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Image:   900x587 55390 bytes 2007.04.20

Nude #03 - Fox

A quicky. A fox, sort of.\r\n\r\nThis particular specimen earns his living working as a webcam-boy. He hates this job. Simpering the entire day in front of a lense and strange audience can get on anybody's nerves.\r\n\r\nBut at night of new moon when noone's watching, he plays his cello in a cave...

Tags: fox nude torso
Image:   900x587 66355 bytes 2007.03.28

Trade - Nogohoho's character Mushaden

Continuing the art trades.\r\n\r\nNogohoho has come up with a great character, too bad my illustration doesn't quite unveil it.\r\nI wish more people would make characters with flaws. It's the flaws that make the character.\r\n\r\n"Look ma! no match!"

Tags: fox mushaden detective magic   [More Info]
Image:   900x587 81778 bytes 2007.03.28

Trade - Stefanie's character

Here we go again. This one was done for Stefanie.\r\n\r\nNot sure about the character's name.\r\nIt took me a while to realise just why her japanese character had a sabre instead of a katana (which seems to be the standard whenever someone mentiones japan). Since sabre is the insignia of a high ranking military officer, and since the character could summon spirits, I decided to make her a military spirit commander. Weird, eh?

Tags: spirit kitsune japanese commander   [More Info]
Image:   900x587 97287 bytes 2007.03.27

Trade - Scum's character Fetish

Another trade, this time with Scum.\r\n\r\nOf his/her character Fetish. Well, sort of...\r\n\r\nFailures happen. I even failed to notice that the character originaly has a human face. Oh well, let's say my excuse is: chinese crested dogs have beautiful faces.

Tags: chinese crested fetish model fairy   [More Info]
Image:   900x587 84401 bytes 2007.03.27

Art trade - Silv's character Nox

My part of an art trade.\r\n\r\nThis one was fun to paint. \r\n"Look ma'! No chair!" \r\n(Well... Silv mentioned Nox can work magic.)\r\nAbout the wine? Oh no, he would never do such a thing. He's just... improving the taste of that wine. Yeah, that's right... just the taste.

Tags: nox bat hound dog magic trade silv   [More Info]
Image: capreolus.nude.#02.lama.jpg   800x635 55486 bytes 2007.03.26

Nude #02 - Lama

Continuing the nude series. (Which will probably become character design excercises.)\r\n\r\nThis is what happens when a donkey and lama meet in a cartoon. (Kuzco and Donkey?)\r\n\r\nWell... atleast it's not deer.\r\n\r\nHe's shortsighted, stutters alot and dances ballet during short breaks between munching grass and baaing arias on the slopes of the Andes.

Tags: lama donkey nude  
Image: capreolus.flight.jpg   900x587 145554 bytes 2007.03.26


I'm affraid, therefore I am.\r\nFight or flight? Which do you choose?\r\n\r\nFlight can be just as fun, if not more (when one's running scared, flight is a very appropriate word). Usualy less bruises too. I'd say it's the right thing to do when you have nothing to protect, except yourself. But for some reason people thumb-down such a choice. The society's disgust with fear falls under the same category as disgust of nudity and sex - they're too natural, they remind of humanity's animal nature, which alot of people refuse to admit, buried under their high ideals and the myth of human superiority/exceptionality. \r\n\r\n(Philosophical blather is fun, no?)

Tags: deer  
Image: capreolus.nude.#01.jpg   515x800 68133 bytes 2007.03.26

Nude #01

I'll probably do more of these painterly artistic (yeah, i wish...) studio nudes in the future. As soon as I find more models like these for hire.\r\n\r\nThis melancholic fellow is of an imaginary species of deer. Part mule deer, part chital, all weird.\r\n\r\nYeah... and he likes garlic.

Tags: deer nude  
Image: Capreolus.zzz.jpg   1200x800 64637 bytes 2007.01.10

Too tired to sleep

Ever been through a crunch? Sleeping 2h a day for an entire week and then not sleeping another 48 hours at all? In constant rush and stress in fears of not finnishing the heaps of (creative) work on deadline?\r\nThat's something that could be called fun and challenging.\r\nAnd it is.\r\nThe worst part, atleast to me, comes when the crunch is over... And one is dead tired... too tired to sleep. World seems somewhat minimalistic and empty then. There's only you, barely conceiving your own body and mind, an object you lie on, nausea and aggravation about the absurdness of the situation, light and space that remind you the world of your fever dreams and imagination, rather than the real one, and a slight melodic tinnitus in your left ear playing a requiem to your sanity on the silent violin.

Tags: roe deer stag buck lying  
Image: capreolus.homage_to_spastic.jpg   1100x870 99632 bytes 2007.01.10

Homage to Spastic

{$APPTYPE CONSOLE}\r\nBegin\r\n WriteLn('Hello world!');\r\nEnd;\r\n//Introductions can wait. \r\n\r\nAlex-Spastic has been an inspiration for me for a few years already. He does the magic and makes the ink dance. :)\r\n\r\nHere's something for you, ink mage. May your skills be ever improving and may your nib never clog!\r\n\r\n(I'm going to pretend the right arm is ok, even though it isn't.)

Tags: unicorn spastic mage ink artist  

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