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Image: battyheart.jpg   466x610 71262 bytes 2004.01.27

I'm a lousy typographist sometimes.\r\nI am STILL beating myself up with this pic, because it's like the first time I've ever drawn something so mushy, and it IS the first time I've ever drawn two critters mutually sucking-face. And right about in time for Valentine's Day... God how I hate this over-commercialized sad-excuse for a holiday. If my subconscious is playing tricks with my muse, then I'm going to be fucking pissed ;)\r\nDon't mind the blue lines... I took the wrong pen to work with me, and had to improvise. (yes, I drew this at work, from cenception to completion.) 3rd shift has its benefits.

Image: batlogo.jpg   448x457 86787 bytes 2004.01.24

An upbeat bat-logo thing I made. ^/_\\^\r\nDa bats have a limitless cuteness-potential, wouldn't you say?\r\nAnyhow, steal it and perish under a writhing seven tons of hungry maggots.

Image: lovelikeblood.jpg   724x714 85052 bytes 2004.01.17

Even dragons have strange fetishes. This one enjoys providing free refreshments for her chiropteran mate ;P\r\nGot a few minor issues, but overall I like this pic. Perhaps I'll colour it.\r\n

Image: preggobat.jpg   507x624 71536 bytes 2004.01.10

Wow, the coloured pencil is actually passable. I think I'll hold off on making the slushie for now.\r\nShe went and got herself knocked-up. But hey, what's wrong with that? Afterall, there aren't enough pink anthropomorphic bats in the world. The species must proliferate!\r\nWings are difficult to do, when they are done as the primary hands, as a bat's would truly be... I'm sure these are a bit screwy, though her left wing (the one on the right, people ;) looks pretty good.

Image: kyootest_batsuck.jpg   424x349 37019 bytes 2004.01.09

OH CANIS! I just LOOOVE pink vampy bats!\r\nWell, so do I! So do I.\r\n\r\ngraphite and coloured pencil. - All Hail Discordia!

Image: bratsketch.jpg   295x397 38455 bytes 2004.01.09

One of two main characters for my comic I am attempting to create. Figured that starting by getting an idea of what the characters are like would be good. Now for Nell...\r\nBrat & Nell, and their as of yet unplanned lives are (c) Canis Major.

Image: batheads.jpg   391x398 33784 bytes 2004.01.09

Left pic: practicing an expression. I think it ended up being a sort of 'mad glee.' That is alright ;)\r\nRight pic: ignore, utter crap, I don't know why i didn't crop it off.\r\nWell, bats folks. For some reason I'm drawing them alot...

Image: dancerprancer.jpg   659x598 49670 bytes 2004.01.05

Yay, sketchy pencilled cartoonishness. I decided to stop before I finished the horse's legs... so nyah.\r\nI think i'm definitely getting better with the equine form... this anthro-equine is nothing compared to a quadruped though. So many bitchin' spindly, tendony, bony legs... I love it. Horses are beautiful! \r\nbut I still suck at drawing them ;P\r\nMy friend pointed out that they looked like they were going to have some kind of kung-fu fight. I was amused. Until that is, I decided to name the file... Titling it what I did stuck "Rudlph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" in my head, like an insidious, creepy-crawly, christmas-songy, mindworm...

Image: battynerk.jpg   257x521 39955 bytes 2004.01.05

An androgynous bat-type primitive. He's got multiple sternum piercings... that might hurt a bit.\r\nFor some reason I decided to be an idiot and give him human type feet... but afterward i realized that hanging from cave ceilings etc. will not be his forte. to my dismay. :)

Image: angelofdespair.jpg   366x584 70241 bytes 2003.12.07

Old, (8/01 it says) but a classic. It's the only ripply water I've ever attempted, but it came out good. And of course her wings look awesome! I've never drawn wings using references, I don't know why they look good, but sometimes they do. ^.^

Image: bullet.jpg   395x542 70229 bytes 2003.12.07

Another older pic that had been lost in my HD crash, before I had a vcl account. It's Bullet :) God, coloured pencils suck in my hands, it looks like A little kid coloured it with crayons. But, now I have watercolour pencils! I may as well just make a prisma-colour slushie.

Image: foxyport.jpg   369x526 64934 bytes 2003.12.07

I was going through my "pile of accumulated art" to pick out some stuff to re-scan in print-quality, and originals to sell (I may as well downsize the pile, eh?) and I found this old pic, that doesn't look entirely bad... so I decided to put it here for your enjoyment. Yeah, Y2K. I remember drawing this in the cafeteria at high school. Surprisingly, I had few gawkers that time, it was a nice break. (You other artists might understand gawkers - they stand right behind you and watch, occasionally peppering the atmosphere with comments such as "Wow!", "She's got boobies!," and "Reminds me of m'peeps back in Shangri-La."\r\nYeah. They get old after a (short) while.

Image: vs06.jpg   459x637 70990 bytes 2003.12.06

Another addition to the vore series. Look, she did find a use for that newly free hand!

Image: mistypin.jpg   571x407 57275 bytes 2003.12.05

This is my end of a trade with Hannah Cowan, who I don't think is on vcl. (on elfwood though)\r\nSo, as usual it took me a long time to finish because I had become bored with it half way through... but then... hell, I decided to finish it. And it looks good! Yay me.\r\nYup, I've adopted my own watermark, because I hear talk more than ever of art theft... and while I do encourage using others' art as reference for bettering your own style, copying it; or claiming it as your own is pretty low.

Image: vs05.jpg   461x659 56419 bytes 2003.11.29

Another step further down the dragon's throat. Here she swings her head up to utilize gravity, and free her hands for ...other things... \r\nThis frame turned out nice, say I.

