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Image: vacdoodles.jpg   726x602 85994 bytes 2007.03.30

Vacation Doodles

Fred and I went on vacation last year and these are a few things that happened. I got to try on wedding dresses, I lost my sandal in the ocean, AND Fred got ill off a cigar. =D

Tags: wedding doodle cat dog  
Image: porncat.jpg   377x589 43670 bytes 2007.03.30

Sexy Cat

I really should do soemthing with this character someday...

Tags: sexy cat  
Image: chinesefood.jpg   577x612 93756 bytes 2007.03.30

Chinese Food

Drawn after a terrifying experience while ordering chinese. Dear god I don't know WHAT it was they gave us but it was not noodles. o_O

Tags: chinese cat dog rabbit  
Image: candybride1.jpg   475x488 72087 bytes 2007.03.30

Candy Cat tries on wedding dresses

I had this problem when I was choosing my wedding dress. Most of the ones I had available were a litttle too poofy for my taste. ;)

Tags: cat wedding dress  

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