro piece, it's a miracle. :) Kamotz is readin' under a tree. The best part is the pants, I think. XD\r\n\r\nImage Copyright Eva\r\nCharacter Belongs To Eva

Image: Kamotzwere.jpg   501x621 135568 bytes 2002.10.05

My wolf character, Kamotz, as a werewolf. I am so bad with real mediums, but I'm getting better. I think. This turned out decent, and drawing weres is fun, and I should do that more often. And they don't wear annoying clothes like anthros do, and the legs are easier, even though I didn't draw the legs, and I'm rambling now. The constant sharpening of pencils is the most annoying part, but other than that, real media is fun.\r\nKamotz and Artwork Copyright Cameron Platz/Kamotz/Eva

Image: Kamotzwere2.jpg   800x403 111649 bytes 2002.10.05

Kamotz as a were again. This one turned out better, anatomy wise and colored-pencil wise. \r\nImage and Kamotz Cameron Platz/Eva

Image: Kimbo.jpg   525x683 98147 bytes 2003.01.12

It's Kimbo! Fwuffy antlered wuffer.\r\n\r\nKimbo Copyright Kimberly Petrie\r\nImage Copyright me, Kamotz/Cameron Platz\r\n\r\nYes, that IS my sorry attempt at calligraphy italics that you see there. *hides in shame*

Image: Makimia.jpg   502x403 83792 bytes 2003.06.27

Second pic I did with Illustrator and PS 7.0. After the Sapphire Image . . . Muuuccchhh better. I love vector lines. Yes, those are vector lines. Copyrights stated in image.

Image: NoLineKamotz.gif   472x426 29107 bytes 2003.06.27

Something I did for an art challenge a while ago. Not illustrator! Photoshop. \r\n\r\nI like this one, just not the Sapphire one. Maybe it was the airbrush shading on the Sapphire pic. I guess you need pretty flat shading like this for no-line pics . . .

Image: Pardo2.jpg   584x902 126095 bytes 2002.10.04

This was a B-day present for Pardo. It turned out weird. Anyway.\r\nPardo Copyright Himself\r\nImage Copyright Eva

Image: PawsFin.jpg   483x367 28490 bytes 2003.05.19

A request from Paws at Terragen BG, yay.\r\nPaws belongs to Paws\r\nImage copyright Eva/Kamotz

Image: PeacefulSmall.jpg   650x434 75966 bytes 2004.02.28

Not so anthro, and a little bit older, but not so old that it's from the "Dark Days" :) Just a month or so.\r\n\r\nImage Eva 2004

Image: Ryn.jpg   700x550 118085 bytes 2003.06.27

Trade with DaphFlamm at It's her collie/lion hybrid Ryn.\r\n\r\nRyn (c) DaphFlamm\r\nImage (c) Kamotz

Image: sapphire.jpg   600x479 37864 bytes 2003.06.27

A request for Sapphire Lioness . . . I'll never color in Illustrator again, just the lines. Sooo ugly. I'll redo this.\r\n\r\nMediocre background done in Photoshop 7.0\r\n\r\nYucky compression. Oh well. Might re-upload.

Image: ThornEngel2.jpg   586x571 130920 bytes 2002.10.04

Yep, drawn for my friend Thornwolf. It's her and her mate Engel\r\nThorn and Engel are copyright themselves\r\nImage is copyright Eva

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