Image: vs04.jpg   554x447 53064 bytes 2003.11.29

Part 4 of the vore series. This one isn't that great... pose is pretty much the same as another pic i did... but, it is effective pose at least.

Image: girllove.jpg   457x599 71256 bytes 2003.11.28

Mrrr. The beauty of something that I, as a male, can never be a part of. I may colour this one, but I decided to scan it first just in case I make a mess of it.

Image: delish.jpg   616x736 90122 bytes 2003.11.28

Damn right. I'd say my best pic yet. Thought I'd lost my touch but proved myself wrong.\r\nYeap, happy Thanksgiving folks! This aint turkey, but who's keeping track anyway? ;)\r\nInk on flimsy, cheap paper. Killed the last two of my microns. Need to go shopping. No references used (what's new...) but those nice feet seem to show a hint of inspiration from Killrez, who draws the best paws I've ever seen.\r\nAlright, till next time.

Image: stagdrag.jpg   867x531 85240 bytes 2003.11.26

I like this pic. It was supposed to be part 3 of my vore series, but for some reason I was UNABLE to CONTROL the relative sizes of the characters. The view is closer, i.e. the dragoness appears larger... but the stag shrank! Goddamnit, I don't know if I can accept that. Maybe after I finish the series I'll decide. *shrugs*

Image: vs02.jpg   758x562 84883 bytes 2003.11.26

Part 2. Yup, the dragoness looks better this time, except for her freaking screwed up horns. (of all the places to make a mistake...)\r\nAlright, that's that.

Image: vs01.jpg   765x488 74986 bytes 2003.11.26

Well, I decided it was finally time to contribute to the vore community, which as a kink, I must say, I dig. So, this is part one of a series, dragon vs. stag.\r\nYep. A series. I hope I can finish it :)\r\nTechnical: Stag looks surprisingly good to me, I am not sure if his antlers are correct, since I've never drawn (as far as i can recall) the cervine type, and I didn't use references. (lazy ass...) The dragoness is passable. She'll get better though.\r\n

Image: dragprof.jpg   335x348 26558 bytes 2003.11.25

A lame dragon profile. As you may be able to tell, if you are a skilled dragon-artist, I suck at drawing them! I need to use references...\r\nWell, learning hurts.

Image: catsuit.jpg   525x403 43326 bytes 2003.11.13

Is this symbolic??? O_o

Image: kir_mouse.jpg   606x453 75477 bytes 2003.11.13

This is a long-in-the-works pic that I did for Kirazi Moondreamer. I do apologize for taking 8-14 months to actually do your picture! (I am not sure how long it was exactly... I have no way to measure time if it is longer than a couple of days...)\r\nI think it came out pretty good... just as usual need to work on anatomy and expression. Expression, I totally suck at. Worse than a Shop-Vac in those commercials where they demo the vac sucking up nuts and bolts, to show its herculean suckage. I always hated having to watch that horrendous hardware holocaust... poor little guys.\r\nKirazi Moondreamer is her own property... steal her and she may come to your house and kick you in the face!

Image: wino.jpg   544x553 68658 bytes 2003.11.13

Canis does colour! HOLY CRAP. yeah, got some watercolour pencils, a cheap-o brand but still pretty snazzy! That's what I've been doing in this period of no uploads. Well, that, and being creatively uninspired. I forgot to sign this piece for some reason. Oh well. If some lifeless dullard with extra money laying around for some reason wants to purchase this, than perhaps I will do so.\r\nThe sky-blue patch in the bg is actually there, in the real piece... but it's so light that the scanner cut part of it out, er, just didn't see that part i guess.\r\nWell. That's it. :)

Image: harriet.jpg   379x474 73548 bytes 2003.07.28

Honing my hair and fur skills. I think this is a nice pic - a welcome break from the usual 'furry,' instead a normal human woman with excessive body hair. (hypertrichosis anyone?)\r\nI couldn't help myself, setting the file name to what it is... it pisses me off to no end, i find it amusing but grrr ...very irritating. Sorry if you feel the same way - but maybe I am just weird. :)

Image: angelknife.jpg   430x316 49625 bytes 2003.05.23

A stylized logo type thing. (I have used this for one of my bands, on a t-shirt, so don't steal it...)\r\nThe background is just there to combat your inevitable boredom.\r\n(c) 2003

Image: sugar.jpg   493x685 85345 bytes 2003.05.23

Sugar Leopard, the famous pop-star fur. Surely you've heard of her? NO? What rock have you been living under all these years?! Ayers?\r\nNothing beats a sexy furry chick who sings, dances, and plays the theremin in nothing but a pair of panties. \r\nNote: her legs, from her butt down to her calves are shaved - some kind of fetish of hers. (Or perhaps of the artist...?)\r\nShe came out much better than I expected. Although, I plan on maybe sometime colouring her... this is why she is a leopardess without spots, because they're not drawn yet.

Image: lizzy2.jpg   638x555 72119 bytes 2003.05.16

Another rendition of this dragon-type female, although I think she is more of an overdone anthro lizardess, due to the smooth skin and whatnot. I am a novice yet, when it comes to dragons. I think I'll call her Lizzy. Sounds pretty original, eh? ;P

Image: lizzy_rose.jpg   731x565 96919 bytes 2003.03.02

An astoundingly enchanting reptilian creature, with a black rose. I like this pic a LOT, except for her left hand, it looks wrong, needs to be resized. (always has to be something wrong, eh?)\r\nThis pic required 2 scans because it's big. But I can't see the division. how about you?

